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When @shoporangeblush hooks it up with the cutest little pineapples on ice earrings 🍍❄️👂🏻 🙌🏻💕 #3daystotikioasis #mistressofmaitais #pineapplesonice #tropicalblack

Vestido Tropical Black que te lleva a un paraíso lleno de color! 🌴. Encuéntralo solo en Tiendas Ellus y Shop Online / www.ellus.cl /

Cliente feliz con las camisetas Diola!! #tropicalblack&;white #tropicalgreen 👌🏼

Chevere interior and the tropical black salmon leather exterior. #salmonleather #salmon #cardholder #craftmanship


Vestido Tropical Black que te lleva a un paraíso lleno de color! 🌴. Encuéntralo solo en Tiendas Ellus y Shop Online / www.ellus.cl /

🌴TROPICAL BLACK🌴 www.ellus.cl

🌴Descubre y ponte en modo #TropicalBlack 🌴☀️ / Crop Top Tropical Black /

Ven y descubre la nueva colección Tropical Black 😮

Chaqueta Bomber Aloha ❤

🌴Tropical Black🌴

Exóticos prints, magenta, y una base de negro, son los destacados de esta colección. Se acentúa el denim negro, destroyed y en mujer aparecen prendas como faldas, vestidos y chaquetas.

#tikibar progress! Still indecisive about painting the ceiling or not, snared some twinkle lights for now... #newdone #reusedwood ##recycle #flotsamandjetsam #tikiproblems #sandiego #homebar #tikihomebar #tropicalblack

back home in paradise #tropicalblack #cantfeeltheheat

Developed in the U.S., Designed from inspiration around the world.
In a meeting this week, I was asked what was my creative process; There is peace and there is wild, and I am both at the same time. I've been sketching here and there since 2015. Some designs were kept while others were thrown away. I'd think on the plane, in the car, at the end of a workday and throughout my entire weekend, I'd sketch.
When I realized my niche, I'd draw in spates. Not as if I was trying to remember something, but as the spirits guided me. Before I purchased a dining room table, I'd sit and lay on the floor. Constantly adjusting to relieve the pain in my back. Every time I traveled, I carried my art. I had a separate cube strictly for pens, pencils and paper. I'd work on several pieces at the same time as they're all rooted and connected to one another. My husband would tell me, you never finish anything. This was his way of pushing me. He was and still is the first to see every design.
As you may see the end result today, via the website from a festival and even here on IG, the story has been developing itself since my childhood. This is a love story, a true story and maybe even your story. Don't give up on what you find beautiful. Never let go of what steals your heart. The grind don't stop, The work don't stop. #nowstaywoke #strongwomen #handdrawn #originalart #artwork #tbt

ตามหา lookbook balloon pink flower ค่ะ

ตามหา lookbook billy tropical black sz.s

Style for those that stand out!!! ✊🏽
We ADORE all this #melaninbeauty straight outta Texas. Yes to those complementary colors to highlight YOU in The "Eyes Brown" t-shirt @asalise7en 💜💚💙 #blackgirlsrock #soulsociety #authentic
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