LeMmE SIt oN YoUr fAcE

Yes Dylan those bangs are banging. Now bang me lmao

BUsT mY WalLs
Cr; @iconicdylan

A lil change up 👅
Cr; @obrienphy

I give up on editing I'm completely done.
Cr; @chaos.ox

"Aw, what the hell is that?!"
Ya girl actually has good wifi wtf sjkdjdkd
Cr; @iconicdylan

There are little to no Lydia Martin Ploltwist I'll accepts but this is H I G H L Y acceptable. Holy Fuck
Cr; @maliaslobo

scott mccall- the true alpha 🐺
DT: @photography_by_lime , who guessed the plot twist correctly! thanks to everyone who took part.
i actually quite like this edit and i’m pretty proud of the transitions :)
Audio by: @lordaudios
who do you prefer, liam or scott? 🐺

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