When you bring her flowers BUT she cooks for you. #bestfriendgoals #truefriendship #friends #vegandani

Mil gracias por ese detalle hermoso #ocolesterol #pascualina #18thofjune #truefriendship

My Begonias! ❤️ I always envisioned myself yelling this at 75 in my garden room. ❤️
Today my associate director and very dear friend gave me the most meaningful present 🎁 Cuttings from her grandmothers begonia, passed down in her family for generations. I am honored to be a part of this treasured heirloom family heirloom ❤️🌱I hope you all experience the gift of true friendship ☺️
#drjasmine #familyheirloom #plantheirlooms #begonia #begonias #plant #plants #worklifebalance #friendship #truefriendship

God has blessed me with some wonderful friends they been by my side since day one ☝️ there the real reason I don’t give up on life 😱#truefriendship I love 💕 my Bestfriend’s

When you have a chef friend. This is how she checks on you! Perfect end to date night with my babies, a delicious meal cooked in my kitchen not by me!!! Thank you @locsandloyalty for being one of my most present and consistent friends. No matter how busy my life gets, you continue to remind me of the importance of having friends that really “check on you”! A simple meal means so much. Thank you my friend. Love and appreciate you always ❤️ #blessed #truefriendship #thesimplethings

Thanks for this reminder tonight. “Good friends are like stars, you can't always see them but you know they're always there.” #friendship #truefriendship #friendsarelikestars #thereforyou

This girl.. what can I say!! ~
The biggest happy birthday wishes to my partner in crime, bestest friend, work wife and the yin to my yang.. thank you for being you!! ~
Cheers to many more business adventures, good times, travels, gossip and rumours!! Thank you for continuing to bring quality education to our industry and smiles to my day 💓💓💓
#kamloopslashes #nowedontservehappyendings 💔 #truefriendship #bossbabe #lashboss #ykalashes #cakesmash

Dejo esto por aquí y me retiro despacito y en silencio.

Orang paling bahagia ialah orang yang selalu membahagiakan orang lain 😌👅💯 .

Logic was no Luke Bryan, but I guess rap concerts aren’t too bad 👀

It’s such a beautiful thing to be able to support each other in what we love. Just because we’re doing something that we are passionate about doesn’t mean that it’s the only way, and I’m a firm believer that I what I love is not for everyone! It was amazing to go support a friend tonight, who in turn truly supported me, at a party she had with fellow Advocare ladies! I was the fun lip lady who gave everyone some sass with the bold lip colors that they were all having so much fun trying! Shoutout to my friend @krystafisher who is truly an encourager! If anything, go follow her for her passion to help people feel beautiful! It’s such an awesome thing to find parts of social media that give out positivity amidst all the negative stuff that crowd our news feeds! Keep reminding yourself that are beautiful, and that there is only one you in this world, so BE YOU!💗

La vie est meilleure avec des amis extraordinaires partant pour tout tes plans~Ariane Beauchemin♥️🌿#truefriendship #friendshipgoals #littlesadventures #reallyliving #solucky #awesomememories

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