The shower of my dreams. 😍 Oh, wait. This is our new shower!!! The master bath is almost done; a second coat of paint on the cabinet. A place to hang towels. A black toilet seat. Hanging the new mirror. Soon. Soon. I can't wait! Paint color: Sherwin Williams Krypton. Tile by Tino of www.european-tileworks.com #tremoreno #bathroomremodel #bathroominspo

They have to paint the dining room ceiling again, and the walls are already done. This is my life. I feel like I'm moving, everything is packed and out of place. I can't wait for it to be done! #tremoreno #diningroomredo #houserenovation

Thought I should take some before photos while I still can. We've already been swatching paint colors (not going with any of those), as you can see. The room has been sunny yellow, and I'm so over it! So we swatched. Then we primed the walls white today. I don't like the white, so boring! But at least there is no more yellow color cast when I look at colors! I had to include the reality shot too though - our cabinet doors & drawers are off being painted, so our kitchen is in our dining room. Along with a lamp I need to sell, an ottoman that is trashed, and the NEW covers for our couches! More paint swatches too. Have to choose by tomorrow! #tremoreno #livingroomredo #diningroomredo

The black tile came in! At last! At last! β€οΈπŸ˜πŸ’‹πŸ’ƒπŸΌπŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ» Now we are just waiting on the black hex tile, tge shower door, and paint EVERYWHERE inside the house! #tremoreno #bathroomremodel #subwaytile

Pretty sure the tile guy left all his tools in the shower so I wouldn't work in there again. That's ok. I'll move it. πŸ˜‚ #tremoreno #subwaytile #bathroomremodel

YES. Live broadcast, from my shower. I love this tile! The light too. I might do this more in the future! πŸ˜‚ #tremoreno #bloggingbrilliantly

Whoa! What a difference an hour can make! Tino the tile guy is AWESOME. 😍 Swipe left. #tremoreno #bathroomremodel #subwaytile

Repost from @stompsoftware -- Have you ever lived in an apartment? It can be nice having neighbors, people to talk to, someone else to do the property maintenance. However, you're stuck living with someone else's rules, design choices you'd never make, and they can sell the building, kick you out, and tear it down any time they want.

Blogging is like owning your own home. You choose the experience your guests have when they walk in the door. Every design decision, entirely your own. You make the rules, and while it is a bit more work? You have complete control. No one can shut it down. No algorithm is going to keep people from seeing it. You won't have to pay to play or spend money on ads.

Social media is important. It is where you go to meet people. Your blog? That is where friends are at. No distractions. Getting to know you better. Building the very important know, like, and trust factor. People see your social media posts for seconds. Blog posts? If they are interested in you, they will spend time going through your archives. Which are you spending all your time working on? Your blog, or social media? Are you building on the land that you own?
PS - we are in the middle of house renovations right now! We chose white subway tile in a herringbone pattern, Colonial White granite, brushed nickel pulls, and now we just have to finalize our paint choice! - @ChristineBPC

#HappyStomping #thelifeboss #bloggingbrilliantly #communityovercompetition

Hooray! Hooray! We have a bathroom vanity! Tomorrow - faucets! Then the white trim will come down, a new mirror or medicine cabinet will go up. Moving right along! #tremoreno #bathroomremodel #houstonheights

More renovation discoveries! Our tile guru is starting on the master bath shower. When he took the old tile out, he found this! Ahh... the secrets a 97 year old house holds! 😍 #tremoreno #bathroomremodel #heightshouston #heightslife

The old wallpaper we found behind our bathtub makes me wonder what that space in our house used to be. Maybe a children's room? I love finding hidden gems like this in our 97 year old bungalow! 😍 #tremoreno #bathroomremodel

Hosting family without a functional kitchen (we have a working fridge but no stove, no sink) means a meat & cheese spread served on Chinet. My father-in-law is our first guest in our nearly-finished kitchen! ❀️ #tremoreno #kitchenrenovation

And we have tile! The first section, minus the bullnose, is almost up! I snuck in for a photo while he cut that last triangle. #kitchentile #tremoreno #kitchenremodel

I needed a visual of how the herringbone pattern in the tile would look before the tile man arrives tomorrow morning, so @coffeemike headed to @homedepot to buy tile & Fun-tak so I could test it on the walls. Making so many decisions is hard! #tremoreno #subwaytile #kitchenremodel

I'm in Pennsylvania, and they moved our cabinet install days up. So I'm having @coffeemike send me photos so I don't miss out! This is where the fridge goes. See the trim around the door? It is the same around EVERY door & window in our 97 year old house. They wanted to change it - cut it - for this cabinet. I refused. Keep the character! #tremoreno #newkitchen #kitchenremodel #houston

New granite for the kitchen renovation! Colonial White. 😍 As much as I love Marble, it is too much to maintain it in a well used kitchen! Every stain would make me crazy! #cheztremoulet #tremoreno #houston #kitchenrenovation

Packing our kitchen for reno demo on Monday.
@CoffeeMike: Do you still want your Margaritaville shaker?
Me: Oh my God! You finally found my lost shaker of salt!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
#thehilarityneverends #margaritasaredelicious #tremoreno #houston #heights #bungalow #builtin1920

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