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what’s your best friends name? 😂💗-kavya

What instrument do u play?

SAVE A COWBOY, RIDE A HORSE 🐴🐴🐴 @dougrockwell @annelisejr

i wish we were closer but she’s kinda shy

Hair’s done😌💜
#troyesivan #wip #art

Soap will forever be one my favorites! 🌸


I went by the sea yesterday🌊🌊


I'm actually intrigued to see where this relationship goes but also billy is totally gay for steve sooo

So excuse us while we sing to the sky.

Troye in dress #troyesivan

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[song] Never give up on me - Misterwives .
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i was asked my kinks today and i should have said cute long texts & cuddles (i said “idk”)

ib: thebtsarmys

We love a powercouple, yes we do! -
Pic by me♡

Good morning.

I don't have creds for this but omg agahhsgs

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