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Grateful to say that I have committed to going to Howard Payne University! I want to thank all my family and friends for helping me along the way!
#itsofficial#going2hpu#stingem#trusttheproccess "Just keep grinding boy your life can change in one year"

GAME DAY🤐😈 #sewingszn #trusttheproccess #dac

You become what you think about - 📸; @billytjoa

4 year transformation, and a lil throw back with the bro. #trusttheproccess

The level 6's working on a new front tumbling pass. Great for teaching turnover of front handspring! #dgatampa #fronthandspringstepoutfronthandspringfronttuck #fronthandspringfronttuck #level6gymnast #trusttheproccess

Just practicing my craft before I go show my other craft(built body) on stage in about 7 hours😏 mentality is everything and the patience for everything is needed for the results to come out how they should. Dragon completed ~ body still being sculpted🔪
#bodybuilding #art #trusttheproccess #mindset #aesthetic

Papa got the MVP of Pangos All American Camp. Proud of this kids. Only been to the state for 6months!! #sellehannbasketball #justthefirst #trusttheproccess #senegal

Rekord na stroji? Why not!!💪💪💪
#trusttheproccess#gym#svaly#nodaysoff#jedemeprotitul @benyho_ig


You not gone out work me PERIOD 🙅🏾‍♂️
You not better then me PERIOD🙅🏾‍♂️

Step ya work ethic up dawg! Everybody who watching this. You want ya dreams to manifest then work harder then me! “PERIOD”
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🎶"To Whom It May Concern🎶 by Ace Hood #acehood #rapmusic #hood #trusttheproccess

Avocado toast is an all time favourite breakfast for us! What is your go to meal in the morning?

It is now or never.! November 2016 I ended up in the emergency room and had surgery. I remember going to my follow up and my Dr. suggested me to loose weight I was 205 lbs I listen to everything he said but kind of ignore it. It was until next year when I started making the effort to go to the gym 3 - 4 days a week, changing bad eating habits little by little. I was someone that always said I hated gyms and I refuse to go in one. Lol I did not hated them I was lazy and did not have my priorities straight. March 2017 I decided to give it a try to a bootcamp class. And yes I did not like it again haha it was hard, I had no clue what to do, I had no clue what was a burpee and I still struggle to do push ups. During that first class I said this is it. I'm not coming back I was glad it was only a try out that day. But halfway the class I lay on the floor couldn't breathe or get on my feet again I was too tired. The trainer at that class (Barb) yelled what the fuck are you doing. I reply "I can't anymore, I'm tired" she said well you wouldn't be so tired if you didn't stop every time. Stop stoping yourself. That right there was my wake up call. I finished the class and I decided to do what she said. I stop stoping myself and I joined her gym. I cried many times after every class asking myself if I was really going to make it, if it would really work and I would loose weight. So I promised myself I will not stop this time. I promise myself I will treat me right. I promised I would be a good example for my son. I promised me the change. I was never someone with discipline. I had no idea what to eat other than what I grew up eating. I had no idea exactly what was my goal. In the process was when I started finding myself and I started loving me more and more and more. I am proud to say I lost 40 lbs March 7 I started at 192 lbs and I am finally down to 152. I found a new life. I found what I love ❤️. Oh and I have news. I have a goal now. I can see myself and it excites me. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get here along the way. It's not easy but I can tell you it is possible. I am moving to the next level now. Come see my journey. It will be fun. 💪🏼😎

Follow your dreams!

I’m really feeling this flick tho, I look good with facial hair #trusttheproccess

Welcome to 5 Key Fridays! Where each week we’ll reach out to one of the GetChoGrindUp Squad and ask them what question they would like The Young & D.U.M.B. hosts to answer!
This week we have a question from @Phangwang18 asking about what it takes to keep up the grind on a daily basis.
1. Grind for yourself - its your life, and at the end of the day its about how you look at yourself in the mirror; not what other people think about you. When you’re working hard for yourself, nothing else matters.
2. Don’t Wait - we always give ourselves excuses of “I’ll start it tomorrow” or “I don’t think now is the right time” but we all know that we’re only lying to ourselves and we’ll never start it. Do yourself a favor with whatever you’re thinking about starting, there is no better time than now.
3. Build Momentum - you aren’t going to conquer the world in the matter of a few days, weeks, months, not even years. But you can start small and continue to focus on winning the small battles which will lead you to winning the war.
4. Don't go too fast - don’t spread yourself too thin. If you’re trying to accomplish too many things at once, you may just never accomplish anything at all. Find one or two things that you want to go all in on; and PUT EVERYTHING INTO IT!
5. It doesn’t happen overnight - trust the process. know that no one is ever an overnight success; everyone has had to put in their time and effort to achieve whatever success has come to them. be patient.
Let us know what you think of our keys in the comments! If you agree or disagree let us know! #5keyfridays

GAME DAY🤐😈 #sewingszn #trusttheproccess #dac

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