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"You know what's funny about this? Even though these rats are jumping out of this ship, Trump voters are still cheering along with their banners flying high."

#Trumpanzees live in a very bizarre universe for sure. #TheResistance

The Trumpski White House has labeled led this week "Made In America Week."
Trump buildings--built with Chinese steel.
Trump ties--Made in Vietnam.
Trump sport coats--made in India.
Trump's MAGA hats--made in China.
Trump shirts--made in China, Bangladesh, Honduras and Vietnam.
Trump suits--made in Mexico and Indonesia.
Ivanka's clothing and shoe lines--made in Vietnam and China
Trump's election...made in Russia.

So I made some Trumpmojis…

@Regrann from @i.think.2 - Attention all hillbilly backward ass ignorant racist rednecks. #trumpanzees #think #intelligence #education #resist 💗


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