On this gloomy #treetuesday we’re celebrating the good things about fall, like the beautiful fall leaves at Camp Fortune! Very appropriate for Halloween colours! 🎃🍂 thanks to @t.r3v for the pic 📷🍁

This #treetuesday post is titled “If Trees Could Talk” 🌱 On Sept 27th of this year @forests_ontario recognized four Bur Oaks in the Champlain community. We attended the ceremony and LOVED hearing about the many decades of stories that this tree has witnessed. 💕🌳

Its #treetuesday again! And this week we’re featuring a #Repost from @nbhd.trees. Thanks for tagging us in your awesome tree pic 🌳🙌🏼 remember to tag us next week if you want to be featured on #treetuesday! ・・・
The mighty Bebbs Oak (Quercus x bebbiana) is a hybrid between a white Oak and a Bur Oak, having the leaves, bark and growth character of Bur Oaks and the acorns of a white Oak. It is the most common natural hybrid of the Bur Oak.

Hope you are all enjoying this second summer we’re getting ☀️ it’s #treetuesday so don’t forget to look up, and appreciate the trees that help keep us cool when it gets too hot 🌡🔥

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Look at all of those TREES 🌲😍 🌳 it's #nationaltreeday today and if you love trees like us you'll want to be at @treefestottawa with us all weekend long to celebrate! 🎉

Happy #treetuesday everyone! We hope that you are taking the time to enjoy this nice weather while it lasts! ☀️🌱We were giving away #whitebirch like the one in this pic as part of our #treeottawagiveaway! •

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A great weekend for events! This past Friday we attended Manor Park's Rock the Block community event, and Mayor Jim Watson stopped by to say hi and check out the saplings. We gave away every single tree we brought! 🌲🌲🌲

Stop what you're doing and go get yourself a FREE TREE! Right now we are at the Harvest Moon Festival in Orleans and Porchfest in the Parkdale Park! 🌲🌙 Tomorrow we will be at the Ride the River event at the museum of Aviation from 11am-3pm and the Spreading Roots performance at the Dovercourt Recreation Centre at 6:30pm! 👍🏼 See you there!

Today's #treetuesday is featuring this big beautiful tree from Otty Lake near Perth! 🌲👌🏼 we hope you all had a great long weekend, despite the weather! 🌧💦

Urban and rural Ottawa will lose roughly 20 million ash trees – or 25% of our tree canopy - because of the Emerald Ash Borer. Visit our website to learn more, and find us at local events for a free tree sapling. #treeottawa #ottcity #urbancanopy #canada150

A little Monday Motivation! #ottcity #climateaction #treeottawa

We will be giving away more FREE TREES this weekend! 🌲👌🏼see below for details about where to get yours. • Saturday at Inspiration Village at 12pm
• Sunday at Art House Cafe at 12pm

For this #treetuesday we are featuring a photo by @teaganjean of our trees that were used as decoration at the #canadastable event this past Sunday! We loved the event and hope that all attendees loved the surprise of being able to take home a #freetree from us! 👍🏼🌲

It's a dark and stormy day today... but it's also #treetuesday again! You can get this species of tree as well as many others at our #treeottawagiveaway events! 👍🏼

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It's #treetuesday again and this week we're featuring a hackberry tree that can be found on Gladstone Ave! Thanks to @maureen.forrester for the #treetuesday photo submission! You can get this species of tree as well as many others at our #treeottawagiveaway events! 👍🏼

If you want to be featured next week, make sure to tag us in your next tree pic! 🌳

Champ came over to hang out with us at the #ottawachampions game! 🌱⚾️👍🏼 did you see us there giving away free trees??

We're sad the long weekend is over, but at least it's #treetuesday! 🌳 this cedar is one of many kinds of trees we have been giving away this summer! If you want one, make sure to check out treeottawa.org to see which events we'll be at! 👍🏼

Make sure to tag us in your next tree pic to get featured on #treetuesday!

Come say hello and take home a free tree this weekend! Here's where you can find us:

Ottawa Public Library Rideau Branch (Saturday 10:00am-5:00pm) •
Inspiration Village (Saturday 11:00am-4:00pm) •
Art House Cafe: Summer in the City (Sunday 12:00pm-4:00pm)

Some of our free-tree-giveaways have been happening outside local businesses and organizations. If this is something YOUR business would be interested in contact us to find our more!

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