This brilliantly colored slider was one of the first turtles found yesterday, in a crusty urban-industrial stream. Sliders here can have characteristics of the yellowbelly, red-ears and Cumberland sliders. But they are universally dicks, and will bite you as readily as any snapper.. #turtles #Trachemys #sliders #troostii #alabama

I’m sitting in the airplane right now. I’m going on vacation to my country: Brazil. I will be posting less, but will keep posting as much as I can. See ya✈️🇧🇷

Isn't she pretty? Nala is the first reptile I have ever had since leaving in The Netherlands, it all started with her and then the other ones came❤️ love her!

I'm gonna be really honest. I'm getting kinda lazy when it comes to taking good pictures of Nala😅 she really does not like the camera and keeps hiding/swimming away from it.. so here a less good picture

Posting early today, because I can't post tonight🌙 so here's Nala again! You see that fish on the background, that's the only surviver of many fishes I had

Sex male
Size 7 cm
Minus tailtip
Interested DM or WA 089512989800
Indonesian only


A little bit late today, but I hope some of you are still awake👀 I hadn't had a nice week. Nala's lamp broke begin of the week and it's pretty expensive, so could not get one right away but I felt so bad for her😢

Nala hates it SO much when I make pictures of her. She's scared of the camera, but also scared of my cellphone👀 What a brave turtle!

Changing my feed back to normal instead of black/green as you guys suggested! 😁 Come on guys we are almost hitting 500 followers! LETSGO

"Fun" fact: The species yellow-bellied slider, cumberland slider and red-eared slider are now forbidden in Europe. If you have them, you can keep them but you are not allowed to buy one anymore. 🚫

I don't really know how to describe Nala's face at this photo, but she's kinda looking like she will kill me🔪 Btw I hava a sarahah: www.sarahah.com/Exoticanimallady. Send me some questions😊

You see how focused she is? That's because I have a snail in my hand which she will eat a few seconds after this picture (the snails I feed her, are all weak snails who can't grow up healthy)

Les trachemys scripta sont appelées communément " tortues de Floride" à tord, alors que sur les trois sous espèces, seule la trachemys scripta scripta est présente dans cet état ( au nord de l'état).
Voici une trachemys scripta troostii. Elle vit dans le sud-est du Kentucky.
#tortue #floride #trachemys #scripta #troostii #kentucky

Kinda similar photo as the last one... Sorry!
I'm really curious tho, where do you guys live? 😊 Drop it in the comments

Nala is coming by to wish you a nice day
PS: She poops so much and I had to clean it up yesterday, but this lil one would not stop chasing my finger😖😖 Ugh turtles❤️

Cumberland slider
#troostii #slider #turtle

Once in a couple of months I take this girl out for a quick health control!

I have had her for a year now and she's growing like crazy🐢

Yesterday it was World's Turtles Day🐢🎉 Mom was not able to post a picture, so here it is!
She was cleaning my aquarium and took the chance to take a picture of me with our camera📸 But I was not really feeling it, so she could only make 2 pictures

Nala a.k.a. Ms. Grumpy❤️#nala #animals #grumpy #turtles #turtle #reptiles #turtlepower #geelwang #geelwangschildpad #cute #exoticpets #exotics #aquarium #photography #love #turtlesofinstagram #reptilesofinstagram #hobby #animallove #animalface #trachemys #scripta #troostii #notfeelingit #mad #hungry #water #waterreptile #reptilesforlife #worldsturtleday

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