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The London attack yesterday happened in this EXACT spot. The world is so big but...so small. #prayforlondon #prayfortheworld #weareone #truthandlove

To the memory of our president Václav Havel. *5.10.1936 +18.12.2011
Last official portrait shots. Václav Havel (exp. 1.2.2011)

Let me speak to you with #truthandlove / #rhot is on tonight on slice, you should probably be watching....

Some lessons are hard won, and I think it's important to share our stories to help others who may struggle with the same things. In my past I was known as a people pleaser. I would justify my unhealthy habit under the context of caring about people. There's only one problem with that logic...if you truly love people then you can't always make them happy. At some point in your relationship you will have to deliver truth that's hard, IF you truly love them. Let me explain, truth and love go hand in hand and, therefore, you can't have one without the other. When you love someone you are saying, "I love you no matter what. Good, bad, and the ugly." And truth means that you can always count on me to be completely transparent and honest with you.
During that season I would allow myself to be in an anxious state because I knew if I answered honestly or spoke truth about what I was seeing, I ran the risk of hurting them...conflicting to say the least. But it was this verse: "For am I now seeking the favor of men, or of God? Or am I striving to please men? If I were still trying to please men, I would not be a servant of Christ." - Galatians 1:10
and then truly observing and understanding what grace looked like in my life that broke me from that pattern. Grace is getting love and forgiveness that you don't deserve.
It took work and daily mindfulness of my thoughts and actions, but I am now able to live in the freedom of who I am, love people unconditionally, and speak truth in love knowing that their eternity matters more to me than the way they feel about me on this earth at that moment. If I'm not willing to shed light on someone, then I question whether I truly love. To love is to want only God's best for them in every way. "Whoever claims to love God yet hates a brother or sister is a liar. For whoever does not love their brother and sister, whom they have seen, cannot love God, whom they have not seen." - 1 John 4:20

Don't live your life to please people, live it to please God. Serve people in love and truth, and let your light shine into their lives. You were #MadeForMore and you are loved😘

Feeling so blessed today by the people God has brought into my life. Morning started out a little rough when my big lab Rocky accidentally hit me in the eye with his very hard and large head- thought for sure I'd have a black eye but thankfully wasn't the case 😅 Then drove through some snow up to Denver and chatted with a fellow adoptive parent who reminded me this process is so worth it. And I got to meet the beautiful heart @abigailmarygreen for coffee (thanks for encouraging me so much today!) and then met with a new friend and potential business partner with a similar vision and heart - I love when that happens! Also...Jesus just keeps reminded me that perfect Love casts out fear. I'm hanging on to truth and love and saying no to fear that has potential to keep me from waking courageously into where He calls. Sorry for the long post- guess I have a lot to say today! ☺️ #truthandlove #grateful #thankfulthursday

Repost from @ginoj08 --- Its a Sunday and were in the city :) just wanted to share some books we retailed therapy through. 
I believe in spending and investing time in self and knowing myself. It brings great inner strength, peace, and self-love.

Spend time knowing who you are. Spend money.. Invest in YOU. With having a full cup can we only really really give. :) #SatNam #TruthandLove #Self 💜


The London attack yesterday happened in this EXACT spot. The world is so big but...so small. #prayforlondon #prayfortheworld #weareone #truthandlove

Lesson and Picnic in the Park
Northwest corner of 75th Ave and Camelback Tomorrow from 5-7pm
#tenplagues #biblelesson #moses #pharaoh #godissovereign #letmypeoplego #hardenedheart #iamthelord #picnic #truthandlove

Alignment of our perception and consciousness with the truth of reality is required to evolve consciousness and increase our capacity to navigate reality as it is. There are many deceptions and false perceptions of right that veils the wrong way we are currently living. 〰〰〰〰〰〰〰
#truthandlove #overstanding #raiseyourfrequency #seethroughtheillusion
#pullthecurtain #vibrations #everythingisenergy #wordsareenergy
#perception #lightbeings 〰〰〰🔑
>> https://youtu.be/ywT3ZXoEYw8

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New Beginnings. New Awakenings. You hold the key 🔑 use it truthfully, honestly and wholeheartedly. Allow your inner being, your higher self to lead the way. Many, many new doors will present themselves to you, as long as you allow. Don't walk past them, don't ignore the temptation to open, don't fall back into everyday comfort, Look inside 👀 That is where the light is. Awaken to new beginnings. #newbeginnings #openyourmind #allowance #abundance #abundancemindset #changeisgood #growthmindset #truthandlove #loveandlight #awakening #spiritualjourney #lightworker #indigochildren #wakeup #youcandoit #loveyouall

#tadasana #mountainpose although seems a little simple, it offers a profound opportunity to witness the body deepening & shifting into the integrity of this #asana and then the door opens new depths wisdom and presence to the Self. Your feet root into the now, the spine makes spaciousness​ & you become a receptical - a channel for divine flow, the heart blooms open to activate the love bhav that bathes you in bliss, and the hands reach into the magical unmanifest realms to touch, with your fingertips, the infinite.. what a beautiful metaphor for daily living. .
PS. All mountains are shaped a little differently.😉
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Let me speak to you with #truthandlove / #rhot is on tonight on slice, you should probably be watching....

‪Artist & athletes sway popular opinion passionately from platforms, but they may also be passionately wrong #knowthetruth #dontbelievethehype #truthandlove

On our own, we can’t love others the way we want to. But through Jesus, we are enabled to love in deed and in truth. Read more at the blog on “Love the Children of God” from #1John . #TruthAndLove

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