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Emotional Element
Lately my artsy side has been showing. My both my writing and images have been taking and more poetic turn, then my usual humor and straight talk. But that’s okay, because even the hardest of us can be moved by art. It’s seems that ever since I’ve allowed myself to express my true thoughts publicly; the more artistic side of my nature has shown through.
But getting back to the emotional element of ourselves, even when our forefathers were still living in caves. They told stories and expressed themselves through art. The tradition of sitting around the campfire to tell stories of great hunts. Shows us that art and the emotional element of ourselves have been in integral part of us for thousands of years. To be robbed of that part of yourself is nearly psychotic and quiet debilitating.
I suppose the reason I’m mentioning this is to bring up the importance of maintaining balance within our lives. More often than not, the logical side of us controls with happens in our work-a-day world. But living is more than just that, it’s about emotion and the benefits in which that part of our lives can bring. Far too often we get so caught up in the material side of things, that we forget about the simple pleasures. Like watching your partner wake up at first light. Or walk by a playground and here the laughter of the children. Or even look across at a stop light and a suit joyfully jamming to a tune from their youth.
None of this may seem “artsy” but it all ties into the awareness we all long to feel. Life is short enough as it is, why waste it worrying about that next gadget or shiny trinket. How about getting under the water hose with your kids or singing out loud it the shower. Or maybe having a long talk about nothing with an old friend. You never know what you'll learn. #emotions #mediation #TRUTHLies #awareness

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"Brexit means Brexit" 2017 Digital kaleidoscopic installation in collaboration with @nealewillis... to be shown later this month at Truth||Lies @blitzvalletta opening 21st April 17 #brexit #kaleidoscope #truthlies

On the eve of the 45th anniversary of the Watergate break-in, watch tonight the 2-hour #TruthLies doc special highlighting the burglary. Coming at you on ABC 9/8c. 📷: @terrinyc_


During an evening walk is amazing the beauty you can find if you only look. The same is true in our everyday lives. The coy look, a slight up turned lip. The glitter you catch in that someone special's eye. Sometimes that's all you need to make it through just one more day. Ain't that right?
#walkingmeditation #awareness #being #mindfulness #appreciation #solace #inthemoment #truelove #breathing #truthlies #happythoughts #soulmates #dancingaroundtheflame

About You
Instagram Exculsive
I ask myself all the time. Why? Why, do I waste my time pursuing the passions that I do. The only answer I can give myself is that I have too. I have too because built within me is a desire for honestly and truth. And does are the things I love most about you.
#poetryoninstagram #poetry #confession #declaration #honesty #truth #loveyou #soulmates #loveequally #truthlies #happythoughts #dancingaroundtheflame #awareness #inthemoment #dontgobreakingmyheart

Dark Waters
Image By: @sandiburnsed
As I lay here struggling to find rest. My mind drifts back to you and to the dark water that runs through our souls.
So many have tried to tame you, but you resist the chains they force you to wear.
Because children of dark water cannot be tamed by the shackles of men.
The flaws other's see are the things that make you beautiful. The things that make you be.
So why shackle an angel, why tame the water. There’s no beauty if it’s not running free.
The reason I can’t tear myself away from you is because I accept you as we are.
So run free like the dark water and flow endlessly to the sea.
#poetry #poetryoninstagram #love #freedom #chains #bound #setfree #dancingaroundtheflame #shackles #truthlies #happythoughts

Odd Man Out
An excerpt from a story posted on: fdthornton.weebly.com
This entire weekend I’ve been in a reflective frame of mind. Asking myself a lot of questions. Questions about where I am, who I am, and the people I’ve surrounded myself with. Of all these things the last one should be the easiest to tackle. Considering the very small number of individuals I actually confide in. To honest I’ve always been acquainted with a large numbers of people. I’m not a introvert in fact I’m quite friendly with most everyone I meet. The point is I’ve only kept a small circle of friends if which I actually confide in.
But over the decades that circle has gotten smaller and smaller. To the point where the only people I speak at length with are over the phone. Moving here created for me a “stranger in a strange land” mentality. Meaning I didn’t seem to fit in, at least in my mind. I have no point of reference and no shared experience with the people here. Oh our kids attended the same schools and we worked in the same places. But after 20 years of being asked, “Who are you kin too?” and “Where are you from?” It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out you’re the odd duck out.
At this point I’m really going over my 300 word threshold of attention I give most people including myself. So I’ll conclude this little introspection by saying, time is what you make it, not just a clock on the wall. And relationships are what are we make of them too. While making time to create and develop deep and meaningful relationships is difficult, it’s not impossible. Life is more than just likes on your smartphone. Each time our daughter posts a picture of our granddaughter, my wife kisses it. Because usually that’s as close as she ever gets to seeing her. Don’t let life take away from your living. And don’t let convenience rob you of true human touch. #meditation #thoughts
#friendship #relationships #time #loneliness #todayssociety #modernlife #truthlies #happythoughts

Every Imperfection
Instagram Exculsive
I ventured into the light and felt the heat of it’s fire. Laying open every flaw, every imperfection.
So I put on my shades to filter harshness. To change the way I perceive the things I see.
But even so the damage is done. The skin is burned and it’s effect has changed the soul.
#poetryoninstagram #flashpoetry
#meditation #awareness #exposed #learn #nonjudgement #peace #adjust #heal #loveyourself #truthlies #happythoughts #explore

Age Old Question
Instagram Exculsive
Somewhere between lonely and confused, I walk the shore alone. The waves rush in rhythm to my feet, as I leave nothing but my footprints behind me. The salty air blows across my face, but it gives no answers. To the questions the race across my mind. Living in the limelight a solidarity man, known yet unknown. As the sun peaks through the clouds I wonder what is the answer? To age old question, who am I?
#poetryoninstagram #poetry #questions #asking #wondering #seekinganswers #mindfulness #walkingmeditation #breathe #innerchild #communication #loveyourself #liveinthemoment #dontbeafraidtoask #truthlies #happythoughts #gastateparks #exploregeorgia #goldenisles #driftwoodbeach #jekyllisland #walktheshore #atpeace #quiet #happiness #love

Crappy Feeling
From: fdthornton.weebly.com Check it out.
Ever have one of those days where you felt progressively worse as the day went on? I mean I got up this morning feeling okay. But as the hours went by, my insides are cramping, and throat is raw, and I can’t get enough to drink. I just had a general crappy feeling the whole day. Now that doesn’t mean the day itself was crappy. In fact the day turned out to be pretty good.
I don’t like to think “life” itself hands us life lessons on purpose. I believe at times most things “just happen”. Now I do believe there’s a certain order to things. But for me to say that it’s God’s plan or the universe teaching us a lesson is really above my pay grade. All I know is, sometimes A can cause B to happen.
Some people unfortunately believe that if they don’t follow a certain set of guidelines. They somehow they will be punished for it. Worse yet there are many individuals out there that believe that they are the judge and jury for the morals of everyone else. I remember when the HIV/AIDS illness came into the scene. At the time I was in my full religious fervor mode. But even then to hear “Man of God” preaching from the pulpit that this was “God’s wrath on the sodomites”. Even for me I had a hard time with that one.
I definitely believe that in order to live together we need certain rules of law. But for me to impose my personal morality or beliefs on you, is not my right. Rather it’s homosexual marriage, mixed race marriage, or even common law marriage; who gives me the right to judge your happiness, God? It’s time we start worrying about our own morality, instead of everyone else’s. And stop assuming God’s plan is simply to punish, when in reality it’s love.
#meditation #judge #mortality #punishment #truth #happiness #reality #lovenothate #peace #loveyourself #respect #tolerance #chance #faith #love #truthlies #happythoughts

After literally a week of cloudless hot boring skies I get this. When I started my walk I was happy enough just to see a cloud. But after nearly getting run over by every panicked, stressed out, driver in town. Heading home to a cold microwave dinner and reruns of Jeopardy. I turned a corner and saw this, not one, but a double rainbow. It's shit like this that prove killing yourself for what, stuff? Isn't worth it. Your kids don't want your stuff when you die. It just proves dying penniless is no different than dying rich. #walkingmeditation #thoughts #stuff #junk #whatisyourvalue #whatdoyougive #truth #awareness #mindfulness #peaceofmind #loveyourself #whatyouleavebehind #plantingseeds #lookup #truthlies #happythoughts #rainbow

Here's a freebie for the Alamo Chamber of Commerce. Too bad everyone was zooming by to noticed it. Except me and 3 year old playing while her parents were busy. Sad. #walkingmeditation #peace #awareness #inthemoment #slowdown #breathe #mindfulness #nature #promise #beautyinnature #peaceofmind #truthlies #happythoughts #lookup

Till Sunrise
Image By: @sandiburnsed

Riding a wave till sunrise, I lay my head on a pillow of love. Can you take the time to come with me. Or must I travel this dream alone?
I see blue skies on the horizon, as a gentle wind blows. Or is just my imagination once again feeding me lies?
I can take this train without you, although I would prefer not. Sailing out from reality. To points unknown to what?
#poetryoninstagram #poetry #dreams
#runaway #meditation #awareness #breathe #reality #unknown #blueskies #travel #imagination #truthlies #happythoughts #dancingaroundtheflame

Continually Turning
From: fdthornton.weebly.com
Image By: @sandiburnsed
Funny how the world’s continually turning, yet in my little piece of it it’s all so very still. There’s someone commuting to work, someone in the middle of their day, and someone watching a sunset all at the exact same moment. We all tend to break things down to how it effects us. But in the grander scheme of things, life is about so much more.
Rather we like it or not the world is interconnected and I don’t just mean through technology. However technology does make it easier to see how the actions on one side of the world effects the other. So while I may not feel the tremors in Mexico, it certainly effects how I feel. Along with our basic instinct to survive, we tend to carry the ability to empathize with those suffering.
Sadly we tend to turn off those emotions unless it involves ourselves. It’s nothing for most of us to watch a disaster on TV and scoff, “Better them than us.” Or worse yet say, “God must be punishing them.” How dare we be so blind to the suffering of others. We scoff at the suffering of another human, yet when I effects us, “Oh whoa is me!” We are just beginning to understand how our actions or inactions can effect someone we don’t even know. To ignore suffering that's occurring somewhere else is no different than detonating the bomb ourselves. The God most of us claim to serve measures all sin equally. Doesn’t that mean the sin of indifference is the same as murder?
It’s time to put aside our petty differences and live with some tolerance and compassion for one another. Instead of just branding each other with labels like “Muslim”, “Mexican”, or “Redneck”. How about we just learn to call each other “friend”? You never know, a little compassion and empathy may work a whole lot better than shouting at the TV.
#meditation #oneworld #onepeople #onesoul #awareness #mindfulness #compassion #empathy #patience #love #respect #tolerance #peace #truthlies #happythoughts

So Long Ago
From my medium.com account.
Love has a funny way of staking a claim on a heart. Attracting two vulnerable souls into it’s cat and mouse game. Trapping them somewhere between ecstasy and exasperation. Till they can no longer be individuals, but in tune with one heart beat.
We lived this game for so long hard to recall when we lived without. The notion that you were never mine. Yet here we are sailing straight on into the sun. With no map or compass to guide us, just the notion that love placed into our hearts so, so long ago.
#poetry #love #irony #hearts #soulmates #together #jekyllisland #exploregeorgia #muse #hearts #attraction #truthlies #happythoughts #dancingaroundtheflame

Self portrait. I used to be "bright-eyed & bushy-tailed" in the morning. But recently I feel like I'm waking up from a bad drunk. And believe me, I've had my share of those. Anyway I post this not to make anyone feel "sorry" or "bad" for me. It's simple to say, we all have bad moments. And while we each do our damnest to put on our "brave faces", sometimes that face won't come out the jar. So here's to all you, that simply ain't feeling it today.
#goodmorning #honesty #reality #mindfulness #meditation #awareness #keepingitreal #earthangel #compassion #empathy #exposed #sad #norosecoloredglasses #truthlies #happythoughts #peace #love

Destined to Mourn
From my: medium.com account.
Image by: @sandiburnsed
Can we just run away? Just for a few days? Or will the powers to be in our lives hunt us down? Punish us for our folly. Are we destined to spend our lives wishing, wishing for something heaven doesn’t believe we deserve? I just want to punch through the walls of reality and wrap my arms around you. But will our moral core allow us such pleasure? Or are we destined to mourn this song of need, of want, of fire, forever.
#poetry #poetryoninstagram #destiny #fate #love #distance #longing #soulmates #truthlies #happythoughts #medium #dancingaroundtheflame

One of Them
It's funny how seemingly good friends can abandon you when you have nothing to give. Let a rich man stub his toe and a thousand people will show up to help. But let a poor man ask for bread, and he’s called a worthless bum. The world’s full of hypocrites and I should know because I’m one of them. But at least I have a conscience to go along with my hypocrisy. It reminds me everyday to do unto others. So what do you have?
We treat social media like a boy’s locker room where no matter what vulgar thing you say it’s okay. Well slap my ass with a towel, because it ain’t. Words matter, actions matter, and indifference is the worst of them all. That’s because it shows you don’t give a shit either way. And there’s nothing worse than treating someone like they’re gum on your shoe.
Man maybe on top of the food chain with our cognitive reasoning. So you would think we’d be better than the insults and tribal divisions we place on ourselves. Anyway, none of us are immune to the prejudices and paranoia of being human. Thinking the worst of others different than ourselves does lie at the root of who we are. All I’m saying is empathy also lies at the core of our shared commonality so isn’t about time we put away our prejudice and learn to get along.
#meditation #thoughts #empathy #compassion #humanspirit #hatred #indifference #division #love #peace #tolerance #awareness #inthemoment #being #betterselves #mean #truthlies #happythoughts

Just Tell Me
From my medium.com account.
What would you like me to tell you? That I love you? That I want to take you away? Or to whisper my desires in your ear? Just tell me.
All I have is my heart, mind, and soul. Yet all of those are damaged. Beaten by time and abuse. Wasted away chasing empty dreams.
In your eyes I see truth. In your eyes I see pain. In your eyes I see passion. In your eyes I see strength.
Do you hear me? Calling from a distance. Do you hear me? Whisper your name. Do you hear me? Pleading for mercy. Do you hear me? Crying today.
#poetry #questions #seekinganswers #how #why #when #where #meditation #medium #awareness #being #feeling #wholly #dedication #soulmates #truthlies #happythoughts #dancingaroundtheflame

But You & I
From medium.com
“Morning beautiful”, the words fall from my lips as I stare across the bed. Wishing to see your sleepy eyes. But instead all I see is an empty pillow.
The decision seemed so slight, yet the repercussions have effected lifetimes. But regret doesn’t bring back lost time only reconciliation. And you forgive me a long time ago.
So we sit here in our assigned places. Holding tightly to the moments we have. Where time stands still and no one’s there, but you and I.
#poetry #longing #dreaming #hoping #aware #love #soulmates #lost #faith #forgiveness #regret #reconciliation #medium #truthlies #happythoughts #dancingaroundtheflame

Remembering To...
From: fdthornton.weebly.com
When I was in the 4th grade, I was in the genius class in my school. I suppose I found the work boring, because I remember spending most of my days just staring out of the classroom window. This irritated the teacher because she would often stand me up in front of the class and berate me while the other kids laughed.
At this point in my life this shouldn’t bother me, but I guess it still does. I suppose I bring it up to say, I’ve always had a problem with conformity. Seems I’ve been designated the square peg in a world of round holes. I know in a way we all feel that way at certain times. But for me it seems to be a perpetual life event.
We all crave a certain amount of uniqueness in our lives. I suppose I just crave a little conformity in mine. Some people relish the idea of being unique and hey, I got no problem with that. But for some the constant scrutiny of being different has it’s drawbacks. For one there are the stares, the misunderstanding, and the taunting from those that view you as different.
While I’m sure many don’t care what other’s think, I’m pretty damn sure there’s many of you that do. For those I say it’s okay, just remember the evil that other people spew doesn’t have to be your reality. The key is embracing the child inside ourselves and telling them it’s okay. By remembering to love yourself the shortcomings you believe you have, simply become part of uniqueness that is you. So don’t listen to the haters and love yourself.
#loveyourself #bullying #abused #innerchild #uniqueness #aware #mindfulness #inthemoment #love #respect #peace #truthlies #happythoughts

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