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The #truth_hurts for a #little while
#lies_hurt for a #lifetime.

The #TRUTH_hurts only once but a LIE hurts every time.

#truth_be_told betold

Seriouslyy ☺☺ Thankyou

So.... your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or gettin married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life... he tells u he wants to have his second degree, a proper house and a bigger car first.... u sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking ull be the wife?

With the little he has, u ask for brazillian hair and Jordans... he goes to work and goes straight to class after work...he leaves u in pyjamas n finds u in the same pyjamas.. while he studies u watch Heart Break Hotel and La Gata... He comes back home to find Indomie and chicken in the microwave everyday... the house is clean and his clothes ironed... the only serious conversation yall have is about the typa groceries u guys need.
The only advice u give him is "babe you need to buy new socks, the ones u bought last time are torn" nothing intelligent comes out of ur mouth..no plans of making ur own life better...yes u are pretty...no doubt about that!....so is every second girl passing by
Do u realise something... u not doing anything a maid cant do.... hes gonna finish school and the first thing hes gonna do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have a PROPER WIFE/GF.

Thats when we gonna hear your famous last words "i was with him though thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successfull he thinks i am nothing"
Yes ure ryt..uv always been NOTHING but a maid to him. . .
Empower urself to be the woman ur man wants to be with...a woman who wud be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!! #THiNK_DiFFERENT

السنه الماضيه شهر سبتمبر


#FriEnDzZ ArE HoNeSt WiTh EaCh OtHeR, eVeN iF ThE #TrUtH_HuRtS....

@Regrann from @leanology - English👇🏼.
المشد يجمل الخصر و لمنه بعمره ما رح يسويلك خصر انا اسميه حزام اسبرطة: بيلبسوه النساء لسببين

لضم اللهاليط عشان يبين الجسم مسحوب سحب و لما تفكه الله لا يوريكم الانفجار، و لا أعني الإهانة لأنه اللي لابسته عشان تعرق بتلبس واسع، الفكرة انه لما يضغط عليها متل فساتين ايام زمان المخلوقة مش عارفة تمشي و كل جنب بناحية
لأنه باعتقادهم المشد هيدا راح يحتبس الحرارة و يعرقهم فيخسروا دهون و ينحفوا

انا بقول
إلبسيه في حال :
- بعدك والدة - ينفع لضم الجلد
- مسوية شفط دهون - ينفع لترميم الجسم
- عاجبك فستان سهرة و عندك كرش بدك تخفيه
غير هيك؟ ما إلو فايدة
العرق هو إفراز جسدي للسموم من الجسم و ليس له اي علاقة لا من قريب و لا من بعيد بخسارة الوزن، العرق مش دهون
و إذا ما بتعرق مو يعني ما بتحرق و ما بتخسر وزن
العرق هو خسارة لوزن الماء لاغير
لا دهون و لا من يحزنون
يعني قبل ما يعفن البطن و تطلع ريحته و يصير عليه فطريات سواء مشد سفلي او علوي، انت بغنى عنه.. و أعتذر على الصراحة بس الكلام ما بينتبهلوا حدا الا بهل طريقة
اترحرحي و البسي واسع و لما تخسري وزن بيفرجها الله
#إنفجار #وما_تحت_السواهي؟

Some women tend to wear waste shapers thinking it will actually shed the fat.
It has been proven that it causes muscle growth issues, digestion problems on the long run and lung complications
Women go into the rest room and start taking off layers of clothing until they reach the last layer.. Which is what i call the SPARTES BELT ! Why are you doing this and suffocating your skin?
To hide flabs and to lose weight?
Sweating out doesnt make you lose weight, and sweat is not fat crying! Its just an expression, this will only make you lose water weight, no room for your skin to breathe which may cost you your self hygiene and bacterial infection.
Just wear tight when you are ready for it. Until then stay loose!
I recommend a waist shaper for:
Post pregnancy
Post Liposuction
As it may help amend extra skin.
Other than that?
Perhaps to look good in a dress.
Other than that?
Perhaps to psychologically feel betted
Other than that?
Its a WASTE.

#truth_hurts #caution #tellThem_iSaidSo

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The #TRUTH_hurts only once but a LIE hurts every time.

Somebody sent me this screenshot today.
So surprised how much they know me.

Deep Purple
Truth Hurts
❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Why is love such a blessing or a curse
Baby either way
Truth hurts

And today i found out from the guide that apple does rot and razor doesnt stay sharp inside the pyramid. #truth_hurts #myth #pyramid #egypt

If I write when I'm low, it will be a dark song, but I don't care. I Want to be honest with myself at all times.! #Humble #Real #Truth_hurts #Blessed #Music #The_One_Who_Helped #Promises #Dark_Side #Throwback #TOB #soon

She prolly gonna be mad I posted this pic of her but ohhhh well I still see a beautiful girl and I still see the girl of my dreams like honestly she is not wat everyone else said I can tell she different she is more understanding and she is amazing sweet she makes me smile ear to ear all the time and has made me as soft as a cupcake when ever she calls me handsome or rubs my face and says I'm cute like it is priceless she is amazing in every way. She has made my smile I don't smile she has made my smile exist I love you chey 3-12-17 forever baby

It's true though
Don't brag about your good deeds
Not even in the solitude
You will be a laughing stock
You know
These lines are from my own experience
Believe it or not
It's all up to you
Love it or leave it
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