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Drop of Dew

History is just stories unless you lived it. Dim reminders of the good and bad in our lives. Days on the river, nights on the beach, the lies that were fed to us, moments which we don’t speak.

Seeing you now is like trying to reach through glass. We laugh, we speak, we exchange glances, yet there’s always something between us. A barrier too deep to cross.

Yet while we walk away, we are still drawn like a magnet to each other. Like moths to a flame we can’t resist. You are my morning glory, a drop of dew on a parched land.

Time may fade old memories, but it will never take you from me.

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I don't know, just thought everyone could use a little sunshine. Image taken by my oldest friend @sandiburnsed ❤️ #sunshine #amaturephotography #artinnature #inspiredbynature #gooutside #breathe #lookup #listen #truthlies #lifebeyondthekeyboard

The Secerts We Keep

To discover love

Lose it

Only to find it again, means that someone up there likes me

Rediscovering my angel has meant the world to me

It has shown me that the world isn’t as cruel as thought it was

Instead it has given me hope, just as you give me hope

That someday, somehow, we will be one

But I know you would say, we already are, just have faith and patience

And you know you’re right

But you know me the calm exterior, hides impatience

So pray for me my love as the ember continues to burn

Between two souls and the secret we keep

#poetryinnature #freeverse #secrets
#lostandfound #patience #beaches #coastalga #jekyllisland #love #lost #found #truthlies #muse #soulmates #dancingaroundtheflame

Drag You Down

This and other stories are linked in my Bio.

Special Thanks to: @plantbased.kate for the inspiration.

This morning I was having a conversation with a young lady who just left the beauty of Sidney, Australia to work at a school in the outback. This young women always has a kind word for everyone and has such a wonderful giving attitude. I’m sure she will do well in this new adventure. It’s good to surround yourself with individuals that uplift you instead of bringing you down. In the world around me I don’t have very many friends. Too be quite honest, I don’t really have any friends at all around here.

Even on social media certain sites bring out the worst in individuals. So I end up simply using those site as tools to promote my work and not much more. I guess the question that begs to be asked is, why are we so angry? Over the past year, I’ve decided to surround myself with other creative voices. Dreamer much like myself who want nothing more than to share their ideas. What I’ve learned is, each of us despite our different mediums, we each have a truth to tell.

Lord knows, I am not a saint. And I do have my moments where it’s best I’m left alone. But still I do my best to keep those moments to myself. Life is about choices. At the moment I choose to surround myself with energized positive people. And no, I don’t mean the ones trying to sale me something. Our moments are just a drop in the bucket of time. Isn’t it better to for us to spend that time encouraging, instead of discouraging? Live in the moment, focus on your talents, and don’t let the trolls within your life drag you down.

#attitude #gratitude #inspiration #creativity #positivethinking #honesty #karma #mindfulness #focus #kind #lookup #inthemoment #inspiredbynature #amaturephotography #motog4 #walkingmeditation #happythoughts #dontmakemerepeatmyself #truthlies

Always There

As I look upon the water, the waves gently caress the shore. Reminding me how love flows. Your love comes in waves, touching my heart when I need you the most. Never overpowering, just gentle nudges letting me know you’re always there.

#poetryinnature #inspiredbynature
#littleocmulgeestatepark #gastateparks
#exploregeorgia #musing #reminders #loveonthewaves #soulmates #memories #poetrycommunity #freeverse #expressyourfeelings #tellyourstory #saywhatyoufeel #truthlies #itslove #dancingaroundtheflame

This and other stories are linked in my Bio.
📷: @sandiburnsed

Today feels like it’s going to be one of those days. One of those days where I feel like I’m just spinning my wheels and going nowhere. I just got though chatting with some fellow sufferers on the Panic Disorder forum. But I still feel a bit drained from my adventure on Friday. I suppose I should stop relying on my feelings and just “suck it up buttercup”. But that’s not how I feel.

I believe in feelings, I don’t believe your feelings are something that can causally tossed aside. We have emotions for a reason. I believe they can be warning lights or signals of joy for what’s going on inside you. Too often we try to force ourselves into a better mood. Where we may see death and destruction around us, yet we throw up that happy face and act as if we don’t have a care in the world.

The problem lies in the burying of our true feelings. I’ve come to realize those emotions you try and bury deep within yourself eventually come back to haunt you. It’s best to acknowledge what’s really going on inside you. I’ve discovered by being honest with myself and I allow myself to release those emotions. I let go of the burden they put upon me.

The key to living an honest, peaceful life is to first be honest with yourself. Going through life with a painted-on smile isn’t going to help anyone, especially yourself. Learn to except your emotions as they come, recognize them, give them a voice, and let them go. Burying your painful emotions is no different them taking trash to a landfill. You may cover it up, but sooner or later, you got to face the poison that raises up.

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Right Now

Right now I close my eyes and forget about the moment. Shut out the noise, ignore the anger and disappointment. So I breathe and I exhale, the thoughts that trouble me. Too often I push the razors edge. Take things to the red line. But there’s always a price to be paid. So right now I close my eyes.

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Across the Sky

As morning breaks, the sun paints the clouds across the sky. Adding to the mosaic of a beautiful day.

I walk the shore, the salt water dancing between my toes. Dreaming of days long past, yet never far.

You are my island with your waves whispering quietly. Reminding me you are always here.

So as the wind touches my cheek and the taste of salt falls on my tongue. I dream, I wish, I long for you.

#inspiredbynature #freeverse #poetryoninstagram #walking #dreaming #patience #breathe
#jekyllisland #amaturephotography #motog4 #reminiscing #waiting #exploregeorgia #brunswick #barrierislands #goldenisles #dancingaroundtheflame #truthlies

Truth Lies

Sometimes even when you have blindly trusted someone in life.
Their lies seem to be true.
Here the truth lies.
Do read and appreciate. ♥

Trying to Teach
This and other stories are linked in my Bio.

Deep in the world of dreams, I’m awaken by a bump in the night. But can a surprise really be a surprise, if it happens all the time? I seem to be going through a spell of restlessness, shaped by my anxiety and fear. But really it’s nothing new. Just an age old specter showing its face again, reminding me I’m not as strong as I think I am.

At moments like this, I have to laugh at myself. We sit on our ivory thrones of ego till our Achilles heel reminds us of who we really are. Nothing is as humbling as your own temple reminding you of your weakness. Forcing you back into your hole, away from the light, cowering in the shadows. Maybe I’m treating this moment with a flare for the dramatic. But that tends to happen when your awaken with a shout.

It’s at these moments when I hold tightly to the few remaining strands of sanity I have left. Till the fear subsides and my mind stops racing. After decades of living with this, my mind and body create new ways of getting at me. So I lay here deep in the night, not scared just tired. Learning the lessons my panic is trying to teach.

#panicattack #racingthoughts #awaken #calmdown #breathethroughit #anxiety #teachingmoments #expressyourfeelings #honesty #ego #humble #fear #gad #mentalhealth #awareness #perspective #livingwithanxiety #clingtotruth #faith #truthlies #whoiam #therealme #happythoughts #lifewithpanicdisorder #mindfulness #dontmakemerepeatmyself #helpyourself

Just Listen
This and other stories are linked in my Bio.

I had written something a few days ago that I intended to post this morning. But after waking up and counting out my pills for the day, I started thinking, “Is this really what I want to say?” It’s been a while since I actually counted the number of pills I take in a day. So I decided to take a head count of my medication and it came to 21, that’s how many pills I take in a day.

Most of my medication is heart related, some is for my anxiety issues. A few more treat my sinus issues, while I take others for my diabetes and cholesterol. Yeah I know, I’m a mess. I’ve made some positive changes over the last few years like portion control, cutting back on caffeine, eating more fruit and less processed food, plus exercising. Still I have to face the music in that the damage has been done. While my Cardiologist and GP your happy that I am taking positive steps, they honestly admit some things are never going to get better.

I guess the point I’m trying to make is, despite all the obstacles before me life is simply one foot in front of the other. So many of us hurry from distraction to the next, trying our best to push back at the reality we live. Believe me I know, for a really long time I tried to will my way to peace of mind. What I ended up doing was stuffing everything negative into an already full suitcase. It wasn’t until I decided to give those fears a voice and let go, that I found some degree of peace.

I am not much of a religious person anymore, so when I speak of mediation it’s not so much from a religious prospective. It’s simply me breathing in and out focusing on the parts of me that require attention. What I’ve discovered is you can’t have light without the dark. It’s like a healthy body cannot go on and on without rest and you can’t ignore the things your body’s telling you. Simply put, slowdown every now and then and listen. You never know what you might hear.

#perspective #reality #ourlives #breathe
#inthemoment #facingobstacles #truth #slowdown #takeamoment #live #listen #innerchild #walkingmeditation #mindfulness #yourhealth #loveyourself #compassion #truthlies #happythoughts

I Tried
📷: @sandiburnsed

Maybe today is not the best of days for me to be online. Really not feeling too well, stomach is still acting up and my sinuses are on fire. Around my home if I mention I'm not feeling well everyone seems to go into a panic. I suppose because of my heart history, but honestly, this is an annual respiratory issue and not much else.

But I did accomplish one task this morning, so I might as well keep plowing the rest of this field. But I'd be lying if I didn't stay I just want to crawl back into bed. But what can you do? Sometimes you just have to muster up enough determination to get the shit done. So, believe me when I tell you this little pep talk is for me as much as it is for you. Cause, I ain't feeling it today.

If anything I want to be honest with you. It's been a struggle for me to go through the mental health issues I go through. Panic Disorder, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, and Depression are a bitch. Now I have my good days, even a few good months. But sooner or later here it comes. Some little annoyance or problem will arise and send me back down the rabbit hole. I don't wish to discourage any of you going through this, I just want to be honest.

Life has dealt us the hand in front of us. So, we can either fold and wait for a better deal or take what we got and bluff like hell. Either way, you walk away from the table head held high, knowing you tried. Lord knows, I hope these words will encourage you. But the reality is illnesses of the mind and heart are true test of one’s character. Simply do the best you can.

This and stories on my blog, Life Beyond the Keyboard.

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Waiting on the Tide
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I hate time change, it either pushes me forward or pushes me back. More than anything it upsets my little apple cart of routine. Lately it seems a lot of things are trying to upset my apple cart. Pressure from people, businesses, and government agencies. All wanting a piece of something, something I apparently don’t have enough of.

Forgive my grammatical errors, after all it’s 4 in the morning. I’m not feeling anxious, I just seem to be avoiding everything. So in a way, I feel the tension building. I suppose I could just bite the bullet and get those things done. But in all truthfulness, I just assume bury my head in the sand for a while. You know how it is, old habits die hard.

Sorry for not dropping any nuggets of wisdom here. It looks like it’s going to be one of those days. Where I find a hole and hide away. I suppose I could think myself positively out of this, but I don’t have the patience for that. Instead I’ll follow the ebb and flow of the tide, because these things tend to have a rhythm to them. And eventually these things work themselves out, so let’s be patient and wait on the tide.

#confessions #honesty #avoidence #knowingyourself #mentalhealth
#depression #patience #rhythm #routine #positivethinking #reality #beinghonest #breathe #meditation #mindfulness #nobullshit #howifeel #truth #wokeupwithashout #anxiety #panicattack #breathethroughit #calm #exhausted #mylife #myworld #lovewhoyouare #truthlies

Works for Me
This and other stories are linked in my Bio.

Morning. I’m fighting a mother…. of a headache, my eyes refuse to focus, and my sinuses are making my head spin. At the moment I’m simply waiting on the drugs to kick in for a little relief. You know it’s going to be a bad day, when your coffee doesn’t even taste good. I’m seriously considering going back to bed, but I have to sit up for a while so that my medication stays down.

Lord knows why I’m telling you all this? I would be so much more popular to just filled you full of sunny affirmations and positive quotes. But that’s just not a part of my DNA, I prefer to look at life with the blinders off. I suppose that makes me a shitty optimist, but hey, it works for me. Life is one big compromise, where you can’t completely focus on the good without focusing on the bad.

At the moment most of my concentration is centered on this story. I have no clue where it will end up. I simply go with the flow, just typing away at these keys. I make a ton of grammatical mistakes, being dyslexic will do that. But I trod along putting down my incoherent thoughts as best I can. But maybe that’s the point of living, simply moving forward and doing the best that you can.

So enjoy the moment, even if you’re at work. Just through yourself into it and create. Don’t let time slip away by not being here. I could easily give up on the day, but I can’t. The passion to express myself comes out in the messages that I send. What messages do you send? Do you sow seeds that land on hard soil? Don’t worry that the message is not well received. Simply throw the seed, I assure you some of it will blossom.

#motovation #doyourbest #honesty
#peaceofmind #movingforward #optimist
#inthemoment #mindfulness #focus
#questioneverything #askyourself #happiness #amaturephotography #jekyllisland #motog4 #exploregeorgia #walkingmeditation #truthlies #happythoughts #dontmakemerepeatmyself

Take Care of Themselves
📷: @sandiburnsed

Avoiding the world, avoiding myself that’s just the way it is sometimes. As much as I’d like to think I tackle problems straight on, I often find myself procrastinating. I suppose it’s because I’m not as strong as I wish to be. I prefer my own company most of the time, but when I do get social it’s usually in quick burst. But soon afterwards I’m usually pretty exhausted. It’s funny that I turned out this way, because in a former life I was a very outgoing person. I suppose in a way I still am, it all depends how the winds are blowing that day.

Still I medicate, and I meditate using both worlds to pull me up to face another day. But in all honesty, I just assume be alone. That’s sad in a way. Most of the time I wish I could shut off this self-examining part of myself and just drone through life. Get up go to work, put in my 8 hours, clock out, and then go home. But I can’t do that, I have to force myself to sit in front of a television. I’d much rather listen to music or do what I am doing right now.

Still I ask myself, why? Why in the hell do I push my mental self? Why do go on and on about taking steps forward, instead of just giving in to my reality. If you’re waiting for me to answer that question, don’t hold your breath, because I don’t know. All we want is a certain degree of satisfaction in our lives. None of us really want to live in a stagnate bubble. I suppose what I’m trying to say is, if you’ve gotten this far continue your steady match. Just remember life is meant to be lived, so don’t waste it droning through the day. Live in this moment and let the past and the future take care of themselves.

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#walkingmeditation #mindfulness #live #happiness #compassion #procrastination #facingthetruth #lifebeyondthekeyboard #happythoughts #truthlies

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