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You've got until Sunday to buy my "No Sweatshop" t-shirt and with the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire's anniversary tomorrow, you should get one to help people remember year round that our clothes are made oftentimes off the broken backs of fellow human beings. Link to shop through my bio link. #tshirts #sweatshop #stopfastfashion #womensrights #triangleshirtwaistfactory

@nyfd9_11 Was on hand to commemorate the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire's 106th Anniversary. #triangleshirtwaistfactory #immigrantsmakeamericagreat #history #neverforget #fdny

If in the city today, participate in the 106th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire at the spot of the actual fire in 1911 at Washington Place and Greene Street from 11:30am- 1:00pm.
Whether your workplace is a garment factory, a non-union construction site, a nail salon, a classroom or anywhere in between, let us remember the lessons of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire and that worker protection takes action. We must stand together as a movement that relies on determination, solidarity, and hope for a better future.​
More at http://rememberthetrianglefire.org/ #triangleshirtwaistfactory #garmentfactory #womensrights #humanrights #fashion

On this day in 1911, 146 people, mostly young immigrant women, died a horrific death in New York.

You are safer because of them. .
'They all saw what looked like a bundle of fabric from the garment factory come out of the window. “He’s trying to save the best cloth,” remarked a man, thinking that the factory owners were tossing out their fabric in an attempt to save it.
Halfway down, the wind caught it and the bundle opened.
It was not a bundle – it was a girl.'
. - Link to my full story about the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire in bio! #triangleshirtwaistfactory #rememberthem #immigrants #history #newyork

In one of the darkest moments of America’s industrial history, the Triangle Shirtwaist Company factory in New York City burns down, killing 145 workers, on this day in 1911. #onthisday #onthisdaydaily #disaster #triangleshirtwaistfactory

In the midst of #WomansHistoryMonth and as a platform for cultural sustainable change ... we have to pay homage to the #immigrants of March 25, 1911 who lost their lives in NYC's garment factory fire. PLEASE READ OUR LATEST BLOG ARTICLE honoring the #triangleshirtwaistfactory victims and learning more about the unethical links to today's fast fashion industry | Become a change agent In your community NOW! #sustainablefashion

It's the 106 year anniversary of the #triangleshirtwaistfactory fire today. #whomademyclothes

Promo shots of my beautiful castmates! "FIRE" opens next month, info at firetheplay.com #firetheplay #triangleshirtwaistfactory #newyorktheatre @chatillionstageco 📷 Russ Rowland

12 hours sewing completed to commemorate the #triangleshirtwaistfactory fire. @sewing_rebellion


Walking tour visits the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory. For more info check out backintimetours.com #triangleshirtwaistfactory #macabre #macabrehistory #macabrenewyork #newyorkhistory

We asked New Yorkers what they thought about the #TriangleFire of 1911. Here's what they said:
Q: Should Max Blanck be held responsible for the deaths caused by the Triangle Factory Fire?
A: I wouldn't lock the doors if it was a fire hazard.
Learn more via #FIREtheplay 🔥
Link in bio for tickets [10/12-10/28]

Oddities displayed
Histories to unravel
Before time runs out.

The Museum of Extraordinary Things by Alice Hoffman
#themuseumofextraordinarythings #alicehoffman #freakshow #triangleshirtwaistfactory #bookreviewhaiku #bookstagram

We asked New Yorkers what they thought about the #TriangleFire of 1911. Here's what they said:
Q: Why do you think the factory was in such bad shape?
A: Back then, there were so many people coming to the country every day. If something like this happened, factory owners didn't care because there were more people to replace them.
Learn more via #FIREtheplay 🔥
Link in bio for tickets [10/12-10/28]

Mr. Bernstein. Factory Manager. Can he keep order as the fire ensues? 🔥
Learn his fate Oct. 12-28.
Link in bio for tix. #FIREtheplay

Meet Lauriel Friedman. She's new to the factory. She'll be working on the 9th floor.

Learn her fate Oct.12-28. #FIREtheplay #TriangleFire

Rosa Visconti. 9th Floor.
She didn't know where the fire escape was.
Learn her fate Oct. 12-28.
Link in bio for tix. #FIREtheplay 🔥

#tbt Behind the scenes at our FIRE photoshoot last week.
Max Blanck, Triangle Shirtwaist Factory owner, hovers over lovers Anna and Nate. Why? 🤔 #ominous
Come find out. TWO WEEKS until opening! Link in bio for tickets. 🔥 #FIREtheplay

Nate. Hopeless Romantic.
Will his American Dream survive the Flames? 🔥
Learn his fate Oct. 12-28.
Link in bio for tix.
#FIREtheplay #trianglefire

#DYK? 146 people lost their lives on March 25, 1911 due to negligence -- unsafe working conditions that had been called out years before.
We're putting the factory owners on trial, starting October 12th. Join us as we seek justice. #FIREtheplay 🔥

Promo shots of my beautiful castmates! "FIRE" opens next month, info at firetheplay.com #firetheplay #triangleshirtwaistfactory #newyorktheatre @chatillionstageco 📷 Russ Rowland

Many women's and worker's rights in the U.S. began at this building. This was where 145 workers, men and woman, perished in a fire whilst working at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory in 1911. They were locked in by the owners to prevent long breaks and theft from the workers, preventing their escape. After the fire stricter fire codes were implemented all over and worker's unions prevented bosses from locking their workers in and required they were given longer and more frequent breaks. It's a shame it took so much to receive what seems so little. #neverforgetthepast #triangleshirtwaistfactory

Beneath Blair Mountain takes place against the backdrop of the social and technological changes of the 1910s and 20s. From garment workers demanding change after the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire to the Russian Revolution to the union uprisings in Mingo and Logan County that culminated in the Battle of Blair Mountain, labor struggles shaped both Lara Rae's fictional story and the real world we inhabit today. While many victories were won, many of these same battles are still being fought today, in the US or all over the world.

#laborday #thankunions #labordayweekend #miners #laborhistory #laborhistoryisamericanhistory #book #battleofblairmountain #triangleshirtwaistfactory #triangleshirtwaistfactoryfire #garmentworkers #laborrights #laborrightsarehumanrights #ushistory #beneathblairmountain #historicalfiction #history

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