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Have you seen episode 4 of #bakerdaily #trumptakedown yet??? LINK IN BIO

Baker Daily: Trump Takedown premiered yesterday and is out on YouTube now! Here I am playing Kellyanne's hairstylist. I have a very bad Russian accent, I know. I'm working on it. #bakerdaily #trumptakedown

🔮Episode #3🦄 of #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown, a hilarious and excellent web series I had the honor of working on, is out! Click the link in my bio and take a look. And if you haven't yet, check ep. 1 & 2. Boom 💥

So stoked on my new web series I co-wrote and produced! #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown Ep. 1 link in bio! @michael_trevino @theladysitter @bakerseebakerdo @colbydoesamerica @sara_paxton @deadmanjim

Thank you @People and @patrickgomezla for writing about my eternal love and costar @sara_paxton and my show #BakerDaily!

Heyyyy bully bush 😂😂😅 this needs to happen inna real life!!🙈😂😂😂 #TrumpTakeDown

Congrats @bakerseebakerdo on the premier of @bakerdailytv #TrumpTakedown

So pumped that episode 3 of #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown is available to check out TODAY!! If you ever wanted to see @bakerseebakerdo with a #Fincheresque color grade (which let's be honest you totally did) then this is the episode for you!!! Shout out to the amazing talent in this episode who all brought their A game!!! @bakerseebakerdo @jclaudedeering @sara_paxton @lisagna

Así mismo! And just like that! I would've done the same thing!!! According to #Wikipedia, Hispanic and Latino Americans amount to 17.1% of the population, making up the largest minority.
#TrumpTakeDown ••• #Repost @jbalvin with @repostapp.
Creo que la música es para divertirse. Es que la gente tenga un buen rato. No soy un salvador y no soy Robin Hood Pero en este caso, me siento totalmente cómodo y responsable con mi decisión de cancelar miss usa . Oportunidades vendrán si Dios quiere de televisión nacional en USA pero como latino es mi decisión ARRIBA LOS LATINOS Y ARRIBA MÉXICO !! #colombiapalmundo #latinosstandup


Thank you @People and @patrickgomezla for writing about my eternal love and costar @sara_paxton and my show #BakerDaily!

What a maverick! With all that maverick-ness! So maverick-y!

Check out the finale of #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown NOW! And stay through the credits to watch me launch my first fragrance IMPEACH Link in bio ;)))

I love @elewoods55 so much. She had me laughing constantly during our scene and now you can see why! Watch the end credits of Episode 5 of @bakerdailytv to see her discuss KellyAnne Conway's hair regimen ❤️ Link in Bio

#BakerDaily is taking over #ComicCon2017!!! Video coming soon to @YouTube @FunnyorDie


Friends, we have arrived. The riveting conclusion to the epic saga of #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown is HERE!!! Click the link in bio to get your weekly fix of Baker!!! (And stay for the end credits for some Marvel style Easter Egg #content!!!!)

Breaking News--Episode 5 of Baker Daily: TRUMP TAKEDOWN is up later today @ Bakerdaily.com but you can watch now on YouTube (link in bio)! Created by @bakerseebakerdo and cowritten by @patcauley. Catch up on all hilarious episodes and catch me in this latest one! #comedy #funny #hilarious #funnyshit #funnyordie #actor #acting #hollywood #losangeles #california #washingtondc #fakenews #webseries #bakerdaily #trumptakedown

O🚨M🚨G🚨It's the finale of
#BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown!
Watch it NOW! LINK IN BIO!

@sara_paxton @colbydoesamerica @jclaudedeering @michael_trevino

TONIGHT 9PM EST: me and @colbydoesamerica will be on @youtube to answer your questions! Go to the Baker Daily TV YouTube Channel tonight so you can ask your questions!

Who in California would vote for this asshole (asshole is a gender neutral term imo)?

On an all new episode of #BakerDaily, ❤️ is in the air! Watch now! LINK IN BIO.

Cc: @jclaudedeering @sara_paxton @colbydoesamerica

"Hi! Yes I need a show that has laughs, gay sex and Tiffany Trump jokes?" WE GOT U! Episode 4 of #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown is Live! 🚨LINK IN BIO🚨

Featuring @sara_paxton @colbydoesamerica @jclaudedeering @theladysitter and more!


GREAT NEWS IMPEACHERS! #bakerdaily #trumptakedown is @funnyordie's STAFF PICK!!!! Head to FunnyorDie.com now to watch! Link in bio!!! ❤️😘🙃👍🏻🎥😁🚨

Just sending @funnyordie some love for featuring #BakerDaily #TrumpTakedown as one of their STAFF PICKS! Watch it now and make sure to click the FUNNY button!!!!! 🎥 @alexandermreid

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