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Your true self is your greatest asset. The Devine uniqueness within, is your power🙏🏼
Say AMEN if you agree! .
#selfawareness #trueself #authentic #gratitude #uniqueness

Title: Spirit of the Jellyfish- Floating between the oceans of reality and a dream. But what’s real is a dream and what’s a dream is a reality indeed. I keep floating until I reach your heart and that’s where oceans merge in to a beautiful reality. There, I only see one ocean 🌊 ocean of love where the jellyfish of my thoughts float slowly and brightly. Happy Saturday my soul family, You are being asked to allow yourself to shine from within. Allow those around you to see who you really are and reach out to them with love.
Inspired by an amazing soul and healer @inlightzen thank you for shining your light so brightly for the world to see. Please follow him for inspiration and healing sessions.
Music by this amazing musician I had an honour of discovering and have a little chat. I will have his link on my profile because you have to read his story behind this remarkable music that’s called: “The messenger” Unbelievably beautiful. ( Savfk - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePjaeaTOhlQ)
Being here and meeting so many amazing souls gives me so much strength to continue creating. You take away my sadness because of your love. All of you so Thank you for being here. Sorry this was long lol. Enjoy! #higherconciousness #higherviberations #loveistheanswer

My husband took this picture after leaving the salon yesterday. I didn’t see it until today. I opened the text and was disgusted and angry. Why couldn’t he ever take an even remotely decent picture of me? EVER. I posted about it in a group where I knew others could relate. Then someone commented essentially that we may not like how the photos they take of us look but our partners see beauty. I thought about my love’s smile on his face as I got up to the car and his sweet comment on my hair. That he even sent this to me showed he thought it was a nice enough photo. Selfies show what we want others to see. They are great confidence boosters and fun to take but they are not candid shots showing what we look like when we think no one is watching. Our normal relaxed selves. It is a gift in a way to be loved in all forms and with any appearance. 🖤

Every day our instructors around the world are offering opportunities for to learn how to move, feel, and live differently! Visit our website and click on the find a trainer tab!
@gabriellecahoonpilates ”Changing lives one workshop at a time. Interested in learning how breathing and changing your movement patterns can get you out of back pain? Join me this Sunday 10am-12pm at @studio48pilates for an Intro to Foundation Training workshop.” | #DoAFounder | #FoundationTraining | #TrueToForm |

sundays classes @ the HIVE 🔥🔥🔥
8am warm synergy flow with Georgia
4pm deep stretch YIN with becci - only 4 spots left
"when we open our heart space it becomes clear who we really are - I was never very far away" xxxx 💗💗💗💗
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This guy. ❤️ #JulianJames
For all my beautiful mamas out there: www.lorenashleyyoga.com/self-love-rituals-for-moms (follow link in profile! 👆👆👆)


Through self observation we can be a master of our mind. Without self observation we will be a slave of our mind. Therefore if we want to be a master of our mind, we really need to constantly observe ourselves. 🌻❤🌻❤🌻 19.11.17

#yoga #zen #meditation #innerpeace #easygoing #kindness #yielding #gratitude #simplicity #love #acceptance #trueself #mildness #thoughtfulness #humility #patience #mindfulness #surrender #smile #purity #lettinggo #asanas #selfcontrol
Yoga classes:

Monday and Friday 7.00am at the Pure Yoga 3/111 Scarborough St Southport Gold Coast Australia.

Saturday and Sunday 8.20am 9.30am at Miami Yoga Room 1924 Gold Coast Hwy Gold Coast Australia.

🌟Motivation vs Inspiration🌟
When someone tries to motivate themselves, 9 times out of 10, they are pushing themselves to do something they don’t really care about. 🤔 It’s doing things that you think you SHOULD be doing, but without having a why. .
Inspiration comes from an opposite spectrum; the word inspiration means to be “in spirit.” When you’re in sync with your spirit, you are naturally drawn to do those things that feel best. 💕
When you’re inspired you’ll know because:
1. Your passion burns steady, instead of flatlining after a short period
2. You feel it from within🙋🏻‍♀️
3. It occupies an immense amount of mental space; you want to incorporate it into every day life
4. Life feels effortless💜
So instead of thinking in pure motivation (& I’m not saying motivation shouldn’t exist, because my inspirations are pushed by it), think about you true passions that inspire you. ✨
Motivation is the push, inspiration is the pull ❤️what’s your pull?!


I just had to share this beautiful work by @charliebowater
I have felt a connection to the
stars for as long as I can remember, from glow in the dark stars on my ceiling (which I still put up btw), my Dad showing me constellations when I was little, having a few tattooed on me at 16, to where I put out a blanket and just stare for hours. I remember being in Australia and seeing the Southern Cross for the first time. I remember many first kisses under the stars. .
I always felt a oneness when gazing up at them, I feel like everything is taken care of.
Tonight is a new moon, of you're somewhere with clear skies tonight, have a look, they'll shine bright for you ⭐️⭐️⭐️

"O son of Kunti, all that you do, all that you eat, all that you offer and giveaway, as well as all austerities that you may perform, should be done as an offering unto Me.
join us for free Thanksgiving Gathering And Vegan Potluck Dinner
November 23rd @5pm
Kilauea Parish Hall
. .
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practice the art of surrendering 🌊

“And the night is here for us
Calling of the wild
From the space inside ourselves
We are ready, the chosen ones”
#befree #beyoung #feelhigh #behigh #feelyoung #dadalife #wisdom #trueself #spirituality #spiritualpath #mothernature #cannibis #maryjane #goodmorningworld

Thought of the day by Amma. Not just my thought, but also belief. If you don’t believe in God, it’s interchangeable with whatever/whoever you believe in, for me, it’s The Universe, Mother Earth, Gaia. ❤️💚

#yyj #amma #thoughtoftheday #god #motherearth #mothergaia #gaia #faith #selfconfidence #trueself #success #believe


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