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Selena Gomez slays 😍💁
2016 or 2017?
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say my name ♡

↳ cc. voidgold / for noura, inés and gab!

» happy 24th birthday to the owner of my heart & the love of my life who deserves the world, mrs emily fields-dilaurentis! i miss you more and more everyday babygirl come back to me 🎈
» my audio and transition!
» song: say my name - destiny child [cyril hahn remix]

[ #hellgrp #shaymitchelledit ]

p.s: If the quality is bad for you, your internet is slow at loading it. refresh it a couple times and it should be good! :)

[7x13] fc: 11, 418!✨
Tysm for 11.4k😱🤫
{SWIPE FOR CONFESSION} agree or disagree?💫🌸
I love Hanna, she’s my favourite Liar!
If you’re interested, my Stranger Things page is @finwolffhardd ;)

Q| Hanna or Caleb?

Such an intense scene. #PLL

So as I told you guys I have been editing a lot recently but tbh I'm not quite happy with the results so I'm thinking about sticking to this theme for a while❤ (you can vote on my story about this)
People who wanna be tagged but can't @stvnninqliars @viviansdarkbloom @ariasdiarys @halebtimeline @pllsmydrg @hannarcvers @lucyhale.fans_ @lucyhalemygurl @mysticxxdelena @littlc.liars @smilingforezria @ashrianalove @13prettylittlereasons
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Comment your favourite year 🖤

O M G THIS WOULD BE SOMETHING SPECIAL @ashleybenson @vanessahudgens @selenagomez @kyliejenner @kendalljenner


Reposting from @inspirationalqu0tes :)

@sashapieterse27 @vrayskull
Q: Do you like this theme?

i cannot describe her beauty

They look so cute

EDDIE JANKO APPRECIATION POST!!! So I made this edit myself and I’m so proud. Eddie has been through so much in the past and I just wanna see my baby happy! Especially after the hate I’ve seen floating around😑This also shows how amazing of an actress @vrayskull is!!!
Vanessa, if you see this I just wanna say that I love youuuu💙💙
Please tag her down below⬇️❤️
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More beautiful, impossible💖/Mais bela, impossível 💖
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