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Motivation for the day #romanriding, #truecowgirl, #albertaliving,

She even brings her cowgirl boots to the beach #TrueCowgirl #SissyLovin #NightOut #Myrtle #2K16

When you get thrown off the horse you gotta get back on it .... OR rack up in medals 🥇 #youearnedit #truecowgirl #mommaneedsadrink @ktonielli

We truly have some incredible young talents supporting us, this girl is one of them! @tacykaywebb goes to Sam Houston State University. She just finished her first semester with a 4.0 and she currently winning the Southern region in the goat tying. #TrueCowgirl #YNOT

She wouldn't sit on his lap, but she would shake his hand #christmas2016 #maggiejo #truecowgirl

Baby who knew today would come so soon!!! (I apologize for this mini essay in advance but I gotta get this out 🤓)Today is such an exciting day but also difficult having to say goodbye to my love! Knowing that you are going to pursue your dream and experience life in Texas for the next three in a half years is so exciting and I cannot wait to visit! But I'm going to miss being able to see you or kiss you whenever I wanna! You have made the months leading up so incredible, being able to laugh, love, learn,and grow so much with each other. It fills me up knowing that I have you to experience life with. My heart will always be with you even tho you'll be there and I'm here and knowing the faith and love that we share gives me so much confidence that we're gonna kick long distances booty!!! Drive safely out there and you and @colleen_poling enjoy the 22 hour ride 😝I love you so much n can't wait to see you very soon CA 🚜 TX ❤️️💋🎉#yeehaw #truecowgirl #inthemaking #lovethisguy

My grandmas house is pretty badass - just like her #truecowgirl #iloveherso

Amberley never had fear, she just kept living her life and doing what she loved. Nothing ever stopped her. Everyone is inspired by her, including me. Amberley never had a frown on her face, she was always smiling. She never doubted herself, nor was she worried. She always kept her head high. Amberely never cried unless something truly bad happened to her horse. Amberley Snyder is a #TrueCowgirl!! #CowgirlUp #BarrelRacing #Paralyzed

Love these sweet girls more than life! #rodeofriendsarelifefriends #truecowgirl #myfavs #rodeofam


When you do it enough you become a #pro and can #chug a #beer like a #boss while dancing your ass off!

Photo Cred: to a true #Jaxson #cowgirl - @lavend3r

When you get thrown off the horse you gotta get back on it .... OR rack up in medals 🥇 #youearnedit #truecowgirl #mommaneedsadrink @ktonielli

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