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Lyrics: -This how I'm living after the storm,
No longer cold, it's getting warmer,
got some garments, for my arms now• -I'm still finding pieces of the puzzle,
From Katrina flood water,
but the storm, it kind of calm down• -So I've learn to value small shit in life,
Like life, just the air that travel thru my wind pipe• -See it's one life to live, and one chance to get it right,
In these soaps, if you go, it's no returning,
For another show• -Never turn my back on my people,
who kept it real with me,
Even if I gross a 100 mill, they still with me• -Still will get busy, still dizzy off the Henny,
Reminiscing on the Good Times,
Coming from lil Penny's• -Penny loafers, had plastic on the sofa/
Nigga whole block is poor,
Like we in a race to be the brokest•

Thank You to the good folks at #ESPN & @undefeatedespn for the Swave!!! Head to www.ESPN.com to check out the full mini documentary or click the link in @undefeatedespn bio. Again I wanna humbly thank #ESPN for giving me the opportunity to represent for my city proudly.
#RocNation #EGMG #NewOrleans #Eastside

When he got fans and so do you, then become a fan of the two. #Society #Trilla #Krisi #SaturdayRooftops #PleasureMeetingYou

I'm staring at the skyline, got a million on my mind,I'm the best and these p*ssy n****s running out of time. -Rick Ross/Speedin- #trilla #mood #goodmorninghustlers

TURN UP!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Shoutout #trilla

I done made a mill with da bunny ... it's brazy how mufukas act like a nigga New to dis shit ... niggas I was doin dis shit when u was in middle school ... niggas was skippin school I was skippin hoe squad headed to major case court in prison ..... we ride together and she down not fuckin with da lames ... knew niggas for years and she on da winnin team now not da carbon copy ....#TRILLA

im the party kiss my ass if im late

Hoy toco maquina!!!! Vamos que falta poco #trilla #maíz #LATIJERETA #johndeere #9650

I can't take a knee, cause I'm wearing all white... #trilla




Ahí piolaa

trippy spice for life

im the party kiss my ass if im late


Swerve swerve 😋

Not as lost as you think 🐍

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