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I am walking! I will still exercise moderation, and build to walking faster and so forth, but I am on the road to full recovery! Yay!!!! #trimalleolarfracture #brokenanklerecovery #woohoo #ontheroadtorecovery #icanwalkagain

One year ago today I broke my tibia, fibula, and very back of my ankle bone in a freak accident aka #trimalleolarfracture {the most severe kinds of ankle breaks} there were lots of tears, "I'm never gonna walk again" statements, and countless hours spent recovering in physical therapy and acupuncture. Two surgeries and one year later I'm in awe of my progress! I'm walking 5 miles a day, going back to orange theory, attempting to run short distances, and back to 12 hour shifts at work! It's been a crazy year and I'm so proud of how far I have come! Thanks for all the love and support ❤ Hoping these next 12 months bring me 100% back and less pain!✌🏻💃🏼

Watch out! 🏃🏻‍♀️#trimalleolarfracture

Finally got the pins out of my leg!
#trimalleolarfracture #externalfixator

Wow, what a long ten months this has been. Most of you know I fell in August of 2016 and broke my ankle in the worst way! I had two surgeries and spent the next new 13 weeks in bed with my leg elevated and healing. And, it’s not like you just go back to walking after not using your leg for such a length of time…
Three months before I fell I had decided to become a health & fitness coach to inspire people on their own journey as my awesome coach, Melissa Furnace, had done for me. Like many, I’ve struggled with living a healthy lifestyle over the years. I remember as a preteen being teased by my cousins for buying clothes at the plus shop. I felt so ashamed of myself! Not to mention how tired and blah I felt. I had no energy and even less motivation. EVERYTHING was a struggle, from walking to the mailbox to bending over just to tie my shoes. You name it... diets, pills, etc., I have tried it over the years. But, it wasn't until I met my coach Melissa in the fall of 2015 where I really found something I could FINALLY stick to, the 21 Day Fix from Beachbody. The more I learned, the more I wanted to share! If I could do this absolutely ANYONE could! I was working out every day, eating right, placing in 5ks, beating my personal bests, and really loving my body and what it was capable of!!! I had friends that I helped out and it seemed like coaching was a good fit for me! What better way to share my knowledge?
It’s going to be ten months now since I broke my ankle, and it’s still not great. Heck, I don’t even know if I’d call it good most days. The surgeon said it would be a good year before I didn’t have to think about my ankle or pain & swelling every day. So, I’m just holding out for that year! In the meantime, as it does loosen and get stronger I’ve been trying various workouts and exercises. This is where I am now… figuring out what exactly I can do to get my exercise in with a foot that doesn’t work the same way anymore.
It’s a journey for sure. We just have to keep moving forward! If you need help and inspiration while you’re moving forward in life please DM me or comment below with “LET’S MOVE FORWARD!” #fitness #workout

Getting my surgery scar and daffy covered up on March 23rd... well, at least the first step towards the cover up... can't wait to see what J-Sin has created for me... #trimalleolarfracture

🛴💨mit meinem Trotti unterwegs. #hudorabigwheel #trimalleolarfracture

Only I could fall over in flat shoes and break my ankle in three places 🤕 #ouch #trimalleolarfracture

GUESS WHO starts #whole30 tomorrow???🙋🏼🙋🏼🙋🏼 I have skin issues, major fatigue, and some residual joint pain from my #trimalleolarfracture im hoping to heal! My husband has chronic migraines that are getting worse! Annnnnnd two of my favorite girls are starting tomorrow with me @leslieslosingit @thehoneydewcrew 💃🏼 figured it was PERFECT timing to start since elyse is an expert and Leslie is going to keep me in check 😂😂😂 this community AMAZES me and I'm so excited to see how the foods I eat affect my body! Eeeeep! Finishing up the book today and can't wait to start!!! #whole30 here we come!!!💕 #friendswhole30ing


I am walking! I will still exercise moderation, and build to walking faster and so forth, but I am on the road to full recovery! Yay!!!! #trimalleolarfracture #brokenanklerecovery #woohoo #ontheroadtorecovery #icanwalkagain

It's time to have the screw removed, so I will have more flexibility in my ankle. Yay! @pennmedicine #trimalleolarfracture #brokenankle #screwremoval #iamoverit #justwanttowalkagain #missingmycoffee #😳

I got to the 3rd step finally today on both sides today. #goals #bikramyoga #trimalleolarfracture

So after two weeks, numerous x-rays, two ankle manipulations and three plaster casts its confirmed surgery is not needed!! Now back home in Brighton 😌#homesweethome #trimalleolarfracture

Yeah you can see and feel my plate 👽#brokenankle #trimalleolarfracture #ortho #platesandscrews

Feeling amazing! I will get the body I want... just is going to take a lot of hard work like this! #running #run #fitness #workout #icandoit #keepgoing #trimalleolarfracture #fivemilerun

Fuckin' fuck 😞 Viime talvena katkaistu nilkka ei tänään tykännyt ukemeista eikä hookeista mountin säilyttämisessä.
Hiukan pistää huolestuttamaan mun bjj tulevaisuus... 😕
#bjj with #trimalleolarfracture #paskajalka #fittuhaatana

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