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Can real stories empower trustful brands? Check the TEDtalk of This is Pacifica’s co-founder at TEDxPorto. Video now available in #TEDtalks.
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Yesterday I listened to a podcast about perfectionism. As I listened, I thought about how I'm currently stressing over all the ways I'm not enough. In the podcast, the women defined perfectionism as the fear that people will see you as you really are. As I really am. That we all tell the truth about who we are with something. For some of us it's addiction, for some anger, for some food, for others perfectionism, the list is endless. I tell the truth through striving to be some perfect ideal person. Trying to be the perfect athlete or the perfect coach or the perfect teacher. But all I'm really doing is trying to make sure who I really am doesn't show. If I can seem perfect no one will see that anxiety is a constant and huge battle for me. If I can teach perfectly no one will know that while I love this practice, I'm terrified of saying or doing the wrong thing. If I can write perfectly no one will know that behind these words are stories of deep unhealed pain just hoping for the chance to be spoken. When I was younger i thought if i could drink and party perfectly, no one would know the huge void I was just trying to fill. But I also learned that words, the stories we tell ourselves and the inner dialogues that come up that say we need to be something or someone different than who are we, are just fear. Words are fear. There is no perfect person, there are just people not yet aware that they don’t need to hide who they really are. We all tell the truth with something, anything, and regardless the truth is so damn powerful. It’s beautiful and freeing. It's connection and belonging, and love and joy. It's what we are meant to do. To show up, as we REALLY are, trusting that even then we are enough. We are loved, and whole, and powerful—even in our truth. Even in our imperfect dancing with our dogs 💗 @glennondoyle thank you for being you. .
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These babes are thriving. Currently this is my little plant family. If you want know the secrets to indoor plants lmk. Today these babes are taking a field trip to the outdoors.
And yes I'm very aware of how weird I am. Hope everyone has a good day.

Stay in the light, even as the darkness grows.

Got my war paint on and ready to work no matter what. There has always been something about doing intense creative work when physically suffering. There is less room for worry, for ego, for BS. My adult students better be ready for some #truthtelling tonight 😉 #actorslife #surrender #makeartnowar 💜💜💜⭐️⭐️⭐️ #kismet

Tell Me the Truth. My solo exhibition up now at the Dunlop- Sherwood Gallery in Regina! Please check it out and spread the word..up until early January!
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I feel a sense of women rising. Do you feel it? So much is headed in a backward direction but I feel a slight shift for women. A collective feeling of empowerment. May it be true. ❤️ PS: I know we are not where we need to be and I'm still angry about so many things (each day a new thing!) but I just want to celebrate the positive changes that may be happening, however small. #standingup #notsilent #womenrising #truthtelling #supportingoursisters


About Thanksgiving...I am beyond grateful for my family & country I was born into. However, this was not our country, we took it from the Native Americans, and not in the harmonious way we were brainwashed into thinking in grade school. It was bloody, disrespectful, unfair, & greedy. The Native American people have such a beautiful view of Mother Nature #spirituality: vision quests, sweat lodges, peace pipes, medicine wheels, element honoring, herbal medicine, rain dances,tribal rituals, handmade goods, honoring all parts of animals, animal spirit medicine... all fill my heart with truth. So thank you to them, for the respect they always gave this land. May we all learn from them. ❤🌎🌲🌻 art by Helene Nelson Reed
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Not that you need my permission. I’m sharing this because maybe, without even realizing it, you needed to hear this. And maybe this will gently nudge you in the direction of giving yourself permission to feel whatever you’re feeling without forcing gratitude.
Because. It’s okay to not feel thankful.
Maybe you’re dealing with trauma. Or heartbreak. Or grief. Or a family crisis. Maybe you’re alone and lonely. Or coping with chronic pain or illness. Maybe you’re struggling to pay the bills. Or just trying to make it from one moment to the next.
It’s okay if you don’t feel thankful.
There’s nothing wrong with you if you’re not feeling gratitude.
Art by @angelamarinolcsw

One day you finally knew what you had to do, and began, though the voices around you kept shouting their bad advice— though the whole house began to tremble and you felt the old tug at your ankles. “Mend my life!” each voice cried. But you didn’t stop. You knew what you had to do, though the wind pried with its stiff fingers at the very foundations, though their melancholy was terrible. It was already late enough, and a wild night, and the road full of fallen branches and stones. But little by little, as you left their voices behind, the stars began to burn through the sheets of clouds, and there was a new voice which you slowly recognized as your own, that kept you company as you strode deeper and deeper into the world, determined to do the only thing you could do— determined to save the only life you could save. ~ The Journey By Mary Oliver

Do it because you want to feel strong & healthy, not because you're punishing yourself.

Do it because you want to stretch out your body and work the aches out instead of letting the aches settle in.
Do it because you want other people around you to do it too, not because you feel like you're better than them.

Do it because you always tell yourself you want to feel better but you give into chilling on the couch and pushing it off til "next week," or "the new year."
----- I used to do it as punishment for what I ate. (The old me would not have picked a 30 minute workout today, after eating pizza for dinner last night & leftovers for breakfast!) I then went through a period of time last year where I wasn't consistent at all bc my back hurt from work...it just got worse.

Back in the day, I used to be proud of myself for working out for hours every day...I told myself I was much stronger than people who didn't exercise as long. (Whaaat?! #liesitoldmyself )

I didn't use to put in the time to feel better. I just wanted to look skinny. The result was I had no energy and felt like crap!
----- Shooting straight because I know people can relate to some or all of my story.. But change can happen. 💓

Do you believe you can change??

R/P image @sonsandbros
I celebrate the theme of family unity, but I honor that this is an event of Native American mourning.
I give thanks for all the strengths of the marginalized who have been working hard to reclaim their agency. So much power has come through this year. I especially give thanks for #cyntoiabrown who found the strength to survive. I give thanks for her life and I expect her unjust sentence to change.
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Got my war paint on and ready to work no matter what. There has always been something about doing intense creative work when physically suffering. There is less room for worry, for ego, for BS. My adult students better be ready for some #truthtelling tonight 😉 #actorslife #surrender #makeartnowar 💜💜💜⭐️⭐️⭐️ #kismet

“Moving to a new place and leaving my friends and my familiar environments was very hard. Trying to start a new life and relationships is harder. But in the midst of this I️ need to remember that My Lord is my stability in life not depending on others emotionally. So my focus should be to love and cherish each moment it comes and be grateful and helpful to others in the midst of all this. And that is enough to make me happy and content 😊”

NEW BLOG POST!!! World of "Wonder": ""I discovered, in telling the truth, the three most magical, healing words a person can hear: 'Yeah, me too.'” LINK IN BIO!
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