I got to do one of my favorite images today: the Fattys Mask. For me this image is more than a company or brand logo, it is a visual representation of my personal dedication and passion for body art. Thank you Jason for providing the skin and representing the Mask!

Recent work from our Tamoko artist @te_maika.. come in Studio for a free consultation or hit us up! Chur #tamoko #tribal #tribalart #maori #maoritattoo #moko #polynesiantattoo #tribaltattoo #redinktattoo #tattoolife

Mangli is from Bandhatola and when asked how old she was when she got her forehead tattoo, she gestured with her hand to say when she was about 3 feet tall. Image credit : Shatabdi Chakrabarti @theskinstories

Sorry for the photo/tattoo hiatus yall, we are in the process of moving back to Oklahoma permanently (two weeks away now) and I haven't been doing much tattooing ceremony. However, today I had the pleasure of finishing up a spine piece that carries deep significance for my brother in law, done in a SE pre-contact cultural lens traditional to my peoples. Today, we completed his two spirals to signify the separation between the sections or areas of the human spine, coincidentally, the lower spiral lands above a chakra that carries some trauma for him (which is common in men) and so we made his chakra circle a bit bigger to signify that. Took us about 45 minutes give or take and used a 9rl needle, poked. Mvto/Howwih for your skin Nate, it's been a pleasure
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This Send Pic dude is an idiot. Why would you cover up such a good portrait? I mean look at that door. #portraittattoo #tribal #tribaltattoo #satire #killmenow

I don’t tend to show or tell people about my tattoo because it’s never been something I wanted to show off. Not because I don’t think it’s beautiful or unique, on the contrary I’m quite obsessed with my tattoo and the meaning behind it (a story for another time maybe) but I tend to cover it up most of the time. Because it’s always been something FOR ME, not for anyone else lol and because I also hate the thought of it fading 😭 not anymore tho😈
Ink really did something special with this stick because I’m already obsessed. It’s a completely clear glide on stick that dries tight, is water resistant, keeps skin hydrated and has broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. It’s also fragrance free, contains zero artificial colors of dyes, & has no parabens, gluten, PABA, phthalates, mineral oil, or petroleum. This is a necessity for everyone who has tattoos they love and want to last! -
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Meet our #4 contestant in our Tribal Lip Challenge @ash_ash_white
go ahead give her a like. 💋💋💋💋💋
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This week lip is Tribal💋
How To Enter:⁣

1️⃣ Create your own tribal lip look. Note it doesn't matter what brand makeup you use to recreate this look. Look could be created on a friend or on yourself doesn't matter. ( please no filters on your created look) We need good picture quality please.
2️⃣ Send it to us via Instagram DM or Whatsapp
3️⃣ Participants must be following EC makeup bar page, repost created look on your Instagram page tag us and tag 5 friends under your post that will be posted on EC makeup bar IG page. (We'll Be Checking)⁣
4◻️ The person with the most likes on EC Makeup Bar IG will be our winner
🇯🇲⁣Competition is only open to Jamaican residents only🇯🇲 Good Luck! Winners will be announced September 22, 2018💋⁣ ⁣

Make your brow and makeup appointment between Tuesdays to Saturdays. 🙋🙋🙋 .... #makeuplook #makeuplover #tribal #triballipart #makeupchallenge #giveaway #triballiner #ecmakeupbarchallenge
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Designed a Rhino Tattoo for @trevadamac #tattoo #tribal #tribaltattoo #rhino

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