my soldier❤️ y’nose is finally facing m’nose #truebaby

I saw this guy live he was so fucking funny🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😂😂😂😂👶👶👶👶#truebaby#chrisdelia#truebaby#followtheleader#pappap

These are always rough...and I’m sure that’s where the entertainment part of it comes in...check your popular music knowledge against ours: @faithcollinsfc @itsthetrustory @thisbejasonm @react_james @v_mcryden ! At least you can’t go wrong with a Taco Truck hat and a Y’Cuda? shirt (or is the taco truck hat a cuda move @chrisdelia ?)#FBE #DoTheyKnowIt #ParentsReact #truebaby #CongratulationsPod #TheChunkySpaniard #ChrisDelia

This is not a "Throwback Thursday" post but it is something that is important to me. When I was 17 I was injured at my after prom and ended up breaking my femur. It pretty much put an end to track/cross country in high school and any hopes of playing competitive sports in college. I was angry and bitter feeling like somehow the world had wronged me. Not only was my leg injured but my mind as well. I've spent hundreds if not thousands of hours reading about potential rehab exercises and functional training. I've been plagued by hip pain, ankle impingement, knee pain and lower back pain for over 10 years. And yet yesterday I was able to complete a set of 10 pistol squats(5 in the video)with an additional 10% of my bodyweight. 2 weeks ago I could barely do a set of 6 without any extra weight. What finally changed? I got my mind right. I had put a mental handicap on myself so the physical one never went away. Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself and put in the work my leg began to get stronger. I healed my mind and the body followed suit. I'm 30 years old now. It's taken me this long to start fixing what I thought was a permanent disability. It's only too late to fix something when you think it is. I hope this can be an example for some of you. You can do just about anything if you believe it. But there is no second step without that belief. "The longest journey begins with a single step." #believe #laotzu #functionaltraining #pistolsquat #unilateraltraining

Had a wonderful weekend in Dayton Ohio! Saw the great #chrisdelia killing the game and his opener #michaellenoci was amaze. Breakfast at good ol ' Bob Evans with the family this morning. Overall, good trip! #truebaby #followtheleadertour

Someone missed DaDa ☺️ #thebest #mornings #truebaby #daddyslittlegirl

I wouldn't want anyone else's face on my chest tbh #truebaby

At the @chrisdelia show, drinking beer with a straw. #pittsburgh #chrisdelia #truebaby #logcabin #papcock #wemadeit


Last day in the sun! ☀️🌴 So excited to see my beautiful baby girl tomorrow. I miss her so much.🧡 #mom #truebaby #missher

Watching teen mom 2 to wrestling my barracuda #Cuda #chrisdelia #truebaby

Just made this bomb ass shirt for @chrisdelia show in Dayton. #nocudas #ycuda #truebaby Y'all ready @vagedekm?! #chrisdelia #followtheleadertour

Hello after a few weeks!👋 So everyone has some faith. Someone is christian, someone is muslim, someone is buddhist atc. But the most important thing is, that everyone believes in something. Something what is above us and controls our actions. It’s great to have someone,whom you can tell yours secrets and plea. When I have bad day, I just sit and pray for everything what I want and I belive, that it has strong power and I’m ready for everything. It’s not important whom you believe but how strong is your faith. You just have to find time for yourself and self-knowledge. When I’m in the church and is there silence and peace, only then I can just breathe and relax. It’s up to you, if you try it too. Just turn off and think about the nice things and watch the strong and yellow light from outside.🙏💥 #thisisthetrue#truebaby#mypray#ourprayer#sorryformyenglish#loveyourself#godsplan#yellowbananas#howtohavehappiness#happylife#anotherperson

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