💯💯💯 Everyone wants to be a super model size or have the latest designer fashions. But none of these outer appearances change who you are on the inside!! #TreatPplTheWayYouWantToBeTreated #HaveRespectForOthers and yourself❤

In other words #TreatPplTheWayYouWantToBeTreated. I been thru a lot of hurt dealing with lies and physical hurt in the past. That shit made me bitter with women. But I had to realize that they are not all the same. It took another woman to make me understand that. Now I'm better!!

My momma taught me 2 be careful how you treat ppl, because u never know the ass u “kick” around today will b ass you will may have 2 “kiss” tomorrow. I had boss and her coworker bff that treated bad, always tryna make me look bad in front of the big boss. They would gang up on me and lie. Many days I wanted to quit or at least kick their asses, long story short, one got fired and now I supervise the department. Be careful how you treat ppl. #promotion #humbleyourself #treatpplthewayyouwanttobetreated #WorkChronicles #humblesupervisor

I honestly never get why, i mean its just karma right, you get what you put out there

We have gone through difficult time together
We laughed and cry together
We always try to accommodate and support each other.
Now we celebrate and share our happiness together.
Thank you for all your support team. It is truly means a lot to me. "Happy Birthday in advance to Syawal & Ida"
"Selamat Pengantin Baru Ida. Semuga Bahagia Till Jannah"

It sure fucking does....be HUMBLE and not a ASS!! Watch your words and actions!! #treatpplthewayyouwanttobetreated

It's very simple.....Stop walking around calling them crazy. While you over there looking stupid wondering why they acting funny.

Hell ,they tired of you not respecting their time.....POINT BLANK PERIOD

You damn sure don't match their efforts......You do just enough to keep them where you want them

You always saying you gonna make it up to them......but you dont

How about you quit messing up, that way you can stop with the lies.

The only thing you are ever consistent about is being inconsistent.

And you still wondering why they tripping??????????? #imjustsayin

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