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A combinação de cinza com madeira é sempre uma ótima opção 🖤✨ #triplexdecor

MCM 💫 #mancrush #mancrushmonday ( I messed up with his head... don’t judge me please 🌚)



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Nuevo Valparaíso - Loft con cochera

¿Quién es #TripleX? #ETT6

semangat kebersamaan 😈 #tripleX


3 Units. 3x the potential.
Call 267.231.5484.

🔝#Record breaking #offmarket #condo sale!
Yes, we did it - #signedcontract on the upper #triplex in the #newdevelopement at 113 N 9th Street before it even came to the market!
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Today is an awesome day ! I’m all moved in and I’m an owner again ! She’s a little old, shes a little wide, But she’s all mine ! She’s a triplex; 3 door building with (2) 2/1’s and a 1/1 all central AC with washer and dryers in unit ! I been tracking income producing properties for the last year running cap rates looking at land values and found one that fit just right. I was the first person onsite within 30 minutes of the listing, and started negotiating right away. I used an FHA loan to finance it over 30 years with only 3.5% down on 430k. That’s only 15k to come up with vs a conventional loan of 25% which would be over 100k!!! I used my ninja negotiating skillz to get 10k credits to cover closing costs. There are 2 tenants in place producing a $2100 of income offsetting my mortgage/ insurance/ taxes of 3k leaving me with $900 to pay (at the current rent level) However my net housing costs after mortgage interest deduction, depreciation and improvement write offs I’m close to breaking even. My previous rent was $1400.00 . It was a bit tricky with considering FHA has a lot of rules and regs pertaining to income producing property, but I’ve been through it ! The awesome thing about FHA is you will only need to live there for 1 year . It’s a great way to build a portfolio of income producing property If you are tired a paying rent like I was let me know., this Docktor that makes house calls ! :0) .
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Por uma vida com mais arquitetura ✨💛 #triplexdecor

Ever wonder why some Plexus people look younger than they are??? It's #BIOCLEANSE!! Plexus BioCleanse contains magnesium which produces proteins that are transformed into collagen!

BioCleanse is a gentle cleanse that has so many other benefits:
* Oxygenate the entire body.
* Cleanses the GI tract and arteries.
* Energizes the body.
* Supports weight loss.
🌟Supports COLLAGEN production!
* Keeps bathroom visits regular.

Lots of people think they don't "need" Biocleanse but it does more than just help you poop 💩 which is pretty awesome in itself!! (We all have waste that builds up over years - I know, pretty disgusting, but it can add to our weight AND digestive problems which is frustrating) BioCleanse works on the cellular level and oxygenates cells which means healthy cells ... AND ... more youthful cells!!! Love this stuff!! 🙌🏻❤️🙌🏻#60DayMoneyBackGuarantee #plexusworks #Triplex

There is a reason the #Triplex is our most popular combo... If you suffer from any of the following, look no further than your #GUT! 😖 Migraines
😴 Sleepiness / Poor Sleeping Habits
😔 Low Energy/Fatigue
😕 Excess Weight
🤤 Food Cravings
🙃 Brain Fog/Inability to Focus
🤧 Weak Immune System
😕 Skin Problems
😫 Thyroid Issues
😑 Rheumatoid Arthritis

The Plexus TriPlex is a #guthealth system that removes harmful microbes and substances, replenishes useful #probiotics and enzymes, and #rebalances your body. Due to our lifestyles (eating high fat, carb and sugar filled foods, using antibiotics, stress, alcohol, the toxins we breathe, etc.) the bad bacteria can start to overgrow the good. This is when health issues begin to happen because bacteria balance is crucial to our health and highly important for our day to day functions!

Let's break the Triplex down:
This is the scrubber! It scrubs your gut to get rid of bad bacteria while replenishing it with good bacteria.

This is the flusher! Think of BioCleanse as the flushing of the bad bacteria & toxins out of your system.

Plexus #Slim (Pink Drink):
This is the maintainer! It helps keep your body’s fats, cholesterol, and blood sugars balanced, therefore they don’t continue to feed the bad bacteria! It even oxygenates your blood. Weight loss is actually a side effect to these amazing products! Get your gut right and balanced and what the miracles happen.

The Triplex is a HUGE reason why Plexus has a 94% success rate. Because Plexus is attacking the #ROOT OF THE ISSUES - not just putting a band-aid on them. Plexus helps heal the body from the inside out on a cellular level, which is why it must be given time and taken consistently. #plexusworks #stayheathy #stayhealthyduringtheholidays #plexustriplex

Lindo e espaçoso Roupeiro triplex e gavetas com corrediças telescópicas!
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TESTIMONY TUESDAY is for you, my migraine suffering friends!! I would usually get a headache at least once a week but never migraine strength. I would pop some Excedrin and think nothing of it. I know I have a lot of friends out there that get terrible migraines. I can help!! So happy Lynda has found relief!! ❤️❤️❤️ Lynda shares: "Some of you may not know this but I am a migraine suffer. Thirty three years I suffered alone and most times in silence. Since starting the TriPlex Combo months ago I no longer suffer from chronic head pain. I have been pain free 7 months!!! I am not sitting there waiting for it, scheduling my life around it. Praying it won't come when I have something fun planned with friends or family. I know you ALL know those feelings. It has given me my life back. I never knew the importance of gut health till it was introduced to it by my very good friend and schoolmate Len Svitenko. He heard my cries, saw my pleas and reached out! I am grateful for it everyday, every month and I hope for years to come.
Check this out about migraines and Plexus! I know so many people that are affected by migraines. What if Plexus could help?

There are so many reasons why people who suffer from migraines see a big change when they start Plexus! #1 recommendation is the Triplex!! Check out the comments for more great info!! 💕

New Triplex Training seat covers/changing towels are in! Perfect for post workout sweaty drives home or if you’re out at a race and you need a quick changing area. Pick yours up today! $40 each. Available in black and grey.

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Banca en aglomerado espresso, repisa y cajonera en triplex con acabado en blanco poliuretano. Disfrutar de lo exclusivo. Hacer de lo bueno, mejor 👌
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Open house alert Sat&Sun 12-4 for this new listing!! Calling all investors!! Check out this licensed fourplex (triplex + additional dwelling) located in the sought-after Emery St W!! Call us for more details on the rental income of this property at 519-317-SOLD or send us a private message.

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