I've lost alot in this life, but if you never loose what could you ever gain. 🤔 #chocolatechina

Satya or 'truthfulness' is the second of the Yamas of Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. All aspects of our life can benefit from applying the teachings of Satya, and as we'll learn – it means a whole lot more than 'not telling lies'. The word 'sat' literally translates as 'true essence' or 'true nature'. Saskia means ‘truth’ & it’s my standard of living,.. as a certified yoga instructor it’s my duty 🙏 @yoga @yogaworks @saskiaslaaf @yogajournal @insta.yoga @newyorkyogastudio @buddhaquotes_ @yoga_girl

.... going to another level ... We so often forget
That to truly connect
We need to place ourselves at different and new levels constantly

This helps us to both connect and grow

It doesn’t matter if we are talking about a child.
Or an adult
Or a professor
We need to be able to place ourselves into the level of communication and connection they use in order to be effective

And we often forget this
And we often forget this for ourselves

That when we are stepping out and up to Connect
We have to place ourselves into that connection

To know the water
We be the water
We place ourselves at its level and space and flow and we connect by falling into its presence

No different to anyone else

No different to ourselves

And in the space of seeking our own journey of self
We forget to go within
Into being within us
And connecting with us
Rather than sitting outside with judgement over who we are and how we are behaving or acting

Is about opening to a space
And seeking to join into it
It’s about stepping into its presence and then being a part of it

This is why it takes acceptance
Because acceptance allows us to be at one with the situation whilst we work to connect
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Meditation is restorative and allows you to connect with your true essence. It was amazing guiding a manifestation meditation for #tiffanyandco #tiffanys

Got my hair slayed by Shanay Thompson @trueessence_hairstudio and got the hair from @mayvennhair yassssss honey 🍯 #TrueEssence #mayvenn #mayvennhair #mayvennmade

I am now booking genuine and inspiring podcast guest. If you fit the bill or know someone who does, please DM me with your information and tell me why. I look forward to hearing from you. Bring it!

The intention of the podcast is to have real, relevant, and inspiring conversations with people who have traversed through the ups and downs and their lives to a place of transformation, peace, and vitality. By sharing these stories, I intend to bring a voice to the worthiness of courageously peeling away the layers of the Human Condition to get to a place of your true Essence. The guests also act as a shining light for others who are now where they once were.
The aim is to encourage and inspire people to stop playing small, to ditch the excuses, and to stop caring about what other people think and instead, be open to a stunningly New Perspective, view every experience as a gift, have endearing and enduring relationships, and live graciously. No b******* we will get gritty and grateful and dazzling and we will talk about how to create a life where gracious meets breathtaking and unmitigated badassery abounds.
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When I post pictures of myself, I often doctor them up in some way by either making them psychedelic or adding some shallow commentary poking fun at the shallowness of posting a picture of myself (I don’t post for a self-esteem boost as I probably need a self-esteem reduction most of the time). And if don’t doctor them up, it’s usually in costume or an attempt at humor. But, this unedited photo of my friend @vanelis_rivera and me really captures my true essence and both my outer and inner beauty. I feel like I have to share this.
#nofilter #noedit #beautiful #trueessence #selflove

A beautiful day with @lilavalentina doing a Soul Art session. It was wonderful! Diving deep into our true heart. We birthed some awesome new ideas today!
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This card has been calling me lately. Maybe as a reminder of something I have started and yet not concluded properly...
This is what this cards is saying:
• It is time to free yourself from a past that no longer serves you well and open a new space for what is new. Detach from the old order, those old beliefs, old fears and limits; it is time to move and shed off the old skin, in order to grow a new, radically transformed one. Go back to your essence. Do not allow the Ego to take control of this sacred process with his contagious pattern of fear and panic....Instead, be willing to TRUST that everything you need is already there for you, all the knowledge is already inside of you.
Everything being pruned away is recycled for the fertility of the future, for this nothing is really ever lost, it is “simply” TRANSFORMED. And so it is • .
#holistichealing #marseilletarots #transformation #trust #healing #arcanosenzanome #trueessence

"I'm not rebel, I just don't follow the masses"
As a kid, I was always being told off. I used to feel an unbearable level of frustration. At the age of 6 I was already in therapy. .
I remember my parents asking me all the time "can't you just be normal?"
The problem was that for me "normal" felt very "unnormal" and as a consequence I was constantly disempowered.
I never felt I was wrong, but I do need to confess that my self confidence was weakened. .
But a lion spirit will always be a lion spirit. The light we have within will always be there. Just because there are a few clouds, it doesn't mean that there is no sun.
Look for your own light and let the lion within roar.
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..... conscious living .....
The beauty of conscious living is in its connection
The first of which is to our own self
Taking the time to know self
To accept our own self
To live and nurture self
To find our space of truth
And to live vibrantly from that space
To walk authentically as our self
And it doesn’t stop there
Because we then seek to place ourselves into others
We reach out to connect with others
We want to join
And unite
And become part of
Each other
And then we start to care
Because we see and recognise the impacts of life on others
And we want to help move that
We want to engage in ways we can make life and living greater for all
And so consciously we move to the land
To taking greater care of resources and all that we have
And we want to nurture and nourish it just like we do our own self
Our body
Our land
All become one. And we find this space of truth I think us. A peace that we were never aware of because we find a space of home within our own being. ...
Conscious living
Is ultimately connecting at a space of truth and goodness
And wanting life to be experienced fully
It is wanting what is right to be our culture
A culture of conscious living ...
#connection #withlove #ofthegods

Reflections of your true nature are in Mother Nature.
#mothernature #beauty #reflection #trueessence #alignment #spirit #serenity #peace #presence

Intuition is seeing with the soul 💫
📷 via Pinterest .
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This rainbow greets us every morning from our ceiling and it brings us such joy and excitement each time we see it! It has inspired me to share it with you and remind of your own spectrum of love and light! it is my passion to empower women, men and children all over the world to step up and ground themselves in their magnificence, shine their true light throughout infinity as this rainbow does!
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.... I am not afraid ....
When I came across this flower
It’s strength blew me away
An entire paddock of grass
And him
Standing strong
Standing tall
Standing proud
He had chosen his space
He had opened and allowed
He had accepted his light
And just allowed himself to grow
And he didn’t at all seem perturbed by being the only one in his field
In fact he was glowing all the more for it
He wasn’t afraid
He simply found his space
And seeded into being
This is us
Accepting ourselves
And not fearing who we are
Not fearing being seen
Allowing ourselves to stand out
To find our own space and just becoming
Nature is always inspiring us
It is always showing us how to do life
Showing us how to be our truth
.... How to live our truth
#livingourtruth #withlove #ofthegods

I always tell my clients to apply the plane emergency rule to their lives: first take care of yourself before helping others that you love.
Thinking about yourself first is not selfish. In fact, it's the only way I know to live a life with power and confidence.
If you try to do it the other way around, which is what most people do, you will forever be trying to make people happy, at the cost of your own happiness (and in conflict with your true nature). .
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