Hi there, pretty | vintage Nefertiti sewing machine in all glory, found in the liquor shop at the corner that sells radios and other antiques in the front and the liquid horribles for horrendous prices in the back | those were the days | Egypt treasures

return to start | back to the basics | on beginnings and endings | Svadhyaya, part of the first guidelines of yoga, means self-study, referring to both the study of texts as well as the self. it is here that the yoga practice deepens into the sheath of the intellect, the vijnanakosha, and once again beyond the mat, where all yamas and niyamas, the ethical guide to living in yoga, ultimately lead to. the practice on the mat is physical exercise and energetic alignment but also a mirror and a sounding board of one’s dealing with the world | #yogasutras

- or the egg? | one of the few remaining old advertisement murals in Cairo Downtown from back in the days, and probably my favorite

Prepping... always prepared... and we mean always ☺️
That’s why we put a gap between EVERY client ☺️

every place has its own particular light. Cairo‘s light was one of the reasons why I fell in love with the city, this long lifetime ago | and its crumbling buildings, telling stories of a different past | on beauty and despair

So this just happened...Upside has just officially saved our sellers over $1 MILLION Australian Dollars!!! Thank you to all of our clients, hardworking agents/managers and everyone at HQ on achieving such a monumental milestone.
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when not liking your neighbors is not an option | morning glory | nooks and crannies | Cairo chronicles

he‘d been crying for days somewhere in the neighborhood and every time he stopped I hoped his mom had come back, and feared he might have died, starved, cold, lonely. I couldn’t take another cat, I told myself, I‘d done that before, have fostered, adopted. with a nomadic life it‘s difficult to take them in and then have to rely on others. then we saw this tiny and his festering eye infection. there is a point where one has to help, no matter what. so we did. we are probably saving at least one eye and I‘m fostering for the time being, supported by my kind of village. and it‘s beautiful to see how little it took to transform this suffering creature into a happy little kitten. love and despair are closely intertwined in this city | love | #adoptdontshop

WIR STELLEN EUCH DAS UNTERNEHMEN TRULY GREAT COMPANY AUS WIEN VOR. BABYCARE BIO.VEGAN UND HACHHALTIG MEHR ÜBER. DAS UNTERNEHMEN. FINDEST DU AUF UNSERE WEBSEITE #planetboxduentscheidest #trulycare #baby #vegan #vegancosmetics #vegankosmetik #ohnetierversuche #ohnetierleid #biologisch #blog #wien #kosmetikblogger

P eace
E qual
O utstanding
P ower
L ove
E veryone “Life is ALL about people.” #people #places #enjoylife #beyourself #loveoneanother #care #trulycare #sympathetic #energyeverywhere #goodvibesforyou

this baby is off the street | we found an adopter, some kind people to help with costs, and hence she is currently on a stopover in Germany on the way to her forever home in the UK, for the first time in her life sniffing and strolling around healthy green, without living in constant high alert mode lest people should beat her, rivaling packs chase her or cars overrun her. she is being fed and doesn’t need to rummage through garbage anymore to feed on scraps and shit. she will not be poisoned by ugly humans who consider spaying and neutering against nature while killing in the meanest and most excruciating ways possible is fine with god.
we would have loved to find her a local adopter but sadly most dog loving Egyptians would still rather buy a breed from a shady breeder than adopt a stray. still such a long way to go | #adoptdontshop #baladis are better dogs | love

#scrublife 👩🏻‍⚕️

ghosthouse nr 5 | the red lounging chair has stood behind the gate for years, almost invisible by now under the flaming red Bougainvillea. sometimes you‘d find it moved from one side to the other over night, sometimes turned over - its only constant the accelerating process of decomposition | presence of absence | on beauty and decay | Cairo chronicles

I’d love to think these were going to be companions for a little kind kid but, let‘s face it, it’ll be the cooking pot for them | where your food comes from | I’d never eat you, loves | morning walks in the hood | run rabbit, RUN!

dog love, human despair | these two are the only survivors of two litters. the others were mostly poisoned, two of them just a day ago by someone who feels neutering and spaying is “against nature” - killing apparently isn’t. many Egyptians claim to love animals, and still the common choice for a pet will be a breed while thousands of wonderful animals on the street and in shelters are in desperate need of a home. TNR (trap neuter return) programs are scarce and yet really the only sustainable and humane way to control the stray population, for the better of animals and humans alike | oh #Egypt | reasons to despair | #baladis are better dogs | #adoptdontshop

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