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Water and Ink

❤I got you❤

This one's for my @blackgostvapor fam and my newfound love for RED 👅💦 this is an unbeatable and refreshing citrus vape 🍋

SONG: Bebe Rexha - I Got You (Emdi & Coorby Remix) @trapnation

Echense unos Psicotropicos y Observar #Trippy #Citywalk

Lord Shiva the absolute image of masculinity and virility is very distinct in his appearance. He is unlike any other god with his unique get up. His tresses are gloriously piled high on his head with the River Ganges gushing through his matted hair and a resplendent crescent tucked deftly into it. Shiva’s link with the wind and the breath of life that Brahma breathes are represented through His flowing locks. Shiva has three matted locks on His forehead, that, according to Yoga, symbolises the union of the physical, mental and spiritual activities of life. Since Shiva is also the master of Yoga, it is only fitting that it is symbolised in His appearance as well.

Shiva tamed the mighty Ganges by holding the river in His hair, so that only a reasonable amount of Her pure water reaches the earth, rather than flooding it. The moon on Shiva’s head represents the cyclic nature of time and links it to the waxing and waning of the moon.
Coiled around his neck is the mighty serpent Kundalini, which is the spiritual energy within life. A snake coiled around His neck, three times, also symbolises the past, the present and the future.
The Transformer’s body is smeared with holy ash or ‘vibhuti’. Lord Shiva, which symbolises that He is not affected by such physical activities of the world. The ash also relates to death, symbolising that the ultimate reality of life is death and that we should not fear it.

Lord Shiva also wears his favorite ‘rudraksha’ beads, which is a representation of deep happiness. In his left hand Lord Shiva carries a small leather drum, known as Damaru. He sits upright on a gorgeous tiger skin. The tiger skin symbolizes Shiva’s control over all forces; it is also Goddess Shakti’s vehicle, thus symbolizing His mastery over Shakti as well. Shiva’s trident symbolizes his powers of will (iccha), action (kriya) and knowledge (gnana) and also it is His weapon to destroy evil. ! ✨👁🐍🌙💀🔱🌀🕉🌿📿🐚🌷🔔🎨🖌✨

Succulents 😍🌺
Wall art made out of folded paper 🎊

Tag a friend who needs to help you building this lego set!
Artwork made by: Brian Nori

Pretty spring vibes from @wachistudio 🌸🌵✨
There are still a few necklaces left from my last update, shop link is in my bio! ☺


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