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Feels good to see progression 🤘🏾 #TSGTakeover #TLC #Traphouse868 #waitforit #weouthere

Now that's it's sunk in...This week has really been something. From being sent home early on Monday due to a brutal headache that I'm sure was due to the anxiety of the results on Thursday. To getting 2.5 hrs of sleep Wednesday, to then going to the gym Thursday morning not looking at the website to see if I made promotion, to the having my phone blow up either through FB posts, FB messenger and regular texts around 515am while I was going balls out on the stair master. It was all crazy. I had to wait to get done with my cardio to reply. It was probably after the third different beep that I realized I may have made promotion. Everyone knows as long as you keep your nose clean E-1 to E-4 is earned through a timeline. Testing for E-5 as long as you study there's a high probability you will make rank, but E-6 you really gotta buckle down for this one. Our Wing Commander said it best at the TSgt release party, "TSgt is the hardest rank to make." So yes I'm very proud I earned this stripe. Yes it took me 5 times testing for this stripe to make it. And yes I was 2.5 years from reaching High Year Tenure and was already working on plans B, C, and D in the event I'd be parting ways with the Air Force in 2018. But just because I was doing that didn't mean I was going to quit and cave in. Quitting meant not giving God a chance to do what he does. And I've found in my military career and in life that when I let Jesus in, great things happen. And when I shut him out, it shows.
With that said, I believe the best is still yet to come. Special shoutout to one of my mentors you know who you are for these gifts. He knew I would make rank before I did. Thank you. And reaching this milestone would not be possible without a ton of people. To every Commander, First Sgt, Superintendent, Flight Chief, supervisor, and all my Airmen I've supervised, my peers, friends, family. Whether you were for or against me I thank you. Each of you have played a part to who I am today. Thank you. Now off to the next milestone. The grind keeps going #AirForceMedic #Promotion #Blessed #grateful#tsgtakeover #1August2016 #Linenumber464

Team wright patt has definitely welcomed me! ❤️my log dogs #wpafb #tsgt #tsgtakeover

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If u hadn't watched our new #elChapoJr video starring @hairweavekiller plz do so now! It's my new favorite masterpiece! .. The #tsgtakeover has begun..
🎥by #TheStupidGeniuses

This was my second attempt for squats. As you can see it moved quickly. My third attempt moved fairly quickly as well. I plan to improve on my strength and confidence as I go on with my training. Maybe next year I'll get to be on team USA. We'll see.

Last deadlift from the worst meet I've had since this past high school season back in February. I was poorly prepared for this meet and it is quite noticeable. This was 497, 4lbs below my personal best of 501. This lift could have won me first place, but the other guy had a few extra kilos. I earned second place at a national event. The goal was first place.
I. Hate. Not reaching my goals.

I was not psyched up, but I did have a well timed meal today. This was fun! 3 days out. Can't believe it..

Did some work with some light weight today and it felt great! My right arm did feel a bit sore from the IV Monday night & Tuesday morning but it wasn't anything significant. This was 275 for 1 with a strict pause and calls. I have to say my pause quality has greatly improved and I'm pleased with today's performance. Shoutout to @ablifting for the spot & commands! Maybe one day I'll see you out on that platform with me!! ONE WEEK OUT!!

It all comes down to your determination. How badly do you want to succeed? Are you willing to work? Are you willing to work outside of your comfort zone for days at a time? Do you dare to jump? It's all about the drive, the chase, the pump. Believing in yourself is step 1. Daring to begin the work, and actually starting is step 2. Step 3 is your preparation. Are you performing to the best of your ability at all times? Are you valuing your own time and effort? Do not simply work to work, work for a purpose. Your are a silhouette in a world of nothing but a bright, light white. There are a lot of grey areas, but you must educate yourself and improve yourself in order to understand & complete your preparation to the best of your ability, and to understand your purpose. This is not something you can underestimate. Step 4 is your performance. It's getting closer each day. Are you ready? #beyondtype1

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