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Triglav Samurai! Ready for the final test.
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Akumulacja energii. Cieplnej i górskiej. #triglavbikepacking #cieplowszedzie

Thanks for my Long Trail bike photo @kasiaroni
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The idea was simple - if we can't weld or glue seams in tailor made bags, let's...eliminate them!
Less seams = less rubbing, less cracks and better protection from water penetration. We worked on that idea since designing Roobag and drybag for Samurai harness.
But we only managed to apply our idea by making frame bags.
The classic frame bags (especially the ones made to order) available on the market have six to eight main seams on the edges. Our OneSeamLine version has two to three seams and, in some cases, only one!
Limiting the number of seams is not the only challenge. Also very important is the proper placement on the frame's axis in order to hide them behind tubes.
By concealing the seams, we are able to reduce the possibility of the water penetration into the frame bag.
For additional protection, we use especially selected sealant which is not only flexible but also boasts temperature and friction resistance, with 8 - 10 years durability.
Of course it's not the whole secret of making great framebags.
The Devil is in the details and those we keep up our sleeves... #bikepacking #triglavbikepacking #bigsloth #framebags #oneseamline


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