Chapter 19
Y/n: I'm not going on a date tho, we're just gonna have a chat and get to know each other more. Saarah: that's a date. Y/n: um no its not, I'm not going on a date. You guys are crazy😂 Sonia: hmm sure you're not going on a date! Y/n: *rolls her eyes* I'm going to go get ready ok. Asmita: do u need us to help u. Y/n: Nah I'm good. Asmita:kk *3 hours later* so I just got ready (swipe to see what I wore) and now I need to call Emilio to come pick me up. *call* Emi:Hey? Y/n: Hi! I'm ready u can come pick me up. Emi: ok I'm on my way. Y/n: alr byee. Emi: bye ly. *end of call* I go downstairs and to the living room where everyone else were sitting ready to go out. Y/n: Yo! Saarah: OMG, Y/N. YOU LOOK SO GOOD! Sabina: WOW! GIRL UR SLAYING. Sonia: I'm sure Emilio will make a move tonight when UR looking like a whole snacccc! Asmita:Y/N, I'M SPEECHLESS I CAN'T UR TOO PRETTY! Y/n: haha thanks guys. Where r u guys going? Saarah: we're going to clout house and then we're going to this YouTube event. Y/n: ohh, well have a good time *hugs everyone* I won't be home till late so dw bout me. All: okiiess. Sonia: have a good time *winks, giggles* y/n: I will😂 *Emilio pulls up in the drive way* *he comes and knocks on the door* y/n:*goes to open the door* Emilio! Emi: Y/n, I got u this *hands me flowers* y/n: Awe tysm! *gives him a hug and kisses him on his cheek* you look handsome *winks,😂* (swipe to see what Emilio wears* Emi:*blushes* haha thanks, uh let's go! Y/n: yh ok *Emilio opens the car door for me* ty. Emi:np!😊*gets in the car and starts driving* y/n: So where are we going? Emi: you'll see. 💎💎comment for more💎💎

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T-4 Days Until his Birthday 🤘
Flashback to these amazing stories 🌀😜
(Swipe to see some of the brands he’s worked with 👉)
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All them 40 acres
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♡I just got bit by this same fly 3 times wth leave me alone♡
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