Evey was all smiles trying a new vitamin from @smartypaws ! Thanks for the sample, @socialnature . #trynatural #smartypawsnature

STAY AWAY MOSQUITOES INSECT REPELLENT SKIN FRIENDLY SPRAY I live in Florida and wanted to try it in different situations. And I have now used the whole sample and I have used it everywhere I have been. I have to say, it worked incredibly well! In almost every situation... & it worked instantly! I was very impressed! First off, It sprays like a very fine lotion that you can rub in and it never felt like I was wearing a bug repellent! That was wonderful! No smell, no sticky mess, no need to continue to reapply every 30 min or anything! There were a lot of perks with this product, especially compared to others! So one situation when I decided to use the product was when I was in my backyard cleaning my above ground pool and the mosquitoes were wicked that day due to rain and a spot of sitting water close by. I've never used a repellent that worked as quickly as this one did! It seemed as if it put a barrier between me and the mosquitoes instantly! I was very excited about this because I have such sensitive skin and I needed instant relief. I can honestly say that I had not a single mosquito bite when I used this repellent. I am pleased to be able to say that! That has never happened with other brands I'm used to seeing on store shelves I have tried. I never had to reapply and that was amazing to me because I got water on me from the pool and it didn't take the repellent off! The product continued to work! Also, here in Florida... We have some extremely dangerous life threatening mosquitoes as well... This is the only repellent that successfully repelled all mosquitoes! It lasted the whole time I was outside working, which was about 2 hours! I even put some on my hands rubbed them together and applied it to my face staying very clear of my eyes! It really impressed me on how well it worked. So I basically learned that it's very long lasting, waterproof, soft and silly to the touch and of course the best part... IT WORKED! I love this product and I wouldn't think twice about buying this mosquito repellent for my skin! It is safe for the kids and my elderly father who has extremely thin dry skin #trynatural #gotitfree

I love noodle bowls! !thank you @socialnature #halo.organic
#trynatural #GotItFree #haloorganic

One of our fall/winter items! We call it “GLITTERY MAGICK” it’s a wonderful light shimmer oil, to help you be the best fairy you can be year round!🧚🏽‍♀️ We 💜glitter magick and think it should worn year round✨ •

Glittery Magick is made of a blend hemp and sunflower oil, mica and will be in three different scents! (We don’t want to give everything away😉) Check us out! ✨LINK IN BIO✨
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Thanks @socialnature and @radius_usa for the #totztoothbrush is so easy to handle and my kid loves it! #trynatural

I soo need this hail to free product for review purposes esp. stuff you you needed to get anyway
Let's Zen up in here , calm is needed Lol
#gotitfree #trynatural

Woohoo can’t wait to #trynatural thanks to @socialnature

@socialnature has allowed me to again try another cool supplement. I have tried other theanine products and they have been working well for me I usually take them at bedtime if my head is racing. The difference other than the brand of my other theanine is the amount and the other one is chewable. The product states that l-theanine is a unique Amino Acid found primarily in green tea. Studies show that thinning promotes calm, relaxed alertness.
@aor_health makes this small vegi-cap easy to swallow. Each pill contains 225 mg of l-theanine. Aor brand is made in Canada and is a Canadian company. The capsules do not contain magnesium stearate which is a good step in the right direction.
Make sure to go through the gallery so you can see the size of the pill if that is something that concerns you. The only drawback for me with this format is that it is not chewable and I prefer that simply because sometimes when you want it -- it's not something you like plan ahead for. Chewable makes it easier to pop on the go if you don't necessarily have a drink. I might be one of the few but I absolutely hate taking any pills with water I just find the taste of them gross in most cases most people probably don't have a problem with this.
Sometime during the next week I plan on taking this to evaluate its efficacy and how it makes me feel. I'm curious to try it to see if it will help me get into a better frame of mind for writing or for concentrating for something that I want to learn.
The bottle advises that it is to be taken without food.
I got this whole bottle free from social nature and AOR health. #trynatural #gotitfree.

Would love to try the @oceanshalo broths for FREE with @socialnature and share my social media review. #trynatural https://t.co/iGys3c78Si

Looking for a new serum to revitalize damaged skin? Try this Vitamin C serum from @mychellebeauty for FREE with @socialnature and share your review #trynatural https://t.co/LJNzkwnxnH

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Thank you @socialnature & @aor_health for letting me try natural sleep aid . This is perfect for a good night sleep. I am happy to get chosen for this. This amazing because it’s natural and I always prefer natural medicine for it seems more healthy . #trynatural #yougotit? #youwantit! #socialnature #aor_health #naturalsleepaid #health #goodnightsleep

So excited to find this in my mailbox today thanks to @socialnature to anyone who knows me I have a terrible anxiety problem. I’ve done DBT, CBT and in patient therapy for my depression and anxiety issues. When I started hearing about all the meditative/calming factors of theanine I definitely wanted to try it! This classic series is non gmo, 🌱, gluten free,soy pill. It promotes calm relaxed alertness. So I say bring on the next 60 days #aor #zen #theanine #calm #relaxed #anxiety #glutenfree #vitamins #socialnature #trynatural #gotitfree

Thank you @socialnature! I am really looking forward to trying this product. Bring on the zen 💆
#trynatural #gotitfree #socialnature

I love checking the mail!! #thanks @socialnature and AOR for the great opportunity to try these #zentheanine #capsules! They are #vegan #nongmo #glutenfree product that promotes #relaxation with #drowsiness #stress #trynatural #gotitfree #complementary #trybeforeyoubuy #mailday #mail #freebiesbymail

Loved this product. Nice, fresh scent, not overpowering at all. Glides on easy on the skin with no oilly residue. Excellent at repelling mosquitoes especially in my area which is surrounded by water. Would highly recommend to my friends and family to use especially on children. #trynatural #gotitfree #socialinfluencer @socialnature thank you for another great all natural product.

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