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So you're indifferent now?
It doesn't surprise me somehow.
I guess that I was mistaken then,
thought things would be different 'cause we were friends.
I didn't wanna lose you then... You look at me now like nothing has changed.

Am I your expedience, convenient me?
Just your experience while you're looking for something real?
Only important when deciding where you should be... Just your expedience, convenient me.

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Wrote this one in 2014. Stay locked.

In the mornings the boys wake up to classical music and continue to listen to it for the remaining of the morning. My favorite it when Claude Debussy Clair de lune plays & it trickles down the hallway and into our bedroom // it's just heavenly isn't it 💫 #truths #tinyspaces #aboutus #sodomino #lovethelittlethings

Social media📱⠀

Part of social media is projecting the best "image" of ourselves. And in some cases, it's also what they want you to believe. ⠀
Sometimes people forget that being real is normal. ⠀

I’ve always believed in sharing the best version of myself on social media about my fitness journey - both good and bad!⠀

My photos aren’t edited, the most I’ll do is put a filter on for the colour of the image. It’s so obvious when people photoshop muscle and “leanness” 🙄 haha! Why bother? Who has time for that shit?!⠀

Not everything may be as it seems! ⠀
Get with it ✌🏼️⠀

#truths #nessfeels #socialmedia #representthebestyou #instagram #projection #selfimage #body #beyou #ownit #dontbefooled

Look at these lovely ladies that let me stand next to them!! @fancyncr @reneeprincefillip love this photo from our Monse Saturday Soiree.

Like the falling leaves our Truth PILGRIM is prone to changing its colo(u)rs every so often. Get the green ones ON SALE now! [Photo by @lovelylesage]

I wrote this last year and feel like I need to share it again:
I am writing this because of the things I've been reading. Honestly I think it's something many people need to talk about.
This is just a piece of how rape culture has effected me:
While I was in high school (9th grade) people found out I had been sexually assaulted and thought that meant I was "easy". Guys that never talked to me said I slept with them. I also had issues in the hallways with guys grabbing my chest and saying awful things. I one day pinned a guy down for this and got into trouble for using violence. They told me boys are boys and I need to cover up if I didn't want them to try to touch me.
At 13 I was sexually assaulted and the police asked me what I was wearing. I had on one of those long pj T-shirts. I was asked why would a young "developed woman" would wear that. I would than for months be pulled out of class almost every day to be asked about what happened to me. I had police officers that told me either they didn't believe my story (the attacker said he thought I was a pillow) or what did I think would happen with almost nothing on.
I have had a couple guys show me their penis because it "would turn me straight". I have also had a couple guys tried to kiss me because "a real man" must not have ever done that.
I can tell so many other stories. I think the average person could also. None of this is okay. The things Trump says is not okay. Our children are watching how you act about him. Our children are watching how you watch people on TV that says it's okay. It is so not okay. If you read this and want to say something ugly to me don't . If reading this upset you and you think I shouldn't say such things look at yourself. It is our silence that makes people think it is okay. It is our silence that gives attackers power. I lived through this I am allowed to use my voice. I hope others may now use their voice and say how rape culture has had an affect on them.

they say that the cure for anything is salt water. I might add sun + sweaters + smiles + loads of love 💖 find one (or all) of those Life Cures today & let yourself soak yourself in them - that's what Sundays are for 🌟


Feed your brain and not your ego , this is my perfect night in and good food of course ...
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