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Arizona Trail Day 11 (2/21/18)

AZT day 1 -Miles Hiked today: 27.8

AZT total distance traveled: 254

Weather: 50's

Starting Point: Beehive Well

End point: Just a flat spot next to the trail

Starting time: 7:00am

End time: 5:20pm

Wildlife: Lots of cows

Injuries: None

Pain: Sore hips. Developed a good sunburn on the back of my legs.
Exhaustion level: Low

Notes: Another fairly easy day with gentle terrain and nice weather for hiking. The sun was strong and at our backs most of the day and my sunscreen did not do the job. Today was the first day we carried more than 3 liters of water. We packed out four just in case, we'll see if necessary. We will be crossing the Gila River tomorrow which should be cool. Hoping to be in Superior on Friday night.
Song of the day: Lost On The Desert - Johnny Cash -------------------------------------------- #AZT #ArizonaTrail #Arizona #LoveAZT #FindYourTrail #ThruHiking #ExploreArizona #NOBO #ThruHike #backpacking #hike  #GetOutside #hiking #HikeArizona #adventurelifestyle #rei1440project #NEVERSTOPexploring #wildernessculture #TrustTheWild #becauseoutside #ExploreGreatness #choosemointains #WhereIGottaGo #instaexplore #lifeofadventure #exploretocreate #ExploreTheWild #GetOutside #theoutbound #goatworthy

On the coldest days this is where I find warmth.

Live to Run

Enjoying another beautiful Pueblo while digesting an amazing meal after a 700 stair climb up the rock of #elpeñol.. 🇨🇴🤙💫

Jeff reaches new heights on new lines in New Jack. And he keeps his head warm with a color that is complementary to the sky, which is cool. Jeff is cool. Be like Jeff.

After the two hour drive we'd only have two hours to fish. Thinking it worth the risk @outdoorjunky_365 and I snuck off with high hopes of landing the first brown of 2018.
In less than an hour on the water the first fish of the year was in the books. Let the games begin.
#forgettheforecast #trustthewild #ynotoutdoors #flyfishing #flyfishingphotography #tightlines #riverlife #angler #nature #fish #flyfishingnation #catchandrelease #troutbum #troutfishing #wildtrout #explore #onthefly #repyourwater #thetugisthedrug #outdoors #fishon #keepemwet #flyfish #browntrout

Every day on my way to work, the mountains take my breath away. I have the most beautiful view of Pikes and, when it’s not cloudy, I can see Longs off in the distance. I’m so grateful to be living in Colorado surrounded by all of this wonder ✨

A Forgotten Bridge

Excitement for these wild spaces grows as plans to head west again start to come together over the next few months

Wonderful new deep snow after a cold night 😁❄️

High desert grit.

And all the roads that lead you there are winding

There’s a line in Lady Bird that has stuck with me for the weeks since I saw it.
“Don’t you think they’re the same thing? Love and attention?”
My photography is a form of paying attention to the world around me. It’s a way of expressing my love for the places I go and the things I do and the people I see. There are so many more ways I want to share that love for everything else, but on my trip the more critical love was that I had for myself.
In the stillness of the wide open desert of Utah, I found that there wasn’t actually room for anyone but me… so I listened…I paid attention. Never before have I shown myself such love to actually, truly pay attention. I rooted through the darkness and branched out into the light, but I didn’t shy away from any aspect of my person. It was a tremendous, spiritual act that happened in the only place it could.

This is still one of my favorite shots ever. No idea if it’s because of the fact that it’s good, because I had just gotten the new truck, or because it just reminds me of my first official fly fishing film and a freakin blast of a time where we caught like two fish and froze. Behind the scenes was fun, I about cried carrying all the 80 pounds of gear 2 miles up a mountain after shooting all day, I think I yelled at the fish cause they weren’t biting, I did make a meal on my new backpack camp stove on a rock in the middle of the river. I accepted the weight and struggle for food. In the end I’ll never forget the trip. I also met @brandon.pruitt for the first time on this trip and we all slept in a California kind bed together lol. Oh yea we all included @calebsloan just a big friendly cuddle fest. 😂😂😂 #NaturalVisions #SouthernFlyThrowback

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