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Tri Kit Thursday 💙I've been drooling over this @soasracing kit and finally get to call it mine! Can't wait to race Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in this beauty! Soas kits lay flat, don't create muffin top, don't bunch, and are quick dry so you don't have to worry about being soaked in that nasty lake water throughout the race! Plus they have the cutest designs 😍

A wet week has me getting creative with rain gear. Jealous of all these pics of 🌞🌴🌊!!! Looking forward to the weekend #womencycling #triathlon #triathlontraining #drummondcycles #trinewbie

Best cheer squad around for my first ever triathlon! #familytime #capecod #trinewbie ( 📷: Dad)

First triathlon was a success! I didn't drown! I had a blast. Results to follow #triathlontraining #triathlon #trinewbie #swimbikerun #firsttriathlon @greaternashuaymca

Glass eyed. Glass canal. I have a feeling a 7am swimming session will be harder to get up for on a cold January morning! #dublin #trinewbie #triathlon

So do I look like a triathlete yet? Ha! Thank you @runwat for finding a size ginormous xl swim cap for this head of hair ♡ #TRInewbie #wasagabeachTri #swimbikerun

193. A little sunshine on my way home from a rough day followed by a swim I didn't want to do. I've really been struggling to get back to training after the 4th and as my triathlon looms, I'm getting nervous and full of doubt. Glad I got it done today... #keeponkeepingon #trinewbie #triathlontraining #selfieaday #project365

"the goods" from my shopping trip today💖 excited to start some new training!!! #bikelife #tritraining #trinewbie #crosstrain

First triathlon done today. Freya did amazingly well. Daddy got to get her a tri suit and a better bike for the next 1 #trinewbie #triathlon


201. Another swim in the books. Not as good as Monday but still decent! Did 500yd freestyle, then did another 250yd mixed freestyle and side stroke. Triathlon countdown is in single digits... 9 days to go!!! #trinewbie #triathlongirl #triathlontraining #swimbikerun #selfieaday #project365

Because kayaking makes any day better! Not my usual spot. Had to explore out .... super fun!
Up next ... Aiken.
And any and all kid activities I need to tote a teen along to so I can do them 😂

Pony time and rock water slide tomorrow 🤗🤗🤗

Tri Kit Thursday 💙I've been drooling over this @soasracing kit and finally get to call it mine! Can't wait to race Ironman 70.3 Steelhead in this beauty! Soas kits lay flat, don't create muffin top, don't bunch, and are quick dry so you don't have to worry about being soaked in that nasty lake water throughout the race! Plus they have the cutest designs 😍

Next time I'm training for a late spring triathlon. Training in this heat & humidity is killing me and the pup. #trimom #trinewbie #triathlon #gsp #gspofinstagram #sweat #mizuno

The first few years I lived in South Carolina I lost a lot of friends. I didn't have the energy or the time to devote to being a friend. Sounds crazy right? But, some weeks I barely had time to sleep never mind keep up with phone calls to friends. I was working a ridiculous amount, had my farm to keep up with and was trying to hold a relationship together. Extra energy was shoved into survival!
I had a few friends come to visit. I couldn't take time off of work to spend with them. I remember one visit I had taken the following day off and it was disregarded. I was driving to dinner when I got the text message and I just starting crying! Exhaustion, frustration ... I'm not sure, it didn't matter, I was working the next day while my friend that flew in was spending her last day in SC alone.
Well ... I did that for a long time!
Things have changed!! Now I fly home to Massachusetts every few months. I escape for long weekends here and there. And have days like today ... I jumped in the truck for a quick road trip to pick up a horse friend for a couple days of kayaking and ponies! 🤗

#lifeisgood #coachlife

So I definitely know when my caffeine kicks in!!! If I'm standing still I start dancing in place and my mind .... yikes!!! The hamsters are on over drive in there! 🤣
So once the synapses started firing this morning I started thinking .... Some people have jumped on board in OPERATION BOOTY SHORTS wanting to make changes with us!
I broke it down to what it means to me ... Accountability! Empowerment! Commitment! Trust! Action! That's what our goals are! Health, toning, slimming ... that's all just additional benefit! All sounds like a pretty good score to me!! 🙌🏻 Three weeks MASSIVE change!! Mind and body!! In the most healthy manner possible!! At the end of the day massive change is about accountability! That's why I'm tackling this with some girlfriends and sharing the process in my stories starting the 24th.
If you're wanting to make changes in your life physically and mentally jump on board and see what accountability and empowerment can do for you!! Shoot me a message and I'll fill you in on all the details we have planned 💪🏻

200. Of course day 200 had to be EPIC!!! Started my morning with a brick workout with Naomi. Somehow pulled off a sub 10 minute mile after biking almost 6 miles. What the what?!?! #trigirl #trinewbie #triathlontraining #3disciplines #runningfriendsarethebest #familythatrunstogether #familythatridestogether #michiganrunners #fsarc #run989 #staysweaty #sweatyselfie #selfieaday #project365

1000m breast stroke this morning in 26'37.6, as I pulled a muscle on the inside thigh. Couldn't get it to go away whilst swimming, so decided to stop as I don't want an injury! -------------------------------------------------
#swimming #swim #carnivalpool #tritraining #trinewbie #triathlon #triathlontraining #triathlonnewbie #thisgirlcan #suunto #SuuntoAmbit3 #suuntoambit3vertical #suuntoswim

"Success without fulfillment is failure. If you are succeeding at something that does not make you feel satisfied inside you have not truly succeeded in your life." Tony Robbins
I heard this and had this thought today while I was driving ... I never really do what I'm supposed to do or what is expected of me. So I started to put more thought into that.
Is it that I still hold on to some rebellious don't follow because you don't have proof that's right?
Is it my seemingly I got this attitude?
Sure ... I can dispute either of those. But really I think it comes down to the fact of fulfillment! I have no desire to run at 100 mph and still feel unfulfilled or feel like the outcome is meaningless. I've done this ... and still felt like I needed more. What's the point?
A lot of different thoughts went through my mind and I found myself smiling at the end of it! Because how fricking awesome is it that we as humans have control over so much including our level of success, happiness and fulfillment!

That humidity is a KILLER. The heat and humidity of NOLA followed me home. It's a killer out there. But my miles are done! #100milesummer #bamr #motherrunner #trimom #trinewbie #tritraining

198. This swim helped my confidence tremendously! Today I swam a nonstop 1000 yards. Feeling more confident that I can kick this tri in the butt!! #trinewbie #trigirl #triathlontraining #firsttriathlon #turning30 #project365 #selfieaday

So my girlfriends and I had an AMAZING weekend in Nola! I definitely plan on going back 🤣
But, holy hell did we indulge too much!! Black Berry Mojitos! 😍
Crawfish Cheesecake! 😋
Ceviche with fresh chips and plantain chips!! And yes, those are just the chart toppers!! With ya know ... maybe 3 hours of sleep each night 🤦🏼‍♀️ Fortunately there is more evidence of working out than incriminating evidence of too much fun! We held it together well and completed everything we needed to! But, you can't go to New Orleans with out some FUN!! Before we all departed the other night with a few mojitos on board and full tummies while too giggly and extra chatty we made a pact! 🥂 "OPERATION BOOTY SHORTS!" Just imagine the giggling and the conversation! 😆

On July 24th it commences
We are going to rock out three weeks of MAJOR results so we can finish out the summer in booty shorts and bikinis 🙌🏻 I mean let's face it ... there are months left of summer when you live in the south
Entirely new level of accountability is happening!! It's a short time and we want major changes!! Follow my stories to see how we are holding each other in the challenge!

3 weeks!!!! My goal is down 8+ pounds!
CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!! And yes, we are giving our 30+ year old selves this week to recover and get some rest so we don't die from our sleepless night trip 😂

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