It’s International Yoga Day! Yoga does more than burn calories and tone muscles. It provides mental and physical benefits through deep breathing and meditation.

Share with us how you got started on yoga and what’s your favourite yoga pose. Comment down below!

A lil reward 🎁 for hitting 8 years of working in my company CI in a week time!! 2 more years & cheers to a decade 🎉🤩 Gotten this eye candy with my fave colours combo - Mint green/tiffany x grey ❤️ This also means all the more to workout 💪🏻 #underarmour #hovrsonic #hottestfootwear #uaobsessed #zerogravity #bouncejumpdrinkrepeat #motivation #patienceisthekeytosuccess #fitnessgoal #strongbodystrongmind #triplefitsg

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.

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Feeling refreshed and after a long weekend of sleep and a couple of days off from the gym so I was ready to drag my ass back to lift some weights. Honestly both my mind and muscle are a little thrown off after the break. 😫 It’s true that habits don’t just happen, they’re formed. I really need to hit that resest button, EEK! #midweekmotivation #triplefitsg

19.06.2018 - My weekly Tuesday training with the @superherorunners! Glad that I completed the planned route today.
Start from Benjamin Sheares Bridge >> MBS >> GBTB >> Barrage (Additional 2 loops at the Marina Barrage) >> GBTB>> MBS >> Benjamin Sheares Bridge. What a workout! Slowly getting back to shape.
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My life isn’t perfect but I have the perfect girlfriend who catch the perfect moments!!!! @miryam_acosta .
Seeking happiness doesn’t need to be a big life-changing event. Small changes will add up over time. Pick a simple pleasure you can indulge in today. Stop and smell the roses, or the coffee, or the bacon sizzling in the pan. Enjoy your favorite fruit, film, ice-cream, book, sport, or just sit still for a moment and enjoy doing nothing at all.
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“ If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you’ve never done.” —Thomas Jefferson #colombian #fitafter40 #teamsaramayfit #saramayfit #crossfit

Raise your hand if you snoozed this morning. Well, time and tide wait for no man.

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I wished I learnt how to cycle properly when I was a kid. Up till mid last year, I couldn’t even cycle in a straight line and turning at corners would freak me out.
Stubborn old me decided that I want to challenge myself and overcome my fears and attempt an IronMan70.3. I really don’t know why I subject myself to such ridicule of others.
I learnt to swim freestyle in a few months’ time and even swam in the sea! Conquered my fear of swimming. Woots! Cycling was really tougher for me and I ended up in a crash from my own inability to handle my ferrari of a bike. Damaged my right hand’s nerve and wrecked my back a little. I didn’t die as they said, so it can’t be that big a deal. Went on to complete Berlin Marathon 3 weeks after.
So here I am. Ready to give cycling a go again and starting as a rookie. Learning to clean my bike watching YouTube vids, setting up my Garmin bike com and indoor trainer, ready to give it one more shot. But no, I am not attempting IronMan70.3. Not coz I’m afraid, but coz I choose to be an ultra trail runner instead. Cycling is cross training for me, not my main love for now.
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Snatching 70kg at triplefit. I’m unable to snatch more probably because I have been snatching hearts since 1985.

I love my age 40’s
Old enough to know better.
Young enough not to care.
Experience enough to “DO IT RIGHT OR NOT RIGHT” and FIT enough to wear a bikini at #ultrasingapore2018 lol.....
Lift, dance and love 💖 🏋️‍♀️💃🏾 #fitafter40 #colombian #teamsaramayfit #saramayfit

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