All that's left is an empty shell and a reckless soul | Photo by @jonathanpaulsxw8. #tslgoesguangzhou

The world is one big painting of the lushest, greenest fields across lands contoured with mountains soaring high above into clouds of different altitudes. Seas so vast and wide, in shades stretching from murky blue to the clearest of turquoises awaiting your exploration. Remote corners of the world devoid of digital intelligence and an online presence, merely filled with an overwhelming amount of human touch and warmth. Give me another portion of the world to explore. The wanderess in me will not sit still. | Photo by @_shinekoh. #tslgoesguangzhou

This short snippet of our Guang Zhou trip barely shows how much fun we had in China. Stay tuned to our upcoming guide to find out what YOU can experience in Guang Zhou too 😉 #tslgoesguangzhou #movewithtsl

Losing track of everything that grounds me.
#yourewaitingforatrain #TravelLikeSeow #tslgoesguangzhou

No bun no fun. A tiring but eye opening experience shooting my first travel video. Much to learn and hopefully more chances to practice. 📷:@syerowoo
#TravelLikeSeow #tslgoesguangzhou

For patiently waiting for all our dishes to turn cold before digging in, getting straight into character for all the impromptu shoots we'd have around every corner, embracing the over slightly photo-centric touristy week we had, training our abs *reeeaaaallll* hard by laughing a lil too much (#beachbod), and for once being 7 years old — you guys have been nothing but a ball of fun. So thank you. #noraegrets #ggxx #mochengfen #siaoliaosiaoliao #tslgoesguangzhou

@syerowoo & @beatriceleesn parody Eden Ang. Sorry idk how to add music.

#tsltv #siaoliaosiaoliao #tslgoesguangzhou

To fight in the toughest of conditions, and to bloom in the coldest of places. #tslgoesguangzhou

Thus ends the Guangzhou trip with all our pre-existing stereotypes flung clean out the window. Think 108-storey buildings, an advanced public transportation system and who can ever forget Mini So's $3 wunderwear (right Weiling?).

Thank you @syerowoo, @jonathanpaulsxw8, @_shinekoh, @withoutstrings and @geraldinetxw for being such great sports, travel companions and friends.
#siaoliaosiaoliao #tslgoesguangzhou

Sunflower gardens, um yes??????? Or is it too many Pon Swee Mans around 🌻 (p.s @ponponponned hello from the .....)
Photo by @_shinekoh. #tslgoesguangzhou

So sad that the trip has come to an end 😢😔 I had so much fun in Guangzhou!!! 🤗 Thanks to everyone for the wonderful experience! 🙆🏻🙌🏼 #小shiok #siaoliaosiaoliao
Big thanks to @flywithscoot and @thesmartlocalsg for flying @geraldinetxw and I there! ☺️
📸: @syerowoo #tslgoesguangzhou #guangzhou #weilingtravels

When she concentrates so hard she farts.
Big thanks to @flywithscoot for 'breathtaking' views.
#TravelLikeSeow #tslgoesguangzhou

As if overlooking the city from the 99th floor two nights ago wasn't enough, we hopped on the Canton Tower tonight for a bird's eye view of Guang Zhou. Heading back home in a couple of hours and we're gonna miss this city so bad. #tslgoesguangzhou

this house can bto one anot cos goals #tslgoesguangzhou

Nothing beats having to spend a good half a day twirling around and having loads of fun in huge flower fields 💃 Thanks to @flywithscoot for sending us here for this entire surreal experience 🌾 #tslgoesguangzhou

Feeling happy to be in the lavender field! 🌾🌾🌾| 📸: @syerowoo
#tslgoesguangzhou #guangzhou #weilingtravels

Sunny day amongst a huge sunflower garden. Can we stay here forever? 😉🌻 #tslgoesguangzhou

You'll forget the sun in his jealous sky as we walk in fields of (lavender). 📷: @syerowoo

Flower fields are goals 💖 These are not all the flowers in this garden. Off to explore the Sunflower and Lavender gardens! 🎉 #tslgoesguangzhou

The address for our restaurant was literally a train station. Amazed at how affordable everything here is - a full lunch cost $13/person and my shoes just $17. 📷: @syerowoo #tslgoesguangzhou

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