Join the Bronx Museum @aimbxma tonight to celebrate the launch of the newly renovated space of AIM Alumni residency on White St. including artists studios and an exhibition space. Art by AIM 2018 Fellow Keith Burns

This fall, head up to the Flatiron to catch this installation by the Noguchi Museum. This monumental work, “Link” by artist Jorge Palacios will sit in the Flatiron plaza in Manhattan for the coming months. This piece explores the relationship between scale and and civic life and compliments his upcoming exhibition at the museum.

This weekend is your last chance to catch the Met's Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination. This monumental show features everything from Sistine Chapel sacristy courtesy of the Vatican to Alexander McQueen couture.

Opening this Saturday Oct. 6th @barneysavagegallery : Jillian Derby's "This is real, and that's not"

Rogan Gregory: Known Unknown - - “The study of sea life, fluid dynamics, and geology have been a leading influence for Rogan’s practice and has triggered his interest in how form is governed by weightlessness and neutral buoyancy... Rogan pairs classic sculptural mediums such as wood, bronze and stone with materials such as beach sand, igneous rocks and composite materials that he sources and creates... Suspended from the ceiling on the top floor is a constellation of amorphic light sculptural forms that cascade down a 40 foot drop and float weightlessly in the air over the subterranean gallery level.
Immersed in the lower gallery are biomorphic lights that resemble mystified extraterrestrials and illuminate when they are touched as well as a series of carved wooden furniture in irregular forms. Installed on the wall is a monumental climbing wall made out of bronze, resin and stone.” #tribecaartnight

Slight throwback to TriBeCa's art and culture night last week, where I came across this gem in @randcompanynyc. Text reads: "Livwork is a collaboration between Rogan Gregory and Volcom. This series designed by Rogan celebrates his art and process of sculpting. These garments are designed for artists to use while making art and living life. The graphics on the clothing depict Rogan's 2018 exhibition Known & Unknown at R & Company." @volcom
#art #fashionisart #clothes #supportartists #newyork #tribecaartnight #gallery #latergram

A little late - but still feeling so thankful for all of the participation and stories shared by people who came by my @ourstoriesofmigration install during @tribecaartnight #Repost @ruddy_was_here with @get_repost
@agoodrum2 left a mark on @tribecaartnight - it was so nice to meet you @nakazawastudio 🤓 You were out favorite exhibit from all that we saw! #tribecaartnight #tribeca #thingstodoinnyc #goodtimes #bestie #community #storyteller #artwalk

This night was so much fun and amazing to perform for @tribecaartnight at @springplace 👐🏽💜💫
* 💫 Thank you to our Director and choreographer @angelkaba thank you so much for this opportunity appreciate you so much ❤
* 💫Thank you to the amazing @thornedarrell for the artistic pieces and make-up (he literally did our faces in 35minute super talented go follow💙) *
💫thank you to you ladies for being such a vibe 💛💛sharing your talent and energy with me @hovie_nguyen
@zeehype great job ladies 👑👑 #tribecaartnight #springplace #Angelkaba #thornedarrell #queens #culture #differentcultures #3worlds #tribal #african #carribean #jungle #headpieces #art #beauty #jewlery #dream #tribeca #countries #diversity #nycdancers #gig #tiffanyraebeast #tiffanyrae #dancegigs #artist ,

Just a few shots from Wednesday work at @springplace for @tribecaartnight with @tiffanyraebeast and @zeehype👸👸🏾👸🏿 ❇Directed and choreographed by @angelkaba ❇Make up and art by @thornedarrell
You guys were all amazing. Thank you!

We had so much fun.🤗🙏

It was amazing to work with these talented people yesterday for @tribecaartnight
Thank you so much
❇Creative director and choreographer @angelkaba for trusting in us for this project. We are so grateful for you🙏
❇Make up artist and artistic concept by the outstanding @thornedarrell .You created art on us!
❇It was a pleasure to work and share this experience with my 2 talented dancers @zeehype and @tiffanyraebeast
❇Hope to have a chance to cooperate with you guys again.
Feeling grateful 🙏🤗❤

Marela Zacarias: A Street of Many Corners @saparcontemporary ✨ Through sanding, polishing, and painting, the artist creates sculptures with the quality of fabric, filled with movement and expressive quality #tribecaartnight #contemporaryart #sculpture #abstractart #geometric #artcollecting #artadvisor @qinza1

Thank you all for joining us in celebrating Tribeca Art + Culture Night’s 2nd anniversary! Make sure to tag us in all your photos from the night and use the hashtag #TACNight 🎨 see you at the next festival!

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