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This tree made me stop and look twice. Cool right? #tree #roots #treesofdistinction

Quiver Tree in the South of Namibia #wilddogsafaris #namibia #treesofdistinction #travel

Portland 🌸

Burning desire

This is how my #peartreeseries looks in proper winter. I have been thinking about Poland again, I guess need to buy tickets and go soon :) I'm sure you are all super tired after all the Halloween parties last night, at least those of you which live in countries that do celebrate it. We don't over here, we celebrate the 1st of November which slightly more sad event if All Saint Day where you go to light the candle on the grave of your family members and friends that passed away.
QUESTION for today: are you living in the country that celebrate Halloween or you have other kind of tradition around that day?

Dangling magical vines had us like 😍


Portland 🌸


Afternoon light at #Spenceville

Cherry blossoms on the Portland waterfront


Everyone loves Christmas, but I think the most wonderful time of the year is actually pink tree season

Gum Tree

It’s possible to drive for hours without seeing any of the more conventional heart-stoppers—lions, leopards and the like—in South Africa’s vast, wild and wonderful Kruger. It took years of visits before I saw more than one elephant—and that was just its backside disappearing into the bush! Luckily, the beloved and I are all-round nature lovers. Gorgeous skies and rock formations hold us in thrall, there are almost 500 species of birds (and I still haven’t seen half of them!), buck bound and abound, and no bug is too small or tree too gnarly for our attention. Among many delights on this trip was this plucky little sapling, now forever captured in my ‘Perfect Persistence of Trees’ photo folder … #throughmyeyes #nothingisordinary #jungalicious #mothernature #favoriteplace #treesofdistinction #grabyourcamera

Another lovely corner of the close surrounding @norwich_cathedral. It's looking so charming in the Spring sunshine. I'm actually leaving Norwich behind today for a couple of weeks, as I'm visiting some different archives and libraries in Bedford, London and Oxford over the next few days, before heading off to Chicago next Wednesday for my conference. Happy weekend everyone - mine should be work-filled but enjoyable! I hope you all have some lovely plans 💙💕🌸🌿

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