#fbf to the mud bath that was Truck Festival last year! I suspect it may be more of a dust bath this year #musicfestival #mudbath #truckfestival2017 #alltherain

My ‘official’ #bestnine2017 (as chosen by popularity) left room for improvement, so screw you guys, I’ve picked my own.
1) Simon and Daeng’s house, northern Thailand.
2) #tfw Lorde sends you a ❤️ on Twitter.
3) Xtra Mile coffee mug, first home pourover.
4) Jon Boden jumps up at Cambridge Folk - our first time onstage together for 25 years.
5) Fonda 500 smash Truck Festival.
6) What a petrol station looks like on Koh Lanta in the Andaman Sea.
7) My actual most liked pic, the moon and a firework from Bonfire Night.
8) Transporting The Buddha, central Thailand.
9) Mauerpark, Berlin at dusk with Flying Lotus and 50,000 people.

Team ddt di mane2 #truckfestival2017

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