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I'm waste deep in my pity Is Satan tryna trick me
And tell me you won't forgive me cause it's startin to get me
Jesus help me quickly I hate the wrong I've done
I know we all fall but I feel like the only one
Feels like I should be shunned should I punish myself
I know it's dumb cause by your death all my sin has been dealt
But my sin is been felt I didn't want to do it
But what I want to do I don't I swear I'm goin through it
I'm tryna open up my bible need to read your pages
Need you Lord but my guilt has got me feeling so faithless
Help me see where grace is take me back to the basics
Help me find my joy in you and not people and places
My sin is ever before me I turned my back on you
Oh father break and restore me to bring me back to you
My sin is ever before me I turned my back on you
God break and restore me to bring me back to you

Desperate - Lacrae

f/2 1/500s 50mm ISO100

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Have mercy on me God according to your steady love
Wipe away my transgressions and wash me in your blood
Create in me a clean heart renew a right spirit
Don't hide your face from me God your Presence keep me near it
I'm waiting patience on you Lord I know you hear my cry
Restore your Joy in me for you alone I live and die
It's you I Glorify cause you don't want my sacrifice
You want me broken and contrite trusting in the Christ
I confess to you my sin and you show me mercy
I turn away from it demonstrating that you are worthy
Over lust, over pride
Over all sin
Is my affection for Jesus who died for all them
I was lost now I'm found I was toss to the ground
My sin weighed on me heavy but I am no longer bound
As sure as Christ wear the crown I know that grace will abound
And even when I feel lost I know in You I am found

Desperate - Lacrae
f/5 1/200s 50mm ISO100

Always tag #unsquares

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