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Have you heard about or read the Gnostic Myth of Creation? If you haven't I urge you to read it.
Ego is the expression of the lower False God, The demiurge. It denies the existence of the True God, believing in its ignorance and arrogance he's the One and Only.
On the other hand, our Soul is the expression of the True God, The One who cannot be perceived or known but we all carry within. Also known as the Divine Spark.
Human beings, we are an absolute representation of what's above and beyond. "As above so below". Also it's entirely up to us what we will choose to identify with and strive for - an expression of our free will.
This is a choice we all have to do and work consciously towards the Truth.
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Let the spring return
To the garden
Once again
Let the roses bloom
In the garden
Once again
let the fragrance
be carried afar
once again
May the winds bring tidings
Of a new dawn
May a new sun,new rays
Make new ideas spawn
May the new rain sprout
New seed of thought
May the fresh dew
of a new morning
Wake up the garden
once again
May our curiosity be ignited
May our creativity be lighted
May our valour be
May our goodness be
May we be a people
Who only the quran, cherish.
With it we make all ill, perish.
Let a new passion rise
From the depths of our conscience
Let a new ocean
Flood this world
Once again
Let the roses bloom in the garden once again
Let the fragrance be carried afar once again.

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