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Am this am that thanks. Am up and will never go down. Told them their way is by the left but mine was right. Life is full of shit. F**k shit, do shit , smoke shit. Slay shit. OooNotice what ever you say about FAYANA
The truth is that He don't give a f**kin shit.
#Truth_Hurts #Mr_Tizzie #NBMG #Alubarikah

WELCOME TO 21st Century
* Where sex is free and love is costly...
* Where loosing a phone is more painful than loosing VIRGINITY.
*Where boys flirts and passing bad comments to other girls,but cant see, if a boy do this with his Sister...
* Where, if u don't cheat on your partner, u are not sharp and smart...
* Where Bathrooms has become photo STUDIO...
* Where getting a iPhone is greater than achieving B.Tech or B.S.c DEGREE..
* Where temples are turned into dating points...
* Where worshiping God is difficult...
* Where lies are turned into realities...
* Where ladies fear pregnancy than HIV...
* Where pizza delivery is faster than emergency response...
* Where people fear thieves, robbers, terrorist than they fear God...
* Where people go to Temple/Masjid/church with Phone chargers than Bhagwad Gita/Kuran/Bible..
*Where outlook and clothes decides the value of person...
*Where money is more important than family and friends...
*Where children are ready to leave their family for their love...
*Where guys are scared of getting married but love to have sex...
*Where Love is a Game.. The one Who plays it with mind always get happiness and Who plays it with Heart Always get hurt..!!
#Truth_Hurts ✌️
#Agree?? #Nitish Prinjay

So.... your man tells you he is not planning on having kids or gettin married anytime soon as he is still sorting out his life... he tells u he wants to have his second degree, a proper house and a bigger car first.... u sit there smiling with just a birth certificate thinking ull be the wife?

With the little he has, u ask for brazillian hair and Jordans... he goes to work and goes straight to class after work...he leaves u in pyjamas n finds u in the same pyjamas.. while he studies u watch Heart Break Hotel and La Gata... He comes back home to find Indomie and chicken in the microwave everyday... the house is clean and his clothes ironed... the only serious conversation yall have is about the typa groceries u guys need.
The only advice u give him is "babe you need to buy new socks, the ones u bought last time are torn" nothing intelligent comes out of ur mouth..no plans of making ur own life better...yes u are pretty...no doubt about that!....so is every second girl passing by
Do u realise something... u not doing anything a maid cant do.... hes gonna finish school and the first thing hes gonna do is REPLACE HIS MAID cause he can now afford to pay one and have a PROPER WIFE/GF.

Thats when we gonna hear your famous last words "i was with him though thick and thin when he had nothing, now that he is successfull he thinks i am nothing"
Yes ure ryt..uv always been NOTHING but a maid to him. . .
Empower urself to be the woman ur man wants to be with...a woman who wud be able to carry the whole family if anything happens to his job or his health!!! #THiNK_DiFFERENT

#truth_be_told betold

Seriouslyy ☺☺ Thankyou

Work work work work work work
Uh uh uh .... Tell me
What do you think is?
For me you're nothing, Just Memories of a time when i just messed up
Look at my smile, when was the last time you made me smile Like this

#truth_hurts 🤷💪👊

السنه الماضيه شهر سبتمبر


The #TRUTH_hurts only once but a LIE hurts every time.


Am this am that thanks. Am up and will never go down. Told them their way is by the left but mine was right. Life is full of shit. F**k shit, do shit , smoke shit. Slay shit. OooNotice what ever you say about FAYANA
The truth is that He don't give a f**kin shit.
#Truth_Hurts #Mr_Tizzie #NBMG #Alubarikah

Other than detox for a healthy body, let's detox for a healthy heart and mind.... [remove those who disrespect me, my beloved family and my parents]... #truth_hurts #family_1st #detox_for_positivity

I'm so sick of being lied to with this world its nothing but bunch of snakes and crooks with Fakes and Fuck This County talking bout the free when its all founded by Satanist and freemasonary/The ppl are blinded by the government and presidential law enforcement killing every day ppl get the iron out to start a spray quick to run a fade/Cruel world like women getting abortions that really is murder with a different name like murder was the case/ To kill the child before he/she can see the light of day/Now what if in last days God sends u to hell and that's yo fate/im sick of ppl complaining that they wants a faithful companion they got iPhones up they ass but can't look into the looking glass/this freestyle isn't meant for jokes and laughs like comicview/ We got different views/ what would Jesus do /I don't think ppl read the Bible to see when it said No One On This Earth Is Faithful now that's God's word like that's living proof/ Either live by the sword or die by it what I gotta do/ get my head wrapped in a turban and pray that your hopes reach the Gods on the surface u want celebrity status that bad while I call that idol worship/Ppl Wake The Fuck Up like the doctors and scientists they want us stoned more than monuments/we are just guinea pigs and subjects getting practiced on till we all die worthless and Pathetic getting injected with infections/ left/ cold/helpless and breathless/So stop searching for your soulmate and start searching for salvation in yo soul mate enlighten yo mind keep the temple safe with a dash of mustard seed faith and pray/ if u dirty don't worry Till confessions are made when u see his face. 💯 #Truth_Hurts #conscience

Help me with a caption 😂 An art snap! @levy_ngully_98 thanks for the caption!
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