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We all need a little love and undivided attention... Scared of giving love and fearing that the other being might not understand and harm you is what stops us from loving. What we don't get is that in keeping love from others is also depriving yourself from love... If you can't give love you will never get love. It's okay to get bruised coz that bruise or scar is a symbol of how hard you tried. #somethingifeltlikesharing #alotlikelove #tryingtowrite #creatingmyownspace

The car was spacious but cozy. She hated driving this car and she loved the car itself at the same time. It was an old minivan, not very responsive, huge like a boat, not respectable at all. But that car belonged to Him. There was some smell that could hardly be noticed, or something else that she could not describe, that reminded of him. That essence was immense, it filled in the whole car, and she probably just loved that air and inside the van. She turned the key (oh, that could be such a pain to remember this after her new sedan with a keyless start!) and changed the mirrors' settings. Such a beautiful morning, it was too pleasant and nice to go to work. She remembered that she used to have a long summer break of 3 months while being a student!! So many things could be done during that period, probably tons of books could be read, several closets of dresses could be sewn.. of course that never happened. "I dream too much," she thought. "And not paying enough attention to the traffic." But then she noticed couple big trucks on the highway and continued dreaming of being a long distance #truck driver, watching sunsets and sunrises from her huge shiny flatbed or dry van, different sceneries changing each other as if it was a movie and smiled. #tryingtowrite #newbook #newwriting

There's always a sun who's waiting to brighten up Ur soul , you js have to wake up at the right time to see it. Catch the rays before the sun set .
#positivevibes #morningclick #amityjaipur #randomthoughts #tryingtowrite 😅

My spirit needed a fresh space with fresh air so I decided to finally get some furniture for my balcony. It's a beautiful day today. I hope you enjoy it. Me, I hope I can focus now. lol I have the attention span of a moth. Smh #tryingtowrite #whenyoubuildfurniturequickerthanyouputwordsonpaper #thisisgonnabegoodtho #freshairfreshideas

Moved my feet, lost my seat. 😡 have to find a new spot to write. Thanks doggies!!!! #doginvasion #tryingtowrite #inspirational #amreading #writersofinstagram

To write from my heart
To write pandemonium
My innermost member
In all of it's
#tryingtowrite #selfie #justincase 😁


Definition of optimism is taking your writing to an indoor soft play on a stormy day. Hanging out with my best new mate Willa Cather and letting her take me to the Nebraskan frontier in between children needing a wee / banging heads/ screaming for yellow food /wanting me to time them as they do laps of the Psychedelic Play Cage. Happy Saturday All!

I know it's hard to get over people! But some things and people probably just don't deserve your time and soul :') So perhaps it's time to move on, with the feathers of hope attached to your truthful wings 💖#loveforpoetry #writerscommunity #writersofinstagram #wordporn #poemporn #poemsofinstagram #tryingtowrite #truelover #itsokay #lovefindsaway

Próby zrobienia czegoś przy dziecku czasem wyglądają tak. Ale przyznam, że ta mata jest całkiem wygodna 😉
#namacie #skiphop #tryingtowrite #workingwithbaby #instamama #instabloger #polishbloger

Cuando te pones a escribir, pero tu gato tiene otros planes #Yago #cat #catstagram #summer #writing #tryingtowrite

Sure, he looks all sweet and innocent with his puppy dog eyes, but in truth he's really thinking: "Bitch, why are you on youtube watching random videos? WRITE!" #tryingtowrite #failingsohard #kaiserwilhelm

An outline I did so lazily for the first four chapters xD I should write more haha. #tryingtowrite

Third blog post is online, check it out at https://www.elliotsmithonline.com/blog It's all about open-source software #blogger #opensource #wannabeblogger #tryingtowrite

The wind brought a rose petal on her lap,
Light and fragile,
The same as she remembered his touch.
The flowers on Samy's bike brought a butterfly,
So lively and agile,
As if she was seeing his laugh.
The sunset painted a new color on the sky,
Beautiful, promising, and little dark,
The same as his eyes.
He loved her.
At the time, his love was too subtle
For her longings for passion.
She could not see it.
She just felt it
In the moments of his absence.
Now the night is slowly coming
And she embraces herself,
A prayer to the wind, the flowers and the sun
To kiss the man she may have lost.
#lovepoems #poeticpaintings #beautyinlovinghands #artlover #artistoftheday #boticelli #sandrobotticelli #laprimavera #mariamagdalena #lovewillprevail #foreverandalways #tryingtowrite #mythoughts

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