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Selena or Ariana ? 💞

so as u can see this seems easy but I actually love this so much , i remember when focus came out
Opinions? 💫

Aye @pepewhat i recolored your drawing again lmao😂 hope u like it:)❤️

Hoping for better days 🎶💓

Art or Real? ❤️


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Have you gone to the beach this summer?🌞

Just now some bum bitch gonna tried to call me out on some fake bullshit and I'm not havin' it; I'm not down for these petty ass arguments. My question is have you ever got in an internet argument before?

Comment how many; returning💗

Message to @zayn , swipe right to see it .

Here is some mid-week motivation. It still amazes me how Taylor takes time to read our posts and even comment on them and give us advice. It's one of the reasons I love her so much, how she takes time to connect with us and get to know us 💖

burgundy😍🥀~follow @bishsla.y for more girly posts🥀💋

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hay guys, its riley(one of the co owners🌙)

i was wondering if u guys could follow my friend? She's amazing✨✨

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