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what an evening.. Received Service Excellence Award #companykickoff #workhardpartyharder . Thanks to @prabsri for leading the team to get the best out of this #trueleadership

As I leave for my first congregational leadership conference as a rector I remember the first time I met this man and explained to him why he shouldn’t ordain me and if he did what I would and wouldn’t be good at doing. Not only did he ordain me, he has cared for me along the way as a priest and more importantly as a person. He honors my calling to be wife and mother and ignored my reasons I wasn’t enough and lets me be me—a high heeled wearing, monogrammed collar, bright colors, sports loving, probably too loud and slightly irreverent priest. He helped me grow into and continue to grow into the person and priest I am called to be. I am fully aware it is a gift not all would give. (And he loses bets humbly). #50for50 #arealpastor #genuine #caringheart #quietpresence #trueleadership #mybishoprocks

☝🏽 Un verdadero líder siempre pone el corazón en lo que hace. Gracias por enseñarme y acompañarme en el camino. En realidad gracias por todo mi hermano @davillada YOU ARE THE MAN #OneTeam #hazloengrande #celebraciónusana2018 #trueleader #trueleadership #usanalifestyle

Made it to Disney. Pointed at a tree branch. #NailedIt #TrueLeadership #Disney #MagicKingdom

People need to start understanding teamwork better.. You are not a good leader by not allowing teammates to grow with you. You need to put more time into the development of your team and not only focus on your own personal growth. #truestory #teamwork #inspirepeople #dontbreakthemforselfgain #bebetter #dobetter #refocusyourattention #everythingisnotaboutyou #quotesgram #trueleadership #quotesandsayings #quoteme #quotestoliveby

Miss this man... a uniter, not a divider.

MOTIVATION MUSIC MY SON KHALIIL LOVES THIS WE COMING NYC GOLDEN BOY HE TALKING THE WORLDWIDE FAMILY TO THE TOP LIVE & DIRECT WORLDWIDE COACH SHA. GETTING MIND RITE FOR GAME TONIGHT. TRAVEL DAY TOMORROW HOUSTON HERE I COME #onlygodcanjudgeme #truetothegame #trueleadership @worldwidecoachsha @otf.kayyy @jaden.springer @officialrafer_alston @african_ike @bstoresjr_ @spive @chefnancie @tugs20boy @nimari.burnett @mb3five @scottie.23 @

Nice one Nigeria government will never step down instead police and Army will kill people to secure the seat for one man. #trueleadership

The way things are going these days I’m hoping I’m not going to have to knock the dust of this thing 🤣 just kidding but getting it ready one more time to be the officiating officer over my boy @peyton_tomblin retirement. Did you know that a military officer commission is indefinite! I’m grateful to all the service members still sacrificing for this country, it’s because of you we have any freedoms at all!! I’ll never forget where I come from and the values that were so strongly bred into me. #AirForce #MilitaryOfficer #Pilot #WarVeteran #Retirement #OperationEnduringFreedom #OperationIraqiFreedom #HaitiRelief #CaptWebb #CoreValues #OfficerAndAGentlemen #ProfessionalAboveAll #TrueLeadership

Vision is a powerful thing - it shows you where you are going - without it, you will grope through life like a blind man.

There can be no true leadership without vision. When you have a big vision, there are some people who have no business being around you because they can drag you back with their lack of sight and understanding and fear.

So, who is in your circle?
Be careful whose voice you listen to or allow into your circle. Start listening and learning from a circle that has an understanding of how things work.

#BeforeYouTakeTheLead #Vision #TrueLeadership #ChooseYourCircleRight

Great leaders don’t set out to be a leader. They set out to make the difference. It’s never about the role, it’s always about the goal.

From Fire Sub Station 3 to WSFS, these are the places where I grew up and thank you for the morale support being given by the Best Crew ever and made me not to be a good leader, but to be a better leader.

So long, WSFS.
FS2, here i come.

#aes #airportemergencyservice #FireSubStation3 #WSFS #westsatellitefirestation #trueleadership #changiairportfirestation2 #aviation #firefighter

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