"You're not a real hustler if you can't lose it all, and get it all back." One of my fav quotes. Facts on facts.

There are going to be times in this life where we get knocked down. The struggle and the pain we endure during these times is all too real. When that time comes, you can either say "Fuck it, that's a wrap"... or you can fight through that pain - physical or emotional - get back up, and keep going onward and upward. This is what truly defines who we are inside.

For the last two years, I have again battled with depression. It's a helluva monster to overcome when we face it: first had to deal with depression all the way back in 2006, as I dealt with weight issues and a mentally abusive relationship. By 2009 I was starting out as a DJ + had no idea where life would take me. All I knew was I was willing to outwork the competition I see in the mirror every day. Worked my way out of that depression and went on to live the life I always imagined.

After a loved one overdosed on heroin and passed away much too soon in late 2015, I cast blame upon myself. She + I hadn't spoken in several months and I was of the impression that if we had been on speaking terms at the time, I could have somehow saved her from that fate. Fell deep back into depression over this in the years since - twice leaving the U.S. to run away from the issue, making bad career decisions, etc. I reached a point where I didn't want to go out or do much of anything outside of the studio.

It's true, years ago I knew two things: "I'm depressed. And one day, I won't be." In the present day, I have learned so much more: "I'm depressed. And I am not alone." Never be afraid to open up about your depression. I am a grateful man today to everyone - family, friends, the @BostonFreeRadio crew - who have been there for me as I dealt with it. The best way to honor loved ones lost - and yourself - is by living + loving as greatly as possible daily. Leading by example and embracing gratitude.

The pain is temporary. The grind is never over. I'm out here rebuilding something special, little by little. Thank you for reminding me to believe in my fucking self. 😎🙏💛 力

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How gorgeous does one of our LMT renters look in this knock out Bariano number!

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