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World class company that is 2nd to none!! So grateful for our mentors and business leaders. Where else can u work with people with such strong character who put faith and family first? Where else can u also get this extrodinary lifestyle, incredible income, and so much fun? See u in Figi in a few weeks. @edmylett @wfgjdipaola @jeff.levitan @gregkapp13 @penneyooi ❤️ #trueleadership #lifechanging #grateful #1

Happy Birthday @BarackObama! Very honored to have met you both BEFORE and DURING your Presidency! #trueleadership

His messages never encouraged division, separation, violence, hate or anger. His messages were always filled with hope, encouraged faith, unity, togetherness, love. Thank you Dr. King for being a trail blazer and a game changer for all of us. Thank you for your wisdom and passion to bring us all to LOVE and not to hate. Thank you for being a wonderful example of what a leader looks like when his actions and efforts are derived from a heart filled with love and faith. #martinlutherkingjr #martinlutherking #leaders #trueleadership #trailblazers

Super excited about seeing Bernie Sanders here this evening 😃🌟💗 #PositiveRevolution #PeoplePower #SocialismIsPragmatism #TrueLeadership #LoveBernieSanders

Hustle till your knuckles come off
And be the example

Leadership; as shown by a pack of wolves. The weakest set the pace, the strongest surround the pack from both ends for security, and the leader of the pack stays back ready to attack from either end and make sure no one is left behind. #TrueLeadership #PackMentality

Former President Barack Obama tweeted this photo after today's violence in Charlottesville along with the text, "'No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin or his background or his religion...People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love...For love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.' - Nelson Mandela" #charlottesville #trueleadership #lovetrumpshate

Paying George Washington a home visit #presidentsday #theoneswhoactuallymatter #trueleadership


Leaders are we leading our flock, to win and to lead? It's important for flock to know how to lead and to win, in order to teach others how it's done. Anything new to the flock, it will at first be rigorous, challenging, and time consuming. The flock will want to give up, get out of breath, say they can't, say its to hard, but all of that, is the process of obstacles that our challenging. Did you want to be given up on when it was hard and challenging for you? How about this. You did quit when it was you. So now that you have it, you have no time to raise one up? Please lead like your leaving. HelpOne TeachOne

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When you're surrounded by greatness. #trueleadership #personaldevelopment #whatsyourwhy

We truly thank God for our Bishop and Pastor @dwaynelbull and @ladysyb for the encouragement, for being great examples and for their support and prayers. We love you and appreciate you so much.

Too many people confuse 'leadership' with the titles people carry around at work, or their family background, their status in the community or by the loud PR noise they make.
If you could describe in one word/ sentence what makes true 'leadership', what would it be?
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ED Call with @iamedwardlong

Personal Recap/lessons learned: LEADERSHIP
I truly believe this is 1 topic, that ignites my fire, keeps my heart racing, my passion fresh and my vision clear. But on the same token,  it’s this same topic that gives me spiritual hunger pains, causes deep anguish within, and at times angers me when I sense it's taken lightly, or taught in error and exhibited in arrogance. We need people to be taught that they possess a hidden leader on the inside, and to reconnect to that leader, they must reconnect to the Creator who placed that leadership potential in them. They must be reconnected to God, and this is why we should come back to God not really to go to heaven, but to rediscover our true leadership dominion mandate, and then serve that to the world.  I believe, the  last 3 ED calls,  had the courage  to dismiss myths of  who and what a leader is.  I really want us to further  dissect the fabric of what makes a leader a leader.  gold nuggets:

1. Leadership potential exists in everybody. What I think we have missed is that we have somehow relegated leadership only to a special, talented few people.
2. Leadership will either lead you into a ditch or lead you into purpose. We need our leaders, especially those who are teaching our young people, to have the right message.
3. My concern is that the leaders who are presently responsible for guiding the  masses and teaching the people in the church environment, as well as business and corporate, reconnect themselves to God's original idea and that is that God created man to have dominion over the earth.
4. Leadership is birthed out of anger.
5.When you discover your gift and authority, that gift attracts people. When people come to you, they are not really coming to you for you but for the gift  and the vision that you are serving humanity of your generation with.


One Team: It's not the strength of the individual players, but the strength of the unit and how they function together. “He who thinks he leads, but has no followers, is only taking a walk.” ― John C. Maxwell
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I refuse to drink the kool-aid. I'll make sense as I age & give consise, direct, non-vague answers to questions. #trueleadership #Godhelpme #youandmebabe

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