Bahagia dan bersyukur telah bergabung dalam suatu wadah yang peduli terhadap perkembangan anak bangsa. Thanks for all.
#belajarkerasbekerjacerdas #tsg17 #tsajambi

Tanoto Schoars association Medan ready for TSG 2017,yeaa!!
In frame (Tanoto Scholars Association Medan in Opening Tanoto Scholars Gathering 2017) 🎉🎊
#TSG17 #openingtsg #TanotoScholars #TanotoFoundation #TSAMedan

Okay guys it's the last time that I post something for/with these girls so I'm gonna make it a lil bit special. This summer was the first summer after many years that I didn't go to greece because of many reasons. So behind every pic is a story and I'm gonna tell you a part of the story. If you don't want to read it just scroll weiter, cause its gonna be a long story... So pic number 1: It all started with that sleepover (050817). It was the day we literally became family. We went through hell that night but fuck off it was super nice. Pic nr 2: It was the day I realised that I fucking love that jacket more than I love those girls. Lol no, not true but I really love that jacket. 3: It was the second sleepover at Mirelas 'cause we just couldnt stay away from each other. (Iike foreal we had depression asfuck) and it also was the night Eiri became Carlos. 4: So that night Selina bought like 37 drinks from Mc 'cause every1 knows that a pic with a mcdrink looks 3times better. #photoshooting 5: That pic was at the 3rd sleepover when we finally where all together in Hilpoltstein for the very first time. 6: This day was the best time of my life and you know why? CAUSE WE FUCKING SAW A FUCKING BLINDSCHLEICHE!!! #FML.. So this photo was the last time we were all together cause 7: Jasina had to leave for New York. 8: So it was that time again for depressions cause we knew that we couldnt see each other till Jasina comes back (We thought). Somehow with a magical way we brought Selina and Besi back to Nuremberg but I wont post a pic about that day cause peinlich. 9: After Besjana left us for vacay, Mirela and Eiri went to HIP to keep Selina company and just like that I spent my last days of summer with these 2 beautiful girls doing stupid things and goin for a ride at 7am like stupid assholes. 10. If you're still here you made it till the end. So my point is that maybe God didnt want me to go to Greece this year just to be with these girls. It was meant to be? I wanna thank all of you for making my Summer in Germany so fucking interesting and funny. Even tho we had so much problems, we're still together. I love you🤞!#tsg17#hip#friendshipgoals #summer17#mysummer#family❤⚘

This weekend was one of the best experiences I've had in my life. Even though I'm recovering from an injury and couldn't trick much, I got to meet the best, kindest community in the world. People from all across the US as well as the UK, France, Italy, Israel, Australia, + all came here just to meet and throw tricks. That's pretty rad. #torque #tricking #tsg #torquesummergathering #tsg17 #trickingtribe

Yo I just learned how to cork #tsg gathering is hype! #cork #corkscrew #tricking #tsg17

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