#clonewarssaved 😍😭🙏🏼❤️

This little mess about with the kids has inspired me to reconnect with my "fast-twitch fibres" and start doing more plyo training... whilst I still can. #plyometrics #livingroomjumpoff #fasttwitch #fasttwitchmusclefibers #fitness #legspring #motivation #tryingnewthings #trainsmarternotharder #blackmencanjump

Need to work more on my core so here goes...sit ups with weights 💪 📹: @crack_time_fitness_mtl_514 🤴🏾 @cmartinag 🏋🏽‍♂️#sit-ups #weight #fitness #fitnessjourney #fitfam #fitspo #fit #tryingnewthings #ctf #cracktimefitness #ctfjmoniz C-consistent T-training F-force

Feel more committed than ever! Sitting around 3500 calories
Proteins around 200g a day
Carbs around 400g feel full
N seem to be putting on roughly a pound a week 💪🏽

#risk #perfoemance #moma #environmentalist #saturdaynight #tryingnewthings
@themuseumofmodernart @grahamfoundation .
Torkwase Dyson presents a temporary sculptural installation and video project titled The Shapes that Make the Blacks. Responding to Wolfgang Laib’s evocation of the past and present in his seminal work Milkstone, Dyson’s one-day presentation is concerned with the ritual production of geometries that inform the nonlinear and indeterminable conditions of blackness and black as metaphors and matter. Also inspired by Laib’s minimal haptic gestures in his practice, Dyson has carefully built a drawing tool, with which to make a live-action drawing of an event horizon in the Museum. For this project, Dyson will be accompanied with sound and movement performances by Zachary Fabri, Andres L. Hernandez, and Mario Gooden, with additional text by Leronn P. Brooks.
Through a series of live performances, PopRally Presents Studio Visit: Practice as Ritual will reanimate works of art and explore the rituals of art making. The evening will feature artists Torkwase Dyson, joined by Zachary Fabri and Mario Gooden, Jonathan González and YATTA, join: Zeelie Brown, Yeelen Cohen and Dion Mckinzie (Tygapaw).

Digging this #kombucha by @realkombucha with my food (n it’s own it’s too acidic). Kombucha pairing anyone? #tryingnewthings #kombuchapairing #probiotics

Lunch today is 1 syn for Jacket Potato• For this though, I am just going to mention saving a bit of money! I’ve always been a bean snob, these are one thing I have always been stubborn about 😂 I have never moved away from a named brand. Last week I thought I would change brands JUST TO SEE 😂 & they actually weren’t bad!! Something I feel I could live with 😂 so I did some maths & if I change to these beans in a year, it would save £101.28 & that’s just for beans 😂 & from January, we have to go away in school holidays so all the savings on beans are going to help!!! 😂 I don’t know if anyone is bothered but that’s my story of the day! Happy beaning! #foodforthought #tryingnewthings #savingmoney #onplan #wegotthis 🍅

Happy Friday!
Country living in the French countryside. Honey wine for a sweet afternoon. It's very hot and we have to find things to do to stay cool and hydrated. 😉 Ever try honey wine or beer? Would you like to?! Goes well with crêpes and we love crêpes! How's your summer going?! swipe ➡️✌🏽♥️ _____________________________________________
#tryingnewthings #livinginthecountry #livingabroad #lifeofanimporter #gettingbackontrack #happymoments #doglove #frenchwine #wineislife #happyfriday #vendredi #vin #womeninwine

Do you guys like this with a color? Should i do more pictures like this?😊 Write it in the comments👇 #vacantion #tryingnewthings #ifitscaresyouitmightbeagoodthingtotry #quotes #love #mendesarmy #lovequotes #follow #likeitall #beproud


so do photography accounts also have themes? bc if so that’s definitely not the case atm oops

still my lil model a year later💕

Loving this, the girl is so awesome she got it done in less than 10 minutes #hinadesigns #tryingnewthings

ok last for now promise
btw it’s prob a good idea to get permission from the ppl in the pictures but for now it’s ok they’re only smol and nobody will see this account anyway so

hay would ya look at that we’re still at the beach with children yey

aye so it’s been like a year and i forgot about this account. anyway i was bored, bought a new camera, and took some pictures. so. you might see more. maybe not. hooray

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