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🌙✨ trust your inner knowing, tune in 👉🏽 @1.spiritual 🌿✨
#intuition #tunein #innerknowing #vibesdontlie #trustyourgut #highvibrational

#DailyOracle 🌟Only you know what is true and right for you. Trust your intuition and your gut feelings. Let go of self doubt and stand up for yourself. Ignore the critics and skeptics and believe in yourself. 🙏❤ DM @angelovehub for info on private readings.🌟I am running a special for the month of November. Book your personal 30 min Intuitive Reading via Skype for $44.44. It includes 3 Tarot cards and 1 Oracle card. The spread answers very specific questions and gives great insights and clarity. I also clear your energy and cut cords.🌟 °
Ascended #Masters Oracle by #DoreenVirtue #EyeofHorus #truth #light #deeplyrooted #iheartmylife #positivity #selfconfidence #tarotreadersofinstagram #positiveenergy #tarotcommunity #loveandlight #lightwork #DivineGuidance #woke #believeinyourself #highvibesonly #vibratehigher #raiseyourvibration #frequency #selflove #courage #personalpower #trustyourgut

Confirmation, validation, and motivation. Thanks for that. ✌️ #tooprettytobepetty #trustyourgut


These brightly coloured gems are full of gut-loving goodness, with no added sugar. Perfect to help you hydrate on a hot summer's day! 💦☀️⠀

Ragin' Raspberry Kombucha Icy Poles⠀
(Makes 6 icy poles)⠀

1 x 330mL bottle LoBros Raspberry Lemon Kombucha⠀
1 cup frozen raspberries⠀

Whiz all ingredients in a high-powered blender until smooth.⠀

Divide the mixture evenly into ice pop moulds (a 6-hole mould is perfect). If your mould comes as a set with a top that you insert wooden sticks in, assemble it now. If you're using normal wooden sticks and an open mould, let the icy poles freeze for an hour or so before inserting the sticks, so they stand up. ⠀

Pop them in the freezer for 5 hours, or until fully frozen. To remove them from the moulds, place the mould under running warm water to help release them.⠀

Store flat in a freezer bag for a tasty treat when the sun is blazing! ☀️⠀

✌🏼 I got in my interval run as my Thursday usual routine! Tv and treadmill 💕 two of my favourite things 😉 and the routine had some serious 🍑 building incline! Bonus!!

This is something I have set a goal for myself and writing in it everyday is a constant reminder. Trust your Gut!!! #trustyourgut #trust #writer #plane #goal #life #believe #free #practice #writing #believeinyourself #livethelife #beyourself #positivity #positivethinking

Is and can be a complete sentence.
Extra projects?
More work?
Party invite?
You don’t need to provide an explanation.
No can be a complete sentence.
You can pick yourself.
Your self care.
You can be selfish.
You have to be before you can effectively care for others.
From a safety perspective ladies - random guy offers to help with your groceries you get a bad gut feeling, firm no. Period. No explanation needed.
Tag a friend who needs to hear this!

“Trust your gut.” @krissyshields welcomed us for a #fermentation workshop today. How delightful to cut and prep veggies in a circle of women as we shared stories of family recipes and traditions. I can hardly wait to taste my first batch of #probiotic rich veggies in about a week! #trustyourgut #localfood #eatinseason #womenscircle #sharedexperiences #functionalmedicine

Long read: On February 16th, 2017 at 5:36 pm I had written myself a note. I had forgotten about it until now. Rereading this. Having a talk with my mom. Shannon surprising me at my door... the people that are meant to be in my life, will BE in my life. See me as the mess that I am & still love me in all of my glory. Being authentically myself..sad, hurt, broken, unbroken, happy, strong, intelligent, unique, passionate... I am worth more than this bs I’m going through. And this message is a reminder to be more loving & forgiving to myself. I want happiness more than anything & I’m finally realizing that happiness isn’t going to come from another person. It has to come from me... I’ve let myself down. It’s okay. But I’m going to do better. So much better 🖤

#itsokaytonotbeokay #authenticallyme #loveyourself #youareapriority #forgiveness #trustyourgut #followyourheart #everythingisgoingtobeok #happinessisinyou #youareyourtruelove

Always, always, always! When you know, you know. 🌵✌🏼

If someone doesn’t feel right to you, they probably aren’t. #trustyourgut
This doesn’t have to mean they are not going to be forever.
It is about taking the time to tune in daily and see how you feel, and what you need.
We are forever changing, as others are too.
When we go to fast and stay stuck in our stories we miss fresh new opportunities to experience new people, and new versions of ourselves.
How do you feel today?
How do you really feel?
Can you make some time to stop, breathe and tune into our own heart to work this out?
Ask your heart #trueself
What do I need? #listen

#vibe #multidimensional #supportive #beautiful #tribe #beyou #heart #intuition #backyourself #beyourself #boundaries #trustyourself #selflove #lightenup #lighterliving #wellness #coach #purpose

Just do what makes you happy, be with people that makes you happy and fuck everything else.🔥
Use your time wisely.💥🙂

#fearless #motivation #fitness #fuckit #winter #coldAF #trustyourgut #gym #beyourself #anymeans #ironaddicts #nochoice #bephenomenal #letsgo #hyped

Always works out for me 🙌🏽

as far as I can tell (and have experienced), confidence doesn’t come from knowing you will be right (or the best) all the time, rather it comes from not letting the fear of being wrong (or rejected) get in the way of you doing what you wish to do (or being how you wish to be). it seems to me that confidence isn’t about strolling into a room and thinking you are better than others, but rather about not needing to compare yourself at all. many a time (more than i care to admit) i have been guilty of comparing myself to other women (guilty of feeling so inferior in the face of another woman's radiance, intelligence, beauty, accomplishments). i used to think that confidence came from being the best and i was (painfully) insecure because i was not the best at anything and i was so aware of (what i thought were) all my shortcomings. being confident felt impossible given what i knew about myself and how often i felt like i was just barely keeping it together. but here is what i can promise you: comparison always (always) leads to pain. it isn't helpful for you and it creates separation from others. and the truth is, confidence for me has come, above all, from congruency. now i know that’s maybe not the sexiest of ideas, but the clearer i have gotten about my values and what is important to me, and the more consistently my actions reflect that, the more confident i have become. it is truly an inner game (and one i highly suggest playing). the more intensely i focus on becoming the person i want to be, the more the impulse to compare myself to others slips away. i love the idea that confidence doesn't come from being better than others. it comes from you, a knowing deep inside you (a knowing you can cultivate, a knowing you can create). heck, as far as I am concerned, if you have made it this far and you are still here learning, growing, feeling - you have a lot to be confident about and i, for one, know i am proud of (me and) you... ❤️ @EmilyJoyRosen @the.secret.keepers @the.empowered.woman @eatingpsychology #couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers #findthelight #woundsintowings

This day my life changed I felt it’s time to know who will always be there for me #loyalty #trustyourgut #oldisgold ❤️❤️

I struggled with a painfully negative and distorted body image for years. Once, while looking through pictures of myself, I realized that I hated my body in every single picture. Over my eating disordered years, my body had been thin, fat, and everywhere in between. And I realized, if I can hate my body no matter what she looks like, I can LOVE my body not matter what she looks like. Having a positive body image isn’t a matter of changing our bodies, but of changing our thoughts about our bodies. 😍
#intuitiveeating #bodyimage #antidiet #edrecovery #food #eat #relaxandenjoy #bodylove #bodypositive #trustyourgut #effyourbeautystandards #letgo #losehatenotweight #eatingdisorders #peaceispossible #haes #bopo #pleasure #nourish #feminism #nyc #selflove #bodies #kindness #selfrespect #gratitude #embrace

Amen sister. A men. Words by @jannerobinson 🙏🏻
“If you’re worried about your children seeing the word “FUCK” in the title of my book, or across my chest--you’re not paying attention.

Worry about your children seeing you wide eyed not set boundaries in your life—observing you living out of alignment with yourself and then later mirroring this behavior—to become a people pleasing doormat, not living for themselves, abandoning themselves—because, mommy did it.

Worry about your children seeing you in a marriage you out grew 10 years ago, and then walking forward to out stay a love that isn’t loving in their future, living what they saw—to protect their kids from something they never needed to be protected from in the first place. Kids have bullshit meters.

Worry about your children seeing you numb—dad crack a beer at 5 PM everyday, and mom pour a glass of wine every night making dinner—and then to grow up and normalize their addictions and dependencies. Worry about them never feelings their feelings, and turning to the vices they see you lift to your mouth everyday.

Worry about them having social anxiety and depression from living in their screens, after a lifetime of camera phones in their face and your faces as you document everything but their heart that is beating, waiting for you on the other side to pay attention.
Worry about your long work hours, that keep you from the quality time with your kids—to your children growing up and choosing some sort of ugly limiting belief, like “unworthy” making your actions about them in their head and then continuing on to choose partners, bosses and friends who don’t give them the time and love they deserve.
Worry about your daughter thinking her greatest asset is the fact she is pretty—not the brilliant fucking brain that she is after so much fuss being made over how her hair looks, and none over what lights her spirit on fire.

Worry about your son, refusing to touch his heart and ending up in therapy after hearing you take strips with the other dads off a man for crying about how “feeling’s are gay” and “real men don’t cry”. 👇🏻continued

Make some time to put your feet up and relax.

Share: 1 - A portion of a demo given by myself and @chris.vessey today to an island high school ITC class on what programming is. The class actually came up with the code's algorithm themselves!!! 2 - The sweet mug I got in return! Any day I get to share my love of computer science with youth, women and/or visible minorities is a good day. 🏫👩🏾‍🏫👩🏾‍💻🤖
. . .
#wearestemsquad #decemberphotochallenge #day14 #share #womenintech #womeninstem #womenwhocode #blackintech #blackgirlscode #builtbygirls #arduino #embeddedsystems #trycompsci #trustyourgut #followyourbliss #averygoodday #computerscienceoutreach

Over-indulged Recovery Bundle! Saving Christmas guts one teaspoon at a time! .
❤️ 1 x Fermented Papaya
The enzyme papain and beneficial bacteria help digest fats, protein and carbs.
💚 1 x Probiotic Foods for Gluten & Fructose Intolerant
This blend is gentle on your guts and delivers you super absorbable nutrition with the good bacteria. .
$100, Free shipping! ✈️
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Vibes are everything ☝🏼

When I showed this colour collection to Nan, she wasn’t very keen when the finish product came through it’s her favorite, and you guys are loving it too! #trustyourgut .
#sadiebaby #sadiebabyshoes #summersandals #summersandal #girlshoes #softsoles #babygirl #babyshoes #toddlerfashion #toddlersofinstagram #sunshinecoast

My mind is always working on something! ...
That person who needs help or that goal that is burning away in my soul. •#goaldriven .
>#keepmoving #slaying #lovinggod #lovinglife❤️

Suffering from a condition like Hoshimotos is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone. Having this autoimmune problem myself, I have dealt with countless doctors who tell me that this is something I will just have to deal with and take medication for for the rest of my life.
Today I went to a well renowned Endocrinologist in Mexico who was highly recommended to me. I tried to get his input on natural healing and an alkaline diet, to which he responded that that wasn't his specialty. To say that that was frustrating is an understatement!!! There is much more to understand than what medical science and research currently knows. Plus, both medical and alternative health communities do not yet know exactly what’s behind these conditions.
Nobody has the right to tell you you will never heal from something. No one!!!!!

Confirmation, validation, and motivation. Thanks for that. ✌️ #tooprettytobepetty #trustyourgut

oh this, yes. the fear of suffering is worse than the suffering itself. i remember reading this in "the alchemist" in my early twenties and wishing i believed it (lived it). now i do (more and more i do, even as fear screams, i am most committed here) sometimes we need to hold our own heart and tell it -- it will be okay (we will be okay). i do this every night as the world gets quiet and the darkness creeps over everything. our hearts need care just like our bodies, mind and soul do. take care, listen but do not let terror rule. may we become our dreams. may you be your very own dream come true... ❤️ @EmilyJoyRosen @the.secret.keepers @the.empowered.woman @eatingpsychology
#couragemylove #justwakingup #healinghearts #secretkeepers #findthelight #woundsintowings

When we’re staring life’s challenges right in the face, things can seem a little upside down.
But just like a Ferris Wheel, we have to get over our fears to enjoy the view.
Trust the challenge.

It’s a gift to expand us and open our hearts to receive more love & growth in our lives.

I am grateful to spread a message of love, joy, and truth to millions of authentic individuals. I love you all my friends, thank you for your support 🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍🌍📷: @brooke_wallace14
Format: digital
🌲Sweatshirt is of my own design and is available on my Zazzle page through link in bio🌲
#grateful #abundanceoflove #positivevibes #givethanks #raiseyourvibration #conciousculture #benicetopeople #kindnessmatters #lovematters #truth #love #light #energyhealing #trustyourgut #findyourbliss #beyourselfalways #beyourbestself #growwithme #personalgrowth #spreadlove #spreadtruth #spreadthemessage #unlimitedpower #infinitebeing #portraitphotography

This !! So very important to trust your gut . If it doesn’t feel right it’s telling you . Sometimes you are so confused , you don’t know what to do but there’s a sickness you feel. You have to trust it . As much as you don’t want to believe certain things . You’ll force it , you’ll pretend it’s not there . But in reality it’s killing you inside . This year has proved that to myself . I promise I will continue to trust my gut . Cause if you don’t you’re gonna hurt. The truth lies inside . Trust your body ❤️. There will be consequences if you don’t . #trustyourgut#thetruth#thebodydoesntlie#dontforceit#livefree#feelgood#body#mind#soul ✌🏻❤️🌈

My digestion troubles are back in full bloom after a weekend of intense sickness. It’s been a lot of drinks and little amounts of food. Decided to take a more aggressive holistic approach to my gut healing because I’m tired of feeling the way I do (some days better than others). Day one on celery juice! I’ve come across this method many times and just now experimenting. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
WHY CELERY? Because this powerhouse food aids in digestion, anti-inflammatory, alkaline, helps to purify bloodstream, relax nerves, improves skin health, reduce BP, and natural diuretic. •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••
Honestly, I’m not a huge celery person so it’ll take me time to get use to. Next round I plan to add ginger + lemon.

. /// I dance and spar
With my instinct
An admirable opponent
That I likely should seek

Truce with, to only dance

But I learn so much in the sparring
Just dancing feels a bit

Dull at this stage /// .

#abstractphotography #blackandwhite #letsdance #wordsmith #blackandwhitephotography #writersofig #wordporn #poetsofig #poemsporn #wordsonwords #vulnerability #trustyourgut #internalbattle #visualpoetry #incamera #shotoncanon #canoneos7d #abstractart

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