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Dear Followers, the year 2016 is coming to an end. Thank you for having liked, commented and followed my work. I am blessed to be able to do what I love and I'm humbled by your support. Remember, 2017 is promised to no one. Do what you love and hold on tight to those you love. Thank you. #ballislife🏀🏀 🌴🌞🌊🏄👌💁🐕 @jfcurtisiii
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That AFTER TRAINING selfie. Do it for the love of the game #daybyday #trusttheprocesss 🏆

Congrats to all of IG Lang's 2021 players on making the top 500 on Flosoftball's recruiting list. Coming in at #'s 30, 92, 95, 140, 146, 159, 164, 258, & 410.... #betheimpact💙💛 #impactgold_lang #trusttheprocesss

Depois de um dia com 8758 tretas nas obras.. (Quase) tudo foi resolvido! 👷 #selva #trusttheprocesss #enginering

#Repost @shinnonf ・・・
With only 9 days left until #fitnessatlantic2017 I've been doing a lot of reflecting (and cardio). I've transformed emotionally and mentally, I've learned so much, it's been an amazing journey thanks to the inspiring women and coaches @bodyrockri couple of things I've learned so far... 1. I have a profound respect for fitness/bikini competitors it's the most emotionally and mentally demanding thing I've ever done, it requires an enormous about of discipline and training and EATING like a professional athlete.
2. Everyone's an expert and will tell you as much. Stay the course #trusttheprocesss
3. Everyone has an excuse for why they can't or don't do it and an opinion... FYI I do eat. ALL THE FEKKING TIME

4. As 1 of my #teambodyrock beauties taught me.everyone's chapter 1 is different. Don't compare yourself to others focus on #selfimprovment
5. Lastly (at least for now😉) surround yourself with people who GET IT

This has been an empowering experience. For me it's about a lifestyle and self improvement.

Because she hair flipped!!!!!! Like she had no time for your mess.
When Liz does your hair 💁🏻
Step one of the BLONDING process.
High Contrast Ombré, see ya soon so you can be 👵🏼 😘
#lizdomyhair #trusttheprocesss #strutyourstufftemecula

AgileCat’s fantastically fun Raise the Cat tees are here! BUT, only a limited quantity available, so act “right meow” and sport this pretty kitty as you cheer on our 76ers! #raisethecat #trusttheprocesss link in bio

The key to ANY success story is 'Never Giving Up'. These pictures are 7 years apart- that's a decent amount of time! No flexing, no editing, no fancy lighting- Real Fu☪️♓️ing Life!
So many guys ask me:
When will my beard grow?
When will I get Top Surgery?
How can I build muscle?
When will I lose my hips?
Why hasn't my voice dropped yet?
For those looking for these things during their personal transition:
The answer to all these questions is: Trust The Process.
You must trust in the work your body is doing while processing the new found hormones in its system.
You must be consistent with your goals and set realistic time frames in which those goals can be met.
You must trust not only in the process, but in yourself.
"Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be.
Be one." -Marcus Aurelius
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Congrats to all of IG Lang's 2021 players on making the top 500 on Flosoftball's recruiting list. Coming in at #'s 30, 92, 95, 140, 146, 159, 164, 258, & 410.... #betheimpact💙💛 #impactgold_lang #trusttheprocesss

Congrats Kendall "Huey" Huelsman on making Flosoftball's top 500 list... #betheimpact💙💛 #impactgold_lang #trusttheprocesss

I find with those I coach the need to constantly check the scales is the downfall! 👎🏾 Results don't happen over night! Stay consistent & TRUST the process 🙌🏽

Hello My Beautiful Souls!
GOD...I just want yo say THANK YOU!!! 🙋🙌🙏🙏😙😙😙😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋

10 miles on the stationary bike while I watched the highlights from the Celtics game!
Let's Do This!
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