Trinity Parish Episcopal Church at 609 8th Ave on #FirstHill announced last summer that, facing costs to mitigate damage from the Nisqually Quake, they sold development rights of the north half block of their property (8th & Cherry) to be redeveloped into a 27-story condo tower by Australian-based Caydon Property Group. Trinity’s historic 1892 Gothic revival church will remain, but all other buildings on the property will be demo’d, including the 1929 parish building & hall, rectory/thrift shop, & duplex that houses Northwest Harvest’s Cherry Street Food Bank. The #development will also redo/expand the church’s Memorial Garden, which will be shared with the tower. Trinity Parish will maintain ownership rights, & a new parish hall, assembly space & admin offices will be in lower levels of the new tower; an art gallery & coffee shop is also planned. Trinity also hopes to continue providing space to nonprofits. Tenants included Elderwise, WHEEL Women’s Shelter & Kids4Peace, who will have to move during construction & may or may not be able to move back, though Trinity said they’ll offer them space in the new development. In terms of affordable housing, they plan to pay an in-lieu fee as opposed to building it on-site. One of the busiest food banks in the state –Cherry Street Food Bank - which had been operating on the property for 35 years, received notice in Feb 2018 they had a year to vacate, & have been searching for a new location. #TrinityParishChurch, #Seattle's first Episcopal church, was established on August 13, 1865. The first building was built in 1870 & located at 3rd Ave & Jefferson. The wood building was destroyed in the Great Fire of 1889. It moved to its present site, which was built & opened in 1892 & designed by Chicago-based architect Henry F. Starbuck in English #GothicRevival style. It was designated a #SeattleLandmark in 1976 & also received state landmark status. It was added to the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1991. #TrinityParish #TrinityChurch #EpiscopalSeattle #historicseattle #seattlechurch #demolition #redevelopment #noticeofproposedlanduseaction #Project3028710 #displacement #vanishingseattle

Beautiful old Celtic cross.

These crosses emerged from Ireland and Britain in the Middle Ages.

Some believe the ring on the Celtic cross means the Roman Sun-God Invictus. As a result many people often refer to the the cross as a Celtic Sun Cross.

A more Christian theory is that the ring is a halo and that the cross represents Jesus Christ. It is also thought that the Christian monks combined the sun-god idea with the christian cross to broaden the appeal to Irish pagans. ~
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